That Somniferous Interlude

Author : Zachary Whitten Looking out the plexiglass window, he could see almost all the way across the station. In bed behind him, his Jane sighed and rolled over. She obviously wasn’t a Sardine, her body was too short, her muscles were too big and her skin had the fading remnants of a tan. He […]

Blue Eyes

Author : Robert Stise He opens his eyes and looks around. His eyes are blue. “Good morning.” I say. He turns and looks at me then out the window at the dark sky. “It is still night.” He says sitting up on the steel table. I don’t even wonder about why they say that any […]

Opting Out

Author : Adam Zabell It started seven years ago when I was diagnosed with sudden onset electrophoretic meningitis. They had to dope me unconscious, take me off-line, electronically isolate me from the rest of the hospital, force doctors and nurses to use archaic diagnostic monitors from the pre-implant era. The specialists warned my wife how […]

Five Aitch

Author : K° Pittman They stopped at Hatch 5. “In and out, ten minutes, tops. No tourism.” Bremmer’s gloved hands fluttered over the fittings and straps of Aplon’s dull grey outdoor suit, readjusting his rebreather mask and visor. “Righto, pops.” Aplon toungued off the mask’s speaker and bounced to a private channel. “No excursions. Why […]

Ignoring the Overlay

Author : J. M. Perkins Jenny sat, tapping her fingers to keep from biting her nails. She was having trouble concentrating. She was having trouble being here and now, in this hot vinyl booth in the retro burger joint. The display contacts in Jenny’s eyes flashed red, all manner of cautionary metadata and concerned messages […]


Author : Juilan Kehaya It was bright and he couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe. William panicked. Every limb tingled like static running through his veins. Something was in his throat. His eyes adjusted, a ceiling, a light. Electric shock forced him to blink. Hadn’t he just been at the beach? “Hey! You were supposed to be […]

Duty, Honor, Planet

Author : Patricia Stewart Conflict (‘kän-,flikt), noun: The opposition of persons or forces that gives rise to a dramatic action or struggle resulting from incompatible or opposing needs, wishes, or demands. **** “Captain,” announced Lieutenant Harriman at the Tactical Station, “sensors have detected four Omicron warships heading toward Rigel V.” “Red alert!” ordered Captain Garrett. […]


Author : Debbie Mac Rory “It’s beautiful” “What is?” Jake looked over at Sara, sitting on the ledge where the window used to be. She was hugging her knees and staring out at the sunset. “The sky. It’s pretty tonight, like someone reached out with a paintbrush and dabbed the colour there t’lift our spirits” […]

Burial at Sea

Author : Steven Odhner It was May when the Highway arrived from some distant place in the Northwest. On the fairly open ground the caterpillar-like monstrosity traveled at the alarming rate of about a mile per day, efficiently clearing away rubble and brush, flattening the ground and packing it down with Thumpers, and then laying […]


Author : D. K. Janmaat They breathed in unison. All over the city, all over the planet, the bots were breathing together. They moved and walked and spoke as their individual programming dictated, but their breathing was synchronised, in and out with the constancy of a ticking clock. She was in her twenties when she […]

The Scan

Author : Helstrom In a flicker, it was gone. I just caught a glimpse of it, not enough to make out anything more than the sweep code overwriting its tracks. It cycled fast. What it left in its wake, though, was unmistakable. Lobotomized subroutines churned through aimless feedback loops, active memory sectors filling up at […]


Author : Roi R. Czechvala They were on me like white trash on Velveeta. I knew being a courier was risky business, but damn these guys were playing for keeps, and all I had was this lousy Chicom .22 semi-auto. I was in deep kimchee. I should have known this wasn’t a normal run when […]

Yes Boss

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer “Oh please let me die for you! Please!” said the gleeful soldier in front of me. Soldier. I couldn’t believe we called them soldiers. I mean, she’d had the proper basic training and had passed all the physicals and all that but I don’t know why we even had […]

Anomaly at Titan

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer The twin doors swooshed aside and Roger Oakley entered the Control Room of the EATES (Experimental Advanced Tactical Exploration Ship). The room contained only one piece of furniture; a large reclined chair on an elevated platform. Oakley spoke aloud, “Recognize Lieutenant Oakley.” The disembodied voice of the ship’s computer […]

It’s A Small Universe

Author : Jeff McGaha My head ached painfully. I squeezed Matthew’s hand tight as he squirmed. Sweat seeped between us, lubricating and aiding his attempts at escape. I sighed and gave up on holding his hand. I grabbed his wrist instead. He continued to struggle, but it was a losing battle. I looked over at […]

