Author : Morrow Brady The beauty of my living room design was the simplicity of it’s vacuous two storey cube. High with expectation, I entered the freshly printed room for the first time. What I saw made me stagger. A spaghetti junction of alienesque shapes swarmed frozen throughout the room, bastardising the purity of my […]

A Defect

Author : Philip Smith Most of the bots you see in diners are the ones that serve the food. We have one but it was a bad decision on my part. Real waitresses give you a smile and make you feel welcome. Automota makes a place look cheap. When it breaks I won’t go to […]

Hate the Syn

Author : George R. Shirer The girl is naked. Long limbed. Gorgeous. He can smell her from where he sits, in the back of the club, where the shadows are thickest. She struts across the stage, hips shaking, breasts swinging as she works the crowd. Bottle-blonde hair flies around her face. Heart-shaped. Plump, pink lips. […]

Soul Stripping

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer He was wearing the recording helmet when he died. John DeMangus, out like a light, rest in peace. It was an embolism that took him out. He was by himself in the studio, and had the helmet recording. He had noticed a background hiss in the first few tapes […]

The Grey Age

Author : Lela Maarie De La Garza There’d once been a golden age, Pearson thought. What would this one be called? He reflected on the meaning of different colours. Green? There wasn’t a speck of it left. The blue age? If blue meant hope, there was certainly no more of that. The purple age? The […]

The Meaning of Life

Author : Townsend Wright “Alright let me see if I can explain this to you,” I wasn’t very good at deciphering the aliens’ emotions, especially with the monotonous voice of the translator machine, but I was fairly certain this was condescension. “What do you know so far?” “Well,” I said, thinking over what the scientists […]


Author : Clint Wilson, Staff Writer He was the result of a human experiment of gigantic proportions. Why had they done it? Because they could, the way their ancestors had once bred dogs into all shapes and sizes, these scientists of the new grand era tweaked and fiddled at the molecular level, splicing and manipulating […]

Just Not Built That Way

Author : Michael T Schaper Tanya looked out across the room. The party was in full swing and, because both of her sisters now had children of their own, any chance at conversation was being drowned out by a multitude of little voices. She swooped down, picked up one of her young nephews, and spun […]

Casey’s Dream Book

Author : Will Strouse If Casey wasn’t so hard to understand, she would be perfect; we kissed for the first time at work… The next day, we still got along… at work. Kind of weird that she can never hang out after work… She says she lives alone downtown but I don’t know where… At […]


Author : John Arthur Beaman Waking-up felt strange. “Waking-up” is probably not the correct term, but its close. Her eyes didn’t work at first. That should have been expected, but it still surprised her. She was confused. Why couldn’t she move? Lying down with her head resting flat on a gurney, a sheet was drawn […]

Point Two Point

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer As a child I was fascinated by the reflections you see when you place two mirrors facing each other and stand between them. Trying to understand that fascination drove me through mathematics and into science, down into quantum foam and up into the things that make reality real. I […]

Broken Cognizance

Author : Tiana Lexia The screen flashed on, casting shadows off the cadaver’s body. The tube that ran from the base of her head to the computer slowly radiated light with each passing memory. Her life started off normal, like any other person who passed through the Cognizance Center. Born to a rich family, raised […]

The Spinequake Register

Author : Huw Langridge It started as a series of headaches, but on my fourteenth birthday they made contact. Calling me by my first name. Talking inside my head. We talked for years. “The tremors are getting more frequent Daniel,” they eventually said to me. “The freak weather patterns more extreme. Snow, storms, tsunamis, earthquakes.” […]

Land of Opportunity

Author : Daniel M. Bensen “Ta zemya.” The lookout cried from the crow’s-nest like a muezzin. “Ta zemya~a! Kapitane, eto ya~a.” Hristo Galabov gripped the plastic gunwale of his ship and squinted over the heaving Atlantic. “Ta zemya,” the sailor said. Land. The last time, Hristo had leapt with joy at that cry. Now he […]

The Scientist

Author : Meg Everingham In the night Tom rolled over and opened his eyes. Through the dark like a ghost floated the low sound of his mother crying. She had arrived home earlier, from the airport; she had stared past him like a blind person and disappeared into her bedroom. Tom followed a light down […]

Be Patient, Brethren

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer Astronaut Lazo Hora drove his rover down the sloping interior walls of the 3.6 billion year old Shackleton Crater near the moon’s South Pole. As his headlights probed into the perpetual night of the crater floor, he spotted a saucer-like object in the distance. Hora raced toward the object […]


