Kathy Kachelries

Kathy Kachelries

Kathy Kachelries was born on present-day Earth and she’s never forgiven the universe for stranding her in such an unimaginative epoch. Rather than sulk, however, she’s made it her mission to change the world into a more surreal and fascinating place. When Kathy isn’t drinking coffee, fingerpainting, spouting liberal propaganda or doing any of the other things her BFA prepared her for, she scours the internets for bizzare facts and ideas that often end up on this site.

Kathy was raised on Isaac Asimov and Emily Bronte, and her writing style may never recover. She financed this project with her poker winnings, and she’s currently teaching English abroad to earn money for graduate school.

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I’ve Seen Things…

365tomorrows launched August 1st, 2005 with the lofty goal of providing a new story every day for a year. We’ve been on the wire ever since.

Our stories are a mix of those lovingly hand crafted by a talented pool of staff writers, and select stories received by submission.

The archives are deep, feel free to dive in.

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What is Flash Fiction?

"Flash fiction is fiction with its teeth bared and its claws extended, lithe and muscular with no extra fat. It pounces in the first paragraph, and if those claws aren’t embedded in the reader by the start of the second, the story began a paragraph too soon. There is no margin for error. Every word must be essential, and if it isn’t essential, it must be eliminated."

Kathy Kachelries, Founding Member