The Belly of the Beast

Author : Todd Hammrich My name is Jeffrey Donahume and I’m making this report in case anyone out there is listening. I am the pilot of Single Shot 5 of the one-way exploratory expeditions. I was on my way out of the system when, unfortunately, my ship was damaged entering the Oort Cloud. Most of […]


Author : Benjamin Dunn Little Tyler looked around nervously. Tim dragged him into the reception area by the hand, a scowl engraved on his face. He marched up to the reception desk, hoisted Tyler by the armpits, and sat him down in front of the receptionist. “I want a refund,” said Tim. The receptionist’s eyes […]

Collision Course

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer The caravan of return vehicles lifted off the comet in rapid succession. Allen Culbert looked out the porthole and watched silently as the comet shrank into the distance. For the last nine months, the 1288 men and women of the Comet Deflection Team had worked twenty four hours a […]

Hauntingly Beautiful

Author : Jann Everard “Isn’t that Giselle?” Laura nudged her husband. “She looks amazing.” Jake flipped his sandy-colored bangs into place and unconsciously flexed the muscles at his shoulders. Jake’s rapt attention to her teen-age nemesis across the auditorium made Laura’s face tighten. “Why would she come to the high school reunion?” she asked, petulant […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer “Hit him again,” said Milly, “Let it go for six seconds this time.” That smile played into her lips again, making me glad that it was this blubbering, fat loser in front of us that owed money and not me. “Please!” he begged between ragged gasps, sweat pouring down […]


Author : Jacob Lothyan “It’s an old family story. A mystery, really. Or was. I just know it meant a lot to my dad, his dad, and so on. That’s the only reason I held on to it. “So it goes, my great great-grandfather worked at the Santa Fe Depot in Leavenworth—first city of Kansas, […]


Author : Jacob Lothyan The strobe effect of the cherries in my rear window made me instantly nauseous. All uniforms made me nervous these days. Now I had one walking up the side of my car, and I couldn’t help feeling suspect. I rolled down the window before he arrived, holding my Global Citizen ID […]

Life in Orbit

Author : Garrick Sherman Jack peered through his neighbor’s window at the poisonous brown planet below. Behind him the party rolled on in a soft murmur. He looked out the wide domed roof at a blanket of stars, then back to the globe below. A hand brushed against his shoulder. Nicole stood beside him, gorgeous […]


Author : Jennifer C. Brown aka Laieanna “I can’t believe we’re referencing pop culture to actually get a look at the universe,” said Megan. She flipped another page of her palm size book. “I mean anything we anticipate coming down is probably in this thing.” Her purple painted nail chipped when she smacked her fingers […]


Author : Rosa King It’s the fifth day and she still hasn’t given up. She sits just outside the range of the station defenses and she watches. I look out of the window and shiver despite the warm fug of the laboratory. “She knows.” “Don’t be ridiculous,” Tom says. “It has no way of knowing […]

Solar Storm

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer “Good Day space travelers. This is James O’Brien bringing you the latest system weather update. Solar activity is very low in the ecliptic plane facing Earth. No solar flares occurred during the past 24 hours. The solar disk continues to be spotless in this hemisphere. Earth’s geomagnetic field is […]


Author : Rob Burton I watch Kamille comb her beautiful dark hair, and I can’t help but wonder what horror now grows inside her. She’s from a fine family, well respected travelling merchants, with enough money to have selected the best from amongst many possible children, with some low-level inconspicuous enhancements thrown in for good […]

The Light Between

Author : J.R. Blackwell, Staff Writer Rae woke up strapped to a table, which was hardly out of the ordinary, but always came as a surprise. She had a headache, but that was to be expected, since she had a metal bar through her forehead. Her fingers were smoking. “Bergh.” she said, although what she […]

Julia 13

Author : Ken McGrath Her name was Julia 13. There had been twelve others before her, all exactly the same. The only thing that was meant to be unique about her, about them, was the number after the name. But she started to act differently. Unlike the others Julia 13 began to get curious. It […]

Presque Vu

Author : Debbie Mac Rory One doesn’t earn the title of the system’s greatest escape artist without effort. I’ve broken out of all of them, and in record time. Well, except for that one time they placed me in an archaic brick and mortar cell. I think the first hour I simply stared at the […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer I work in a nursery. I’m about to kill six hundred babies. Where does life begin? That’s the age-old question. It plagued the pro-lifers and now, here, at the birth of a new species, it’s plaguing the Artificial Intelligence community. The first A.I.s were created. They, in turn, built […]

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