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Unity Dome

Author : Dr. Alexanders Hundreds of years of exploration, trillions of dollars into research on space travel, all culminating in the single most astounding and miraculous discovery in all of human history, and the only tangible result of that effort was the Unity Dome. Gerald shook his head as he walked through the padded corridor […]

At Night We Slept

Author : Ken McGrath The days were beyond hot. The unforgiving, bitter red sun dominated the sky, pulsing waves of heat flowed downwards onto the battered, scorched earth. We walked, trying to keep in the thin shadows cast by withered, torched trees. Their branches, like skeletons, stretched towards the sky, begging for mercy. But there […]


Author : Matthew Banks “It’s starting to hurt again,” said Kevin. Myrna stood in the doorway watching him with red-rimmed eyes. She pressed her lips together. “It’s probably moving around.” Kevin clutched his stomach. “It’s getting worse! Jesus!” He let out a long, low moan, like a man with the world’s worst indigestion. Myrna just […]

Disconnect Before Removing Device

Author : Douglas Woods :::Hash total error:::Download failed::: Panic. The floor sloped away to a dark abyss, rolling me inexorably forward. Oblivion. Heads around me turned, slow, dumb, cow-like eyes passing over me without recognition. Dull orbs blinked in unison. Arms moved, not towards me, not grasping. Echo of a persistent, hungry drum. Involuntarily my […]


Author : Scott Alexander Rader I wake with gunk in my eyes. Not sleep, or whatever the scientific term is. This is worse. Shoot. Pink eye, I think to myself. Damn kids. But this is thicker and gummier than the mucous created during pink eye. It’s more like, well, gum. Damn kids. I desperately paw […]

Caesar’s Secret Weapon

Author : Greg R. Fishbone Three Roman legions swept into the valley from the south. The defenders launched a flight of arrows while a line of pikemen prepared for an onslaught of armored men. The battle raged through the afternoon, but the outcome was never in doubt. The Romans were disciplined, engaged, and absolutely relentless […]

Zipper Night

Author : Dave Johnson I have become a zipper. The fad started out harmless enough. A person scheduled a visit to the zipper specialists. A few hours later the same person (for the true insides cannot be zipped) walked out a different gender. Some time later it got easier: a simple injection of the right […]

Serial Redundancy

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Detective Staind waited in the darkness of an empty doorway. He watched as the man, head down, hands stuffed deep in his pockets, crossed the street fifty meters away. Waiting until the man turned down an alley, he unholstered his weapon and followed. It was much easier finding someone […]

The SS Indomitable

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer I was heading toward the Bridge along Deck 12 just aft of the Station 114 Bulkhead when I heard, sorry, felt, the explosion. The shock wave knocked me into the starboard hullplate, but I managed to remain standing. I felt a rush of air flowing toward the stern of […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer This is the opposite of solitary confinement. It’s called ‘tearing down the firewalls’. They’ve removed my filters. I am plugged into the raw datafeed now for the entire world. The receivers in our heads are tuned to accept the messages of friends. They are tuned to receive only the […]


Author : Rob Burton There’s that tapping again. I’ve been listening to peeling bass music, as loud as my ears can stand it, but it doesn’t shut out that quiet, metallic tap. Perhaps this capsule is resonating, magnifying the tapping. Perhaps it’s just my mind, feeding the slow rhythm into everything else I hear. Each […]

I Bet You Say That To All The Girls

Author : Ian Rennie I give Annabeth one last lingering kiss at the door. “I’ll see you next week?” I say, a slight quaver in my voice. “Count on it.” she says grinning. I close the door as she turns, my heart fluttering. This is it. The big one, complete with thunderbolts and fireworks. I’m […]

Dreams of Conceptua

Author : Ryan Somma As I lie in bed at night, I practice going from a waking state directly into REM sleep. It’s a meditative practice. You simply stare into the afterimages dancing in the darkness behind your eyelids, and suddenly your brain makes something solid out of them. You find yourself staring at a […]

Tome of Edicts

Author : Jeff McGaha “Who’s there?” Brother Peter questioned. “Answer me. I demand to be let go. Do you know who I am? You’re in some serious trouble. The whole planet is going to be looking for me.” The bag covering Brother Peter’s head was quickly removed, pulling a few hairs along with it. He […]

