Not an Imaginary Figment

Author : KJ Hannah Greenberg Charles lingered in the treetop. Not munitions or bribery had coaxed him from his lair. Charles defended his sanctuary with occasional conflagrations and, less frequently, with bad puns. Charles continued to sup on jerboae and lorikeets. He even succeeded in catching a kestrel. Meanwhile, news crews recorded his actions. Although […]

John Smith

Author : Phillip English Once the guests had arrived and were seated in the confines of the oak-panelled meeting room, the host for the evening rose to the lecturn, introduced himself, and began to speak. “Ladies and gentlemen, you may be aware of the theory that the people that look the most like us are […]


Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer “What’s the status of the quarantine field, Mr. Conrad?” asked Captain Germex. “As terminal as an event horizon, Captain,” replied the ship’s Science Officer. Mazzaroth was the fifth planet of the bright star Alpha Boötis, a Class K1.5, orange-red gas giant. Although the luminary was only one and a […]

Multiple Sufficiency

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer As the relative calm of midnight in the projects was broken by a series of tightly spaced explosions, Tiberius knew he’d made a serious, and perhaps fatal mistake letting their prey separate him from his brother. Tiberius shifted his weight onto the balls of his feet as he ran, […]

The Robot’s Wish

Author : William Tracy A luxurious coat of trees springs from the earth’s skin. The morning’s clouds have burned off, and the jungle canopy stretches to the horizon in every direction. A single towering industrial complex pierces the rolling sea of leaves. The structures are girded by a labyrinth of pipes of myriad sizes and […]


Author : Phillip Gawlowski The glitter of hyperspace was replaced with stars, as we crashed through the light barrier. Sensor input filled the screens, and the computer placed markers on the transparent steel. “There.” Mike pointed at a small blip. “That looks promising.” I nodded. “Yeah, we’ll start there, and then look at the two […]


Author : Mark Ingram Seeeee? Timmy thought self-importantly, I told them he was real, and I was right. His smile was ear-to-ear as he held the proof of the night’s happenings before his eyes. In his hands, he wielded an iron poker like a baseball bat; a viscous, black liquid—Timmy had never heard the term […]

The End of Some Things

Author : Sam Clough, Staff Writer Out of the inhabitants of the world, Conrad was the trend-setter. He’d sparked off the craze for playing as gods when he’d discovered a cache of ancient texts. He’d painstakingly recovered audio platters from the less senile databanks in the cities. The six cities provided everyone with the power […]

Now, There’s an Idea

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer “Meteorologists, you can’t live with ‘em, and you can’t vaporize ‘em. That’s what I always say,” bellowed Jose Vargas, Prime Minister of The United Countries of Earth. The large dark skinned Brazilian reached across his antique mahogany desk and grabbed a Cuban Cohiba from a hand carved cherry-wood humidor. […]


Author : Mark Ingram He toyed with the hunting knife as he daydreamed; it gave his hands something to do. He was not much of a thinker, but tonight, he allowed his eyes to shift out of focus and his mind to wander . . . What would we do if aliens came to Earth? […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer “Hey baby, how are you?” I replied to the phone. I had told my wife that I had gone to Earth for business. Angela lay, limbs spread wide and gloriously naked on the bed behind me, a beatific smile on her face. We’d been hedonistically wasting the hours of […]

Hi there!

Author : Rob Burton Dear Victim, I am writing to you to tell you that, in a short while, you are going to be arrested for killing the Prime Minister. You didn’t do it, right? Wrong. Here at MI6, when we want to kill someone and say that you did it, you can be sure […]

Bye, Daddy

Author : Denni schnapp Oil painted rainbows on the pavement. Franklin coughed as he dragged Chrissy behind him. “Keep your mask up,” he rasped, holding his own to his mouth with his free hand. The fumes made his eyes sting. He paused, squinting. “Not–” Deep breath “Far. Now.” His daughter remained silent, holding his hand […]

What About the Children?

Author : Bill Richman Bobby had always been a little different. His family felt it. So did the neighborhood children. His friends would have felt it too, if he’d had any. Of course, the other kids were quick to pick up on his oddities and use them to taunt him. He was used to that. […]

Hover Cat

Author : Chis Sharkey The sign read: P.B. FARNSWORTH’S TRAVELLING CIRCUS PRESENTS: THE MYSTERIOUS HOVER-CAT WITNESS THIS MYSTICAL CREATURE OF GRAVITY-DEFYING MAJESTY THREE NIGHTS ONLY OCT. 5TH, 6TH, AND 8TH Special Agent Smith studied it intently. The font was, of course, overly dramatic and flourished across the paper. The sign included an artist’s rendition of […]


