Clouds In Her Coffee

Author : Greg Ashworth The weather was terrible. It always was these days. The fluctuating temperatures, the driving rain, the harsh winds – all this was to be expected. Sarah sat alone in the corner of the coffee shop, her eyes somehow distant, as she browsed the Net, aided by her neural implants. A tear […]

Say It Ain’t So

Author : J.R.D. Skinner “So, are ya?” He’s maybe twelve, wearing blue shorts and a Mexico City Raptors t-shirt, a leg up on the wrought iron patio fence. My lobster is getting cold. “What?” I ask. I realize he’s holding up a thin rectangle the size of a credit card, alternating his squints to get […]

Nano Gods

Author : Peter Carenza The rain poured relentlessly outside. The micro-God was wistful this morning. I turned down the shade, walking back to the recliner with stealthy footsteps. You never knew when one might hear, and perhaps deduce the wrong intentions… to them, intentions were everything. And really, ironically, our good intentions were the start […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer Ephemeral. That’s a word I like. It means fleeting. It means transient. There used to be a whole genus of insects called Ephemeroptera. They were called that because they lived for less than a day. The word is also used poetically to suggest something as transitory as it is […]

Lt. Ray

Author : Roi R. Czechvala “You’re sure these ships are safe?” Admiral Chekov asked, as he cautiously approached the tiny matte black fighters. They reminded the Admiral of the ancient projectile points used by the aboriginal people of the Siberian steppes. “Of course Sir,” the squirrelly little doctor rung his hands nervously on the hem […]

The Nullusvir Virus

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer Mitera was a beautiful semi-tropical world orbiting Alpha Koritsi in the constellation Virgo. Mitera was the first known parthenogenic planet; that is, all species on the planet were exclusively female. Although this asexual form of reproduction had been observed on Earth in some plants and insects, and an occasional […]

Of Icarus and Politics

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer It had started as a series of simple disagreements, but it was clear before too long that at the heart of the matter was a fundamental difference in driving principles. James had spent his life in aeronautics, building anything that flew. He simply realized that he’d wanted more. He […]

Nerve Sensors

Author : Pavelle Wesser “I’m through with you, Taylor,” Geena said as she stomped down the street. She looked beside her; he wasn’t there. She turned to see he had fallen behind: “Taylor, did you hear me?” He stared through her: “I want not your identity.” “What is that supposed to mean?” The afternoon light […]

>Search For Life

Author : Glenn Blakeslee I was in the flight center when the first probe went out. The heavy lifter rose on the obligatory pillar of flame, tracked across the south sea, ejected its boosters, and achieved orbit.
 I was still in the flight center when the probe left Earth orbit, bound for the outer planets. […]

The Exhibit

Author : Summer Batton “Oh look! They have grass ‘n water ’n little huts, too!” squealed the little girl as she ran to press her face against the glass and get a closer look. “Milly, get back here!” demanded the Nurturer with a click of her tongue. “Don’t scare them. They won’t show themselves if […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer I hate my children. They are the culmination of a lifetime of hard labour. I started out as a bright-eyed 18-year-old genius picked by the government for my brilliance. I’m 68 now. Fifty years. It all gets a little blurry. My entire life has been lived in a series […]

In Space

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Carter had watched the glittering mass approach his ship with a strange kind of indifference, simply stared as it washed over his bow view port and coated his freighter without ever considering the possibility it may be hostile. As he stood by helplessly while it ate holes in his […]


Author : Guy Leaver For days I was kept there. Held prisoner within a tailored cage, unable to move a muscle. Incarcerated into solitary confinement, with only my thoughts and emotions for company. No food did they give me; I knew not how I was sustained. I knew only that with each passing day, I […]

You Might Be A Green-neck If…

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer The Martian comedian had the audience at the Olympus Mons Laugh Factory rolling in the isles. They roared approvingly at his popular “green-neck” humor. Well, everybody in the audience was laughing but Martin. Martin was an astrophysics professor at Valles Marineris University, and his idea of humor was reading […]

Set Me Free

Author : Sam Clough, Staff Writer Peter sat on the harbour wall, coat high around his neck in an effort to keep out the spray of water in the air. The freezing mist had a way of insinuating itself between layers of clothing. The sea roared defiance to sky, and at the horizon air and […]

