Mission Earth

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer After the Great Energy Wars of the twenty third century, human civilization was almost non-existent. The human global population had been reduced from nine billion to a few hundred thousand. The original global superpowers, China, India, and the USA had been obliterated. Radioactive fallout made much of the Earth’s […]

Neo the Hampster

Author : Jeff McGaha A red-haired man walks directly up to the customer service counter. He carries in his right hand a metal cage with a tiny brown hamster inside. Reaching the counter, he drops the cage thoughtlessly, jostling the small creature inside. “Scuse me,” He says to a man in a royal blue short-sleeved […]


Author : Erin Searles “Cats,”said Big Fat Dave. “It was cats that started it in this reality.” In his channel’s feed I saw Archibald, Big Fat Dave’s big fat cat, stretch as if in agreement. He continued: “You know how cats will watch something or someone crossing a room when you can see there’s no […]


Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Harry nudged the body in the lobby with the toe of his boot, weapon unwaveringly pointed towards the head. Satisfied he was dead, Harry retrieved his knife and the man’s keys, turned and carefully locked the front doors. The entrance secured, he stepped over the body, moved cautiously around […]

If You Say So

Author : Ilan Herman Koy, the sky-blue alien, explained to Jeff that life on earth was really an experiment conducted by him and his associates, an anthropological study of how life evolves from the molecular to the bird, or fish, or tiger, or man. “We planted the seeds of life on earth. We did the […]


Author : Amanda Baker Years ago, Christina stayed over at Emily’s house, and found herself belting out this awful pop song in the shower. Some boy band kind of thing. She didn’t remember the song; boy bands hadn’t been popular since the nineties, and she’d be hard pressed to name the band and tune, or […]


Author : Ian Rennie Matron moved almost silently from ward to ward. The faint silken brush of her passing made the nurses look up, meeting her eyes as she passed, exchanging glanced messages that said as much as conversations. The few awake patients did not look. Most of them stared at the ceiling, or listened […]

First Words

Author : James Marshall Captain Will Kano of the Aries was sitting on an air-chair watching baseball with the sound muted. The latest round of memos from mission control, or the office as they called it, lay spread out on the floor beside him, along with a Rubik’s Cube and an empty Juice-Sack. He sighed. […]


Author : Cesium Artichoke “Hey, Tom, uh… you got a minute?” Robin ambushed him as he came out of his office. He had a meeting with the Secretary of Energy about space-based power, but she was visibly nervous and fidgeting, which set off alarm bells. “Sure, what’s up?” “Better get your computer, it’s already downloading.” […]

Eagle 2

Author : Al Vazquez The retro-rockets jolted the ship as it began its decent into the thin, cold atmosphere. Excitement welled-up inside his belly. He felt a slight shaking in his leg, but his hand was steady on the controls. He was known for that; cool as a cucumber when it really mattered, and it […]

In This Reality

Author : Courtney Raines As I watched myself falling down the hill, I remembered that fairy tale from physics class; the one about the cat in the box. I had been walking home through the wilderness that separated my cul-de-sac from the grocery store, it was a walk I had taken hundreds of times over […]

Wealth Trumps Death Every Time

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer Senator Reginald Wadsworth lay in his hospital bed; his biphasic artificial respirator hissed rhythmically as it expanded and contracted every six seconds. Dozens of electrical biosensors monitored his vital signs, while a miniature tubular highway of transparent hoses pumped fluids into, and out of, his body. Doctor Clive Colin […]

The Timing has to be Perfect

Author : Q.B.Fox Peter Stovold had hoped to be the first person to solo circumnavigate the sun in his [Manchester Evening News sponsored] Solar Flare 2. The timing had to be perfect; repeated Earth orbits before shooting off on a flawlessly planned course that used the planetary bodies and floating space hardware to help accelerate […]

The Cheating God

Author : William Tracy, Featured Writer The royal palace was mostly quiet. It was late afternoon, and the heat from the desert sun drove all but a few guards to seek shade. Even construction on Pharaoh’s great pyramid on the far side of the Nile had halted for the day. A woman, face twisted in […]

Summary Judgment

Author : Charles Spohrer I totaled my motorcycle. Of course, I had no medical insurance. I figured if I ever did have an accident, it would be final. I never expected just a couple of broken bones. The ambulance dumped me off at County. The drivers wheeled me inside and left me on the gurney. […]

A Moment in a Life

Author : Saurja Sen The scanners showed signs of the same life-form across the galaxy, so it was safe to assume that the species, whatever it was, had discovered space travel. Thus communication with it was allowed and my advance team was sent in to begin all interaction protocols. We hailed them on all frequencies, […]