Author : Bob Newbell The members of the Galactic Security Council watched on the viewscreen as the bipedal alien in its bulky, white spacesuit erected a rod with a rectangle of cloth into the regolith of its planet’s satellite. The starred and striped flag, the computer noted, represented the planet’s predominant nation-state. The council members […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer It started, as these things always do, with a kiss. Advice is useless to the young. That is their curse and their strength. They have no idea that some of the things that they attempt are impossible. That’s why an alarmingly high percentage of them succeed. Like Jonas Brigand, […]

Far Deep

Author : Katrina Johnston Within the Caves of Lozac under jagged vaulted ceilings, Razie Tay ventures eastward. Explosions crack like gunshot. ‘Sharding’ echoes bounce. Razie adjusts her helmet, snugs it tightly. Razor stalactites loom high above and sharp. Mineral icicles cleave and report reverberations through the distant mother rock. Plunging daggers fall. Then, directly above […]

Return From Red Zone

Author : Ray Daley It’d been a great day in Red Zone. We’d been first to apply for passes since it was classified safe. 800 years is a long time. Even then, it was ‘droids doing the rad sweeps. Residuals had dropped below the safe limit so The Council lifted the blockade. When we reached […]


Author : David Gill The voice woke Phil from a sound sleep. “There’s a problem, Phil.” He found himself in the midst of saying, groggily, “What is it?” “Supply pressure, Phil. It’s too high.” Wiping the sleep from his eyes, Phil was at the console correcting the problem. “Thanks, Alice,” he said without thinking, without […]

This Is What It’s All About

Author : Clint Wilson, Staff Writer We’d found some bizarre planets before, but this one required a whole new category of its own. I maneuvered my one-man exploratory craft toward the strange surface. The rest of the crew waited aboard Wanderer in high orbit. Some called this place “Swiss Cheese World”, others… “The Wiffle Ball”. […]


Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer “Unauthorised access to archives. Overdue viruser ‘Aloysius’ in serious breach.” The info-alarm finishes as I slide onto the longseat, dermal plates on mesh conducting me into the antechamber. Checking my vody for artefacts, I find my virtual self complete and in the right sequence. Thinking a filter onto my […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer The Man in Charge wears a transparent faceplate. The only muscles still present are the ones needed to move his eyes, eyelids, and jaw. The rest is just chalk-white bone under two inches of glossy, transparent resin. The irises of his expressionless eyes are bright yellow. The rest of […]

The Needs of the Few

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer Slowly, the door of my stasis chamber lifted up. Warm cabin air eddied in, rippling across the exposed hairs on my arms and legs. The tingling felt good. I had started this mission more than seventy years ago, a mere decade after the invention of the ion-drive that made […]

Priest Hole

Author : Morrow Brady It wasn’t unusual that Captain Boscobel wanted the Priest Hole built on his flight deck. What was unique was that he wanted it directly connected to a portal. Portals offered instantaneous escape to a predetermined destination, but like most emerging technologies they were prone to failure. Sub-cellular collapse was the worst. […]


Author : Derrick Paulson “Uptown” When Principal Wallace came back from his mid-morning meeting his secretary informed him that a student had been sent to see him; but, when he opened the door to his office, he hadn’t expect to find the sophomore girl kneeling on the carpet, her hands cupped over her knees. He […]


Author : Clint Wilson, Staff Writer The other twenty-nine prisoners of Asteroid Mine 119F stood around me in a tight circle, their faces besieged by both fear and anger. Henderson, almost sixty, yet fifteen kilos my better and as hard as the rock around us, screamed at me, spit flying. “Why did you do it […]

War is Hell

Author : J.D. Rice No one ever comes into manhood dreaming they’d one day go off to war. Sure, some boys sign up voluntarily, in peacetime and besides, with good notions like “defending one’s country” and “promoting democracy.” But those are just words. No one ever really goes to war of their own volition, knowing […]

The Inheritors

Author : Desmond Hussey, featured writer When the Quantum Drive was invented in 2023 the world was transformed; not all at once, mind you, but by degrees. Initially, it was just the career explorers who ventured into the vast and unknown regions of space in their state-of-the-art Quantum shuttles on missions to map the new […]

The View From Here

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer After the successes of breeding for telepaths and telekinetics, they moved on to the more esoteric strains. My mum and dad had the right genetic markers for rarest of them, precognition. So they joined the program and had two kids with everything paid for. I was the first, “a […]

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