The Slaver

Author : Benjamin Fischer “You have a very pretty family,” said the offworlder. Pulliam McDermott was a very powerful man, so it took him a moment to register that he’d actually been threatened. High over Lake Michigan in his Zepellin-borne corporate offices, the stranger he’d kept waiting for the last hour held in her hands […]

Never Enough

Author : Mark Mance I’m in my old car again. These things happen. You’re wondering what’s for lunch, and then–Bam! You’re already under, and cruising about. I’m gunning it down Sunset Boulevard, and doing fishtails. I sure miss that car. Cars aren’t made like this anymore. Now they’re faster, lighter, and stocked with all kinds […]

The Bolide Brothers

Author : Glenn Blakeslee Outside Dad’s shop stood a steel one-hundred-twenty foot tall hyperboloid structure. My brother had his eye on it. They say Delvin is a genius but he’s just my big brother. He’s weird, and skinny with piercings and tats. When he’s not making stuff he’s reading thick science books. The structure was […]


Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer It began as a simple misunderstanding. The Liturgians were a social-insectoid race. When they negotiated with a graduate student from Cal-Arts, they assumed that she spoke for the entire huwoman hive. The concept of individuality was unfathomable to them. So when the student agreed to allow the Liturgians to […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer Glass goes green when it gets to a certain thickness. The impurities gang up. It’s a great insulator. It’s why my entire suit of armour is made of it. I have grill slits and air-holes drilled into the faceplate. The armour weighs close to seven tons because of its […]

The Fragile Y

Author : Terri Monture The funeral cortege rolled smoothly down the boulevard, the faces of the witnessing crowd somber and drawn in the grey light. It had stopped raining but was damp and cold. Amanda shivered and pulled Sylvia and Clarice closer into her body. “Mama, what is that?” asked Sylvia, her shrill little girl’s […]

The Hunt

Author : Waldo van der Waal The sound of an old-fashioned bugle in his aural signaled the start of the hunt. On cue, the chem depositors in his spine fired a burst of adrenaline. His face flushed from the drug and a mad grin spread across his features. He glanced across at the other skimmers […]

Perforce Performance

Author : Adam Zabell In the darkness of my private soul, I still can’t believe I get away with it. In the light of my studio, I focus on titles. Honestly, the title is usually the hard part. “SunderS” was brutal and well-received, but too abstract for my personal tastes. “Urinationalization” had the right measure […]

The Blue Weed

Author : George Galuschak The end of the world: we expected mad cows, Y2K, global warming, asteroids, nukes, tidal waves, flu-stricken chickens and angels descending from Starship Christ. What we got was The Blue Weed. We don’t know the delivery method – meteor strike, abandoned spaceship, some geek from another dimension. All we know is […]

Version 5.10

Author : John Logan Drill Sergeant Harvey K. Buicks watched the line of soldiers as they stood taut and strong. Their backs concave, chests out, muscles rippling. He turned to a small man in a white lab coat who twitched nervously next to him. “Things were good until about a week ago. I hope you […]

The Peacock’s Tail

Author : Ryan Somma “Watch this,” Alea smirked at Trin and turned to the four-legged creature dumbly munching on some flamegrass nearby. “Oti,” Alea chirped to the thing, and a few dozen eyes opened to look at her. “Oti, what is pi?” A half-dozen orifices sprinkled amidst the eyes opened to emit a flurry of […]

Dead Man Breathing

Author : S. Clough, Staff Writer “Tash, stop right there.” Kal barked, raising his rifle, and aiming it squarely at his team-mate. Tash froze, and lifted her hands. She’d known this was coming, but it always caught her off-guard. The rest of the team had gone back to the lander to fetch some more equipment. […]


Author : Hilary B. Bisenieks The last time I saw the surface of the moon, it was pristine save for a few sets of footprints. I had been struck dumb at the majesty of the black—an eternity of stars from horizon to horizon—while the others filled my ears with the chatter of their radios. We […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer Caught. I’m stuck to this wall with thick maglets encasing my glowing hands. My eyes are weeping constantly and I can’t stop my long tongue from flopping down to my chest and tracing lazy circles in the sweat-matted hair there. It’s so hot here. The cluster of my eyes […]

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