A Catherine Rose by any other name

Author : Q. B. Fox “Each freighter, since the very first one we built, is given a unique name,” the technician explained. “Can I choose a name, if it’s not already taken?” I asked. “I’m afraid not, sir,” the tech was barely apologetic. “A name will be assigned to you.” “Oh, I’d like to have […]

Get GUD, GUD is Good

GUD Magazine Current Issue ISSUE 4 :: SPRING 2009 GUD (pronounced “good”) is Greatest Uncommon Denominator, an award-winning print/pdf magazine with two hundred pages of literary and genre fiction, poetry, art, and articles. GUD IS TIMELESS. GUD is modern in business, method, and execution, but timeless in message. GUD is published twice a year, for […]

Insert Coins To Operate

Author : Ken McGrath I roll off her and onto my back, panting, satisfied and with the sweat already drying into my chest. My head sinks into the pillow and I smile. Turning to look at her it slides, like water, right off my face. Her façade is starting to flicker and fade into an […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer Jennies were shipped world-wide. They were referred to as Jennies because of their genengineered origins. Some people referred to them as Generators because they were filled with energy, hardly ever slowed down, and kept the offices running at full power. They were designed to take care of and organize […]


Author : Matthew Banks “Brankahhh nakahhhsret,” said the vibrating sphere. “Much impertinence is hydroscopic,” said the speaker on the translator console. McGuine frowned, but Leak still had that constant, infuriating grin plastered on his face. “Frehhhnat bossssth fffonehhh,” said the sphere. “Envy the copse and thallium minnow,” said the translator. McGuine grunted and stabbed the […]


Author : William Tracy, Featured Writer A lone figure swung precariously from the side of a sky-scraping tower, painfully inching his way up a rope. That tower and others stood in rows, crowding out the sky. Their sides gleamed silver, studded with large, black windows. The streets below were lit as much by flickering lamps […]

Hand Hinunter das Licht

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Hans lay face down on the surgical table, completely immobilized and wide awake. His father’s rubber shoes moved in and out of his field of vision as the older man busied himself in preparation, his voice a constant hum of information in the otherwise empty room. “We can’t effectively […]

The Company Store

Author : Ian Rennie Hilton’s eyes opened, to his own mild surprise. Everything he saw was in dim monochrome, suggesting it was either really early or he was really tired. He was sitting in an armchair in a small office without the faintest clue how he had got here. The last thing he remembered was… […]

The Survivor

Author : James Marshall Foray wondered why he didn’t just sit down and die. He was naked but for a pair of underpants, and his skin was stained red with the blood from hundreds of cuts and scratches. He was gaunt, and his hair and beard were long and itchy. The vines and thorns lashed […]

The Encounter

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer Major Clanet’s head felt like it had split in half. He forced his eyes open and saw his android navigator standing above him. “What happened?” he asked. The android extended a hand and helped the human to his feet. “We delivered the supplies to the station, and were returning […]

Stars going out

Author : Chris Abernethy I don’t know why I ran. Caution, paranoia, groupthink… pure blind panic maybe, god knows what finally sent me scurrying up out of the elliptic, screaming in tight round ol’ Ares and out into the darkness. Guess it won’t really matter, hell it’s not like there’s anything up here to actually […]

A Rose by Any Other Name

Author : Jacob Lothyan When the box was finally opened, it was assumed by some that it had been tampered with beforehand. After all, there was a fairly explicit warning that stated: ANY ATTEMPT TO OPEN THIS BOX OR OTHERWISE INSPECT THE CONTENTS BEFORE THE INTENDED TIME WILL RESULT IN IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE TO THE CONTENTS. […]


Author : William Tracy, Featured Writer 1165 Third Street is quiet, as it has been quiet for over a century. Once, its two hundred floors housed accountants, engineers, executives and staffers. Its occupants ebbed and flowed with the fickle whims of the economy. All that ended with the Great Collapse. Gone are the desk phones […]

November’s Featured Writer: William Tracy

November has arrived, for many of us this brings an extra hour of well needed sleep. After a great feature with Roi R. Czechvala in October, we’re ready to showcase another great writer here on 365tomorrows for the month of November. This month, for your reading enjoyment, we feature the work of William Tracy, known […]

Holy War

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer The oval office had been compromised. I knew because I was the one who compromised it. I was standing over the body of the atheist president. The dark hues of her face were being framed by the blood from her slit throat as she lay on her back looking […]

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