The Zimmerman List

Author : JT Heyman Joe Zimmerman was walking down Main Street when the Cken Confederation teleported him aboard their ship. He found himself standing on a small dais in the ship’s central chamber, surrounded by the staring eyes of several dozen Cken council members. A Cken arbitrator, atop a much higher dais, called for order […]


Author : Aaron Springer Papa said that they had to give us gifts. I like gifts. The big dirty man gave Papa a basket of plants and Papa smiled. Papa promised to go back to the sky and make it rain for them. I liked watching Papa make it rain. All the colors on the […]


Author : Roi R. Czechvala The orbiter hung inverted over the blue and white sphere of Earth. Three suited figures darted around her, checking for damage from the launch. “How’s it looking Alexi,” came a disembodied voice over the suits com-link. “There are a few small chips in the bay door, but nothing to worry […]

Good Evening, Mr. Staden

Author : Phillip English Deep in the centre of the replanted and repopulated Amazon jungle, it was nearing midnight. Chieftan Sral Kunk was completing the final adjustments to his tribal attire, making sure that each bloody line he had painted on his body was curved just so, lest he face the wrath of the monkey […]


Brachyuran Shifter ships poured themselves though the Dreen wormhole; in seconds they would deliquesce to reform light years away. Then the skies above the bulbous undulating Freddyan busker hive would darken and collapse into a million blood red shards…

Mech Cloud

Author : Chris McCormick Crouching slightly, she trod softly towards the small brick hut. Her cloud poured through the door ahead of her, flooding the small room, and through it she felt into each corner. She brushed over each surface, carefully checking for anomalies. There were frames hanging on the walls, a small crack in […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer My arms are long and my skin is blue. I’m thin. I can feel long-forgotten muscles flex all over my scalp as my head tentacles wave. I have four huge orange eyes on the corners of my square face. Slowly, I get used to four viewpoints of vision instead […]


Author : Brian Armitage Murray grunted, straining against the bars of the cage, willing his arm to stretch further. Finally, his fingers closed on his prize. He plucked the knight from the board and dropped it carefully into place, one move away from Hjdarrrr’s bishop. Hjdarrrr’s single eyestalk elongated, the pink photosensory bulb blinking at […]

My Troubled Relationship with Robert

Author : Robert Gilmore I woke up in the middle of the night. I’d been poked. Ugh. Robert again. He’s become more tolerable since school began (he’s not around so often), but his requests are now far more demanding. Moaning a bit, I stirred and blinked trying to rouse myself from my dead sleep just […]

Little Renoir

Author : Guy Wade The little robot on the laboratory table had a smooth plastic face and expressionless coal-bead eyes. Professor Trunk flipped the switch in its back. It stood up and bowed. “Greetings, I am Renoir.” “Amazing!” said Trunk’s supervisor. This made the professor grimace; Grede, the head of the company, thought in terms […]

The Pilgrimage

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer The taxicab bobbed gently on its agrav field after gliding to a stop at the threshold of the Mauchly Hotel in New Philadelphia. The dampers quickly stopped the rocking motion, and the iris to the passenger compartment rotated open. One passenger entered the cab and was automatically secured by […]


Author : Dana Sullivan Sometimes on her way to work, Hannah thought of the days when nuclear weapons were left in the hands of humans like her, fickle, emotional humans, and shuddered. How had they survived without blowing themselves up before the Coordinator robots were developed? She burrowed into a thick parka and scarf before […]


Author : Sam Clough, Staff Writer
Oreska saw the world in numbers. He saw, below the fabric of existence, the harsh grid of mathematics with which everything could be described. He had shown an aptitude for manipulating numbers at an early age, so it had been decided that his atypical neurotype should be encouraged. Through an intensive training regime, Oreska’s facility for numbers was turned into an obsession, and from there, into an neurological imperative.

Book Burner

Author : Benjamin Fischer “You’re a hard man to find.” Victor’s eyes were hazed with blood. His own blood–the cop had put a baton across his forehead. His ears still rang. “Nothing to say, huh?” said the black coat. His cudgel flashed. Victor doubled over and fell to his hands and knees. “Not so tough […]

Charon’s Rest

Author : Luke Chmelik The Eldest coughs, hoarse and frail from the vagaries of stasis. Dull orange light from the isotope heater gives a glow of health to a man who has cheated death for many, many lifetimes. He has awakened for the first time in centuries, and the young ones gather close. He looks […]

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