Author : Richard Watt Here it came again. A microsecond burst, inaudible to human ears, and – until relatively recently – to human-designed technology, the sudden squirt of dense information still alarmed those who were exposed to it; even slowed down so that it lasted just over a second it sounded like nothing on Earth. […]

Cartesian Creation

Author : Ryan Somma Director Almod peered at the computer screen frowning in contemplation, “I don’t get it.” “It’s a star,” Jaed offered helpfully. “I know it’s a star,” Almod gaze never broke from the image. “So what?” “Sooo…” the smile gracing Jaed’s face only moments before had vanished, “So it was made from scratch.” […]

Cat of Heart and Blood

Author : Jeff Soesbe Blood transferred and body hidden, Fulton unplugged the transfer tubes, twisted shut the valves of the metal cat’s access port. One step left. With a deep breath, he leaned forward, set his rusted wrench on the gleaming winding nut. His heart sped like a hummingbird’s wings. The scent of cloud roses […]


Author : Ian Rennie “All right, just tell me what happened,” Flight Commander Athelston was a long way from happy, but right now exhaustion outweighed anger. His two subordinates, one furious, one sheepish, started to speak at the same time. Eventually Turner, the angry one, won out. “Sir, Cook’s endangered the whole mission with his […]


Author : Skyler Heathwaite Joshua had always been a God fearing man. He went to confession, said his prayers before bed, and gave to the collection plate. Then one day he saw an ad on TV for Revival. The idea itself was simple: Science had found a way to download a mind into a fresh […]

Buying Out

Author : Ryan Somma Kheen stared out the window of his top-floor corner office, completely oblivious to the hustle and bustle of his city stretching off into the horizon below. Planes, spacecraft, gliders, unicorns, and more were cruising right past his window, citizens enjoying the nightlife of which he was architect, but he was still […]

Karachi, America

Author : Joshua Willey Every morning a giant Seller’s Jay lands on the railing and sings until given some caloric morsel. The fog shifts constantly, burying the trees. I choke my dirt bike, kick it, and we’re off, down empty trails, to an empty highway along the empty ocean. A fungus, which traveled to these […]


Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer Tom Erickson smiled as he greeted his guest, “Ah, General Kelly, welcome to the Ames Advanced Research Laboratory. This is my partner, Dr. Mark Montgomery.” They all shook hands. Erickson continued, “Are you ready for the dog and pony show?” The general grinned. “You bet, Dr. Erickson. I’m interested […]

Seeing Clearly

Author : Carter Lee Everyone can see me. I can’t see them, of course, but I can tell by the way that they shy away from me on the street and in stores. Their grey, featureless forms flinch, and drift away from me. No matter how crowded the area might be, I always have room […]

The Birth Mother and the Whole Living Child

Author : J.R. Blackwell, Staff Writer We drank poison to prove that we were real. My mother fed me the poison herself, holding me in six of her twelve arms, cooing to me while I sipped the foul liquid. She had fed me things I thought were awful before, but I was obedient – ever […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer I weigh six tons and my back is on fire. I’m treading slowly through the hot bowl of what used to Los Angeles. Walking on these streets brings back a memory. I remember walking on a thick crust of snow in the winter as a child. I could run […]

Rise and Shine

Author : Debbie Mac Rory My heartbeat is sluggish. My breathing is equally slow. My eyes, when they blink, take an eternity to open and on the other side of the glass, people appear and move as blurs and streaks of colour. Panic struggles to rise as the primitive parts of my brain send out […]

aka. Daniel

Author : Helstrom ‘The People versus Serial 0815 aka. Daniel’ – even the citation had been an issue of furious debate. The inclusion of the AI’s given name was seen as some tacit acknowledgement of an identity, whereas that was exactly the question before the Supreme Court. To cite only the AI’s serial number, however, […]

One Sound’s the Loneliest Colour

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Caroline walked the long way down from the bluffs, down the winding dirt road and out into the farm fields. To her right the abandoned silo – silent silhouette against the moonlit sky. Impotent concrete rocket reaching skyward, never to fly. Derek was a jerk. He had driven her […]

Fool’s Life?

