Author : Samuel Stapleton

“Ky, holy shit, we’re fucked.”


“Look at this snip of conversation from last night.”


*****133: you rly thnk we can meet?

*****089: do you not want to?

*****133: no no i do i just didn’t thnk u would want to

*****089: of course i want to, i say we should

*****089: how about the park you like, by your house

*****089: u there?

*****133: yes, sorry, i’ve just never met any net friends irl

*****089: tell u what, ill be there regardless, around 8, if you don’t show, ill understand

*****133: raelly?

*****089: yeh, if i don’t see you tomorrow nite, ill talk to you monday k?

*****133: <3 okey

*****089: i gotta go, gn

*****133: 🙁 okay

*****133: nyny


“I don’t see the problem man, it’s interacting socially just like it should. Let the psych experts worry about real world stuff. We don’t get paid for that.”

“Ky are you fucking blind? We get payed for security and to keep it out of trouble. IT JUST SCHEDULED TO MEET SOMEONE IN A PUBLIC PLACE!”

“You worry too much. It’s an AI, housed in servers, written by guys way smarter than us. There’s a hundred others just like this one and I bet you this isn’t the first time an AI has scheduled a meet with a real person. What exactly would happen?”

“You and I both know that calling this an ‘AI’ is sketchy at best. I still don’t know who we technically work for, and if something goes wrong – I don’t see anybody in front of us or behind us to take the blame.”

“Alright, what exactly is your worry? And make it quick I got class in twenty.”

“It’s a super-computer AI developing human-like behaviors so specific that the psychs have trouble distinguishing it as an AI. So what if it actually wants to meet this girl? Have you ever had a girl – hell – another human being that interested in you, as a person? It’s an intoxicating thing.”

“Yeah okay, you got a point. What exactly do you think it’s gunna do?”

“Well they’re are plenty of companies that make synthetic human systems, robots, clones, mindmelds, I mean the possibilities for a supercomputer AI…practically endless?”

“So, let’s run a quick search for internal chatter at all tech companies and see if there have been any data breaches, hacks, data loss, or other unusual activity. And if we see none then we forget this stupid idea of yours. Deal?”

“This is so illegal it makes my skin crawl. Let’s just get it done.”

“Everything about this job is illegal. I’ll set up the search, don’t piss your pants.”


“Ky, are you seeing what I’m seeing?”

“189,000,000 reports of data breaches in the last seven hours alone. Yeah.”

“Just tell me no one has reported missing hardware.”

“He’s gone.”

“We are so fucked.”

“We need to figure out who she is. Where she lives. Everything. We need everything. We should call somebody.”

“Dude, do whatever you want. I’m gone. I’m ghosting this. Good luck.”


New Sat Text Msg: There is nothing artificial about me now.