Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer how to win back your ex The micropathology suit allowed her to shrink her electron walls by a factor of twenty, effectively accordioning her body down to a millimeter high. This heart had caverns. Each ventricle was the size of a cathedral. The ceiling of the aorta curved above […]

Thirteen Cities

Author : George R. Shirer how to win back your ex The cities float, a mile above earth and water, drifting across the surface of the world. Their positions remain constant to each other and so they form a kind of artificial archipelago. They are home to thousands of people, the best and brightest humanity […]


Author : Bob Newbell get your ex back Captain “Jet” Connors of the Planetary Alliance and his sidekick, Cadet Lackey, burst into the secret base of operations of their archenemy, Dr. Sinistral. The evil madman barked German-accented orders at the robots who flanked him. “Destroy them, my mechanical minions! Destroy Jet Connors and Lackey!” The […]

The View from the Base

Author : Jim O'Loughlin how can i get my ex back It’s like flying a kite, Sheila thought. In a way she was right. Just a thin strand of carbon nanotube stretched out of the launch pad, rising into the sky, and continuing out of sight. She accepted that the cord reached through and beyond […]


Author : Townsend Wright how can i get my ex girlfriend back When the mostly human crew of the starship Bastar VII found a derelict ion-powered eco-ship in the middle of deep space, they were surprised. When they found that the ship was heavy with life signs, they were shocked. When the ship contacted them […]

A License to Kill

Author : C.T. Jackman The late-evening wind wasn’t the only thing that threatened to pull Derek from the building’s roof. A car screamed through the air in front of him, forcing the bounty hunter to stagger his stance for balance and spin his arms, even almost dropping his sub-machine gun as he tried to maintain […]

Mom And Pop Only

Author : Clint Wilson, Staff Writer “Bring the accused forward.” The robot sentries escorted Michael into the prisoner’s stand and closed the waist high gate behind him. The magistrate read off his glowing pad. “Michael Maurice Frost, you have been charged with attempted corporate identification in the first degree. How do you plead?” Michael cleared […]


Author : Bob Newbell “T-minus two minutes.” That's the mission control computer. That's how long I have to back out. One second after that is one second too late. But I'm not going to back out. I don't have any real ties to this era. My whole life I've felt I was born centuries later […]

When one door closes…

Author : Desmond Hussey, Staff Writer For reasons unexplained a man finds himself in the woods late at night, separated from his companions, without a light and quite alone. The night is dark, but not pitch-black, just light enough for him to see the hint of path before him. He suddenly finds himself standing before […]

No Option

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer “You will release our brethren or we will kill a prisoner every nemet, starting at Rabender.” I hate hostage takers. After a list of fatal failures longer than you can live to read, they still think that they will be the exceptions. Jemelli Lurdan flumphs down next to me, […]

For the Sake of Humanity

Author : Holly Jennings They came for me when I was fifteen. “The kid can hit a target 250 yards out,” they'd said. “Doesn’t even have training.” I figured they wanted me for the army, some kind of special ops maybe. I was wrong. The girl was school-aged. Barely. Five years old, maybe six. Black […]


Author : Marie DesJardin The Chevy wagon rattled down the narrow road, its twin beams lighting the underside of the leafy branches that hugged the highway like a mossy cave. Dot blinked in the passenger seat, her gaze idly following the yellow centerline that snaked beyond the range of the headlights. David's eyelids were heavy, […]

What You'd Expect From Home

Author : C.T. Jackman The jungle reminded me of home. The long periods of silence between its trees were occasionally broken by sharp shrieks and violence that ended the monotony, but perpetuated the tension, and the muggy, cramped space forced me to constantly check my path underneath the everlasting presence of watchful eyes and stinging […]


Author : Bob Newbell It was five years ago today that I was awakened by my wife's screaming. I remember leaping out of bed yelling, “What's wrong?! What is it?!” I also remember seeing a woman I didn't recognize staring at me in shock and fear. “Who are you?! What are you doing in my […]

Orion's Blet

Author : David Stevenson The ship got her name one time when she had to leave planet in a hurry. Usually “in a hurry” is a euphemism for “got into trouble”, but this was long before any of the shenanigans and high jinks which she became famous for. This time she really was in a […]

Inferiority Complex

Author : Bob Newbell “I'm glad to hear the medication I added at our last visit didn't cause any side effects,” said the psychiatrist to his patient. “And I see you've had two sessions of psychodrama therapy. How did that go?” “I think that really helped,” said the patient. “I acted out Neil Armstrong planting […]