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer Captain Alais Tonk contemplated the house sized asteroid floating a short distance beyond the forward viewport. Its surface was covered with long, slender green filaments that swayed gently in the weak electromagnetic field of the asteroid belt. Surely, Tonk thought, no one on Earth will believe this. They will […]

The Book

Author : Tim Hatton Judith switched her headlights on and checked the rearview. Deep brown hair slid around her shoulder as she turned to the right, looking down the street while the floating panel above the intersection flipped green. She touched a few small switches in her console. Her chair reclined back while the car […]

Our Own Desire

Author : J.R. Blackwell, Staff Writer On my second day on their planet, my amiable host offered to take me to observe Lo’kari erotica. Although I might normally turn down such an offer, for you, dear listeners, readers, and observers, I have taken it upon myself to experience all I can of the little known, […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer I can feel the sickness ripping open bonds between my cells as I fumble the bullet out of the ammo box. It’s a sickeningly pleasant sensation. The sneaky thing about the virus is that it steps on your endorphin throttle pretty hard as it goes to work. Capillaries unzip, […]

Temp Agency

Author : Paul Starkey The ad said; “I’m rich, you can be too! Call to find out how!” Frankly it was the sort of ad you see in the papers every week, and you always laugh at the idiots who reply. At least I used to, but the recession was pinching, and my redundancy pay […]

The Shielded

Author : Christina Kern I don’t like to think of it as “running”. No, let’s call it “traveling with the intent of avoiding a specific party”. What you call it doesn’t matter, I guess. What does matter is that the Abunari have tracked me through six states up and down the Atlantic coast, and I […]

Lost Outpost

Author : Suzanne Borchers Agnes glanced up at the tiny yellow dot that hardly pierced the vacuum of black sky. She crouched over in her threadbare spacesuit touching Carl as their gloved hands picked through the rubbish pile. Her stomach fed upon itself, while her eyes searched for bits of discarded food. “The supply ships […]

Tabula Rasa

Author : Daedalus I look around, one last time, at the empty apartment and the packed bags. One last time? Nicholas Jameson will see those old, beat-up duffels often, but I can’t think of him as being me. As being real. It isn’t my new face I see in the mirror, courtesy of Tabula Rasa’s […]

Love Sounds

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer “Mama?” A tiny voice slipped quietly through the room. Between her and the woman in the bed an impenetrable forest of metal stands, tubes and blinking machinery stood guard. “Come in sweetheart, it’s alright.” Her mother’s voice warmed the space, shushing the noisy equipment. “Mama’s alright baby, come see […]


Author : Gwen Harper The math, of course, came first. It took a while, nearly forty years, for the technology to catch up to the possibilities in her set of equations. They said it was impossible, the body of those who considered themselves enlightened thought. Even if such a thing would work – as the […]


Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer “Quite frankly,” said Stuart Whitley, the Director of Operations at Computerwood, “I am not pleased with this vendetta that you’ve launched against our movies. We are clearly producing products that the public wants to see.” “The public makes emotional judgments, not rational ones,” was the flat response of Kostas […]

Go Northeast

Author : Imran Nazar He found himself waking up in a field. There was nothing unusual about that; he’d camped up in fields many times during his travels. Something was different this morning, though. For one thing, he could feel the wind over his face, and that meant he was in the open. He opened […]

Sorry About the Apocalypse!

Author : Trevor Foley Dear Miss March, I’ve read pamphlets: “88 Reasons the World Will End in 1988”, “Give ‘Em Hell in 2012”, and my favorite “Apocalypse is Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose”. I proved the world’s going to end next month: Your month. I’m writing, because Step 9 requires I make […]


Author : Steven Odhner Entropy gnaws at the walls, shaving them away molecule by molecule. Jeremy calls it the Nothing, after some story that never existed anymore. It’s as good a name as any – certainly I’m not being scientific when I call it Entropy. “The Nothing is hungry today,” he says cheerfully, looking at […]

Airport Security

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer I’ve rented my persona out to a smuggler. I’m a chip in the back of his head. I’m a soldier that died a while ago and I’m making a few dollars post-mortem by being an emergency safeguard for morally dubious people. I’m riding in his brain, a military personality […]


Author : J.R. Blackwell, Staff Writer Was it the crisp hard skin of an apple that hurt her teeth? The texture of sand beneath her feet, soft in summer and rough when bound with winter ice? Or was it the smell of autumn, all bones and fire? I lost my mother to these things; the […]

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