Author : Sam Clough, Staff Writer The best definition of ‘coincidence’ is ‘you weren’t paying attention to the other half of what was goin on.’ Related to this is the little-known fact that effect can predate cause. Me and Darien were an effect. The cause’s name was Milo. “Time?” I shouted forward, struggling to match […]


Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Truger loathed recreational narcotics; he could never understand the point. Hallucinogens, depressants, all of them ran completely counter to his personality. This made his current situation unbearable. He remembered the moments before the crash, the low orbit sky-fight, the enemy fighters he’d engaged and the victory that he’d been […]

Coin Toss

Author : Chris Sharkey “Call it,” Doctor Knight instructed excitedly. “Call it?” Han replied inquisitively. “Yeah, call it. Heads or tails?” “You asked me to come down here for a coin toss?” Han was skeptical. Doctor Knight almost always had some ulterior motive. “Of course not,” replied Knight, “I’m trying to demonstrate my latest scientific […]


Author : Brian Armitage Iskerreth stood before the assembly, manacled. The humans looked on, waiting. Listening. All was imminently silent. The Korrosk soldier straightened his back, his muscles shifting under his scales, his head quills flat against his scalp. He pressed his elbows together in a show of humility, and spoke. “I have fought against […]


Author : B. Zedan Periodically, the pilot wished he had company. There were some things that were just more enjoyable with another being around. Besides the obvious, there was chess. The ship’s helpful AI, such a benefit when it came to the obvious, just didn’t cut it at chess. Not that it was stupid, of […]

A Solution

Author : Bill Gale Showing every one of his seventy-two years, the speaker rose to podium of the vast granite chamber. He uttered a single word – “Order”. The irony of this formality did nothing for the moods of the three dozen delegates, for whom standing in hushed rooms had been the order of the […]


Author : Ben ‘Inorian’ Le Chevalier I’ve been a cypro for a few years now. That’s a short way of saying I have a cybernetic prosthesis. Technically, I’m a cyborg as is any human with mechanical parts, but people don’t like the word. It’s been given too many bad connotations from old scifi movies in […]

Deadly Fishconomist Assassins

Author : Andy Bolt Carlton Marx felt only mildly guilty for opening up slice portals in peoples’ thoracic cavities. He was doing it in the hopes of developing a method of deployment for his growing army of genetically engineered combat fishconomists – economist/sea creature hybrids pumped full of high test adrenaline and testosterone boosters. When […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer It’s light outside which means that if we leave our hiding place, we will be seen and killed. Not too long ago, human history was exposed and swept clear. Everything we sent at them just bounced off. It’s six months later and I have no idea how many of […]


Author : Glenn Blakeslee He led me past a tractor rusting in the rain, pushed aside chickens with his foot and opened the door to his little house. Inside, bleak light fell through dirty windows. “How much you gonna charge?” he asked. The house was cluttered with dirty cooking tools and heaps of unwashed laundry. […]


Author : Sam Clough, Staff Writer Sacha slumped down in a doorway, gathering her heavy clothes tighter around her. As a prophylactic measure, the cloth and leather were almost useless: it was less about protection, more about appearances. The door behind her was like every other in this street. Rough, wooden, and with a ‘X’ […]

Belle of the Ball

Author : Matthew Forish My call sign is Belle – I don’t have a real name, just a designation: ASC-a217.5. I stand about four-foot-two – pretty short even for a girl – and weigh in at a paltry eighty-four pounds. There are plenty of children larger than I am. Of course, I was designed this […]

The Europa Transmissions

Author : Glenn Head Transmission 211. Is it on, Greg? Is it? Okay. Today our situation – stranded on Jupiter’s ice moon Europa – has worsened. Todd disappeared last night. He wasn’t in camp, by our ship, and we thought he’d gone on a surveillance trip. We found him dead this morning. He was frozen […]

Saint John

Author : Glenn Blakeslee It’s a disease, I guess, an affliction. My body is bound to a parallel. No, not a geometric form, but a line around the earth. I’m bound to the 38th parallel. I woke one morning dizzy, with throbbing pain in my limbs and abdomen. I hurt for days, but I found […]

Radio Free Earth

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer The aliens dug our tunes. It was sweet. They came to down to us in these big blue ships, all curves and awe-inspiring slowness through the clouds like settling continents. Freaked us right out. We, the human race, didn’t even try to attack. We’d seen this movie before. We […]

Think Tank

Author : Ben ‘Inorian’ Le Chevalier Insanity. That’s the first thing I thought when they told me about the project. Insanity. I felt a sharp shock, followed by pain at the back of my head. Well, there goes another one. Another one of the thousands they have taken from me, but it doesn’t matter to […]

I’ve Seen Things…

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