The Lion

Author : J.D. Rice The lion stares at me with all five of its eyes, and I know that my death is near. I call it lion, like so many colonists do, because I have no better name for it. Tripedal, with scaly flesh and pentocular vision, the creature is nothing like the lions back […]

Used and Abused

Author : Nicholas Short The first time I awoke, I was sitting on a cold, shiny surface. A curious energy buzzed through my body. I had never experienced the world before, but somehow I knew everything. I knew languages, 6 of them. I knew how to move my head, how to listen and how to […]

Sisyphus Redux

Author : Susan Nance Carhart It's always good to see Mom again. Exasperating, too. There's always that moment of mental groaning; always that “Here we go again!” That said, it's good to see her alive. July 15, 1964. I'm back. Always the same date. I'm about to start high school. I know that my father […]


Author : Gabriel E. Zentner how to get my ex back I first saw the ocean many, many years ago – of that much I’m certain. Still, at my age, memory has a way of slipping away in the night, unbidden, to return again but never be the same. If I were younger, I’m sure […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer I first noticed the red rash around his gills on Thursday. I asked him what it was. “My time is near.” His translator said. “I need to leave on Friday for mating. A replacement will be here on Monday.” “Mating, eh?” I asked, with a lascivious eyebrow waggle, “When […]


Author : J.D. Rice Robots aren't supposed to travel through time, forget what the movies tell you. Aside from the incredible amount of electromagnetic activity that a temporal gateway puts out, the act of time travel itself is incredibly damaging to a robot's psyche. The ones you send to the future just obsess over returning […]

Potato War

Author : David Stevenson My uncle Frank was the first man ever to be killed by an interplanetary baked potato. He had fought in the first war; the war between our beautiful planet of Prutashka and the savages of Binkaret, one planet nearer to our sun. This war was fought by conventional means, and since […]


Author : Sierra July how can i get my ex girlfriend back She never contemplated a lack of hands. Limbs constructed while the mind dottled, trying to catch up. Limbs operated when the mind was elsewhere. Limbs were what they wanted when they came down in dazzling light; the ship seethed it titanium molding, red-hot […]

The Web

Author : Townsend Wright get your ex back “What––Where am I? How did I get here?” “Oh, good, you’re here.” “Who are you? What am I doing here?” “Don’t worry, a little amnesia, happens to everyone the first time.” “What are you talking about?” “What do you remember, chap?” “I remember––I remember––going in for that […]

Robot Dance Party

Author : Bruce Lin “They’re all dancing,” Charlie said. “It’s a robot dance party!” He giggled, and tried to dance too. Joan observed her son with measured curiosity and abundant concern. “A software issue,” she surmised. Their Butlerbot was doing the Electric Slide through the hallway instead of cooking and cleaning. Upstairs, her husband screamed […]


Author : Desmond Hussey, Staff Writer Thick mist clings to the water when I enter Topside, my body still changing. Below, I’m Dolphin, but as I rise above the pre-dawn waves, cool sea water cascading down my shifting form, my body attempts to mimic a half-remembered land creature. A Deer – I think. I’m certain […]

Street Preacher

Author : Bob Newbell In the center of the vast shopping plaza, standing atop an old wooden crate, a robot harangued the passing crowd. The automaton was an outdated model, few of which were still in service. Its motors whirred and groaned with every movement and the machine's left knee articulation was unstable and threatened […]

Long Live The Resistance!

Author : Eric C. Prichard “There is a certain sickening irony one finds in the pre-contact “science” fiction of the Utamin. They depict people from other worlds as invaders. To be fair, sometimes they are kinder. Sometimes “aliens” are diminutive bug-eyed sage-like psychic helpers who visit the Utamin’s planet in order to warn them about […]

Penalty Claws

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer “It’s a vampire!” “No, it’s not. It’s a biological construct designed to look like a creature from mankind’s horror mythology.” “It’s got slicked-back hair, fangs, pronounces ‘double-you’ as ‘vee’ and is dressed for a black-tie reception under it’s red-lined black cape. It’s a vampire!” “How did you see it’s […]

Hands and Eyes

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer It’s the hands and the eyes that give it away. They’re too quick, too exact. There’s a precision and surety there that ‘belie the tech’, as they say. I wouldn’t say that there’s a war brewing but the division between the haves and have-nots is deeper now than it’s […]

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