The Little Queen

Author : J.R. Blackwell, Staff Writer The royal family is property of The People, and it is The People who determine our fate. When I was eight The People voted to marry brother off to the King of an ore rich moon. He sits now, on a throne of onyx, beside his silent King. When […]

There is No Accounting for Taste

Author : Jason Frank Satisfied that the “open” side of his small sign was indeed facing outward, Harrison parted the dusty blinds and nervously looked outside. The once crowded downtown sidewalks were empty, as they had been since the Tald-Mart had opened outside of town. The resulting drop off in browsing walk-ins to his small […]

Marshoppers and Birds

Author : L.Hall Robert Lynch kicked the treads of the small field tractor, clots of dried mud falling off and busting on the ground. He took off his ball cap, looked up in the air and ignored the old man, Paul Gilbert, standing behind him quietly. Bobby, his five year old son, stood near his […]


Author : Omkar Wagh “How many days of funding do I have left?”, I asked. “Well your thesis has been accepted and you have already been given a Ph.D. degree. So the college is willing to support you for about three more months at least.” “Damn It! I would have never expected such a toxic […]


Author : Gavin Raine It’s ironic, but I’d been having having such a good day. The children all had their heads down, working on their numbers, and I even had a little time to daydream for once. Then, I had that strange feeling that my chair had just sunk six inches into the floor – […]

Happy Holidays!

We would like to thank all of you for spending your valuable time with us throughout the year, and wish you all the very best of the holiday season and good health and prosperity in the New Year! Best, The Staff and Writers of 365tomorrows

Null Geodesic

Author : Jim Wisniewski She smiles and tilts her head to push a lock of brown hair behind her ear. I run the image back a few seconds and watch it again, entranced as always by the fluidity of the motion. The machines can show me any moment of her life, but this is the […]

Artificial Claus

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer Kathryn opened the door to let her fiancée in. He brushed passed her and parked in front of the hall mirror. Carefully, he fluffed the snow off of his hair. Satisfied, he turned to kiss her, but stopped short when he noticed that she was still wearing her work […]

Codename Winter

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer The body was huge. Seven feet tall, at least, and heavy. X-Rays had shown a delicate tracery of machinery throughout, strengthening the huge frame to allow it to move quickly. Its bright, neon-blue hair glowed in the dark. It was the same colour as the lips, fingernails, and nipples. […]

Makers : Cory Doctorow

Paul Di Filippo had this to say about Cory Doctorow in a December 22nd review of Makers In science fiction, however, the pool of hip, youthful, happening, fresh-eyed, keen-witted, media-savvy, broad-shouldered, accomplished, extroverted and talented writers, blending both revolution and tradition in just the right proportions, is noticeably shallow at the moment. There’s Neal Stephenson, […]

Cybrosis : the Debut podcast novel from P.C. Haring

Cybrosis is a podcast novel written and narrated by P.C. Haring with the voice talents of some of the biggest names in the podcasting community including Philippa Ballantine, Christiana Ellis, Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit, Mur Lafferty, Chris Lester, Chuck Tomasi, and Heather Welliver. This full length podcast novel hacks your RSS feeds on 01/01/10 The fantastic […]

Inside Joke

Author : Roi R. Czechvala, Staff Writer Purple waves gently lap at an azure beach. Our footprints quickly wash away in the encroaching tide. The setting twin suns of Rijos, the red giant aptly named Rojo, and her blue companion Danube cast an eerily beautiful violet light on the endless expanse of beach. We walk […]

Flipped to the Sky

Author : J.R. Blackwell, Staff Writer The last thing I remember before I hit the jagged edge of mountain rock was falling backwards, my feet flipped up, shoes dark against the snowy gray sky. Perhaps that’s a way our bodies and minds conspire to protect us, screening out the moments of painful impact from our […]


Author : C. S. McClendon I stepped out of the lobby just in time to watch the last metro transport of the day speed past and turn the corner without so much as slowing down. Great, that meant I had to walk home, and these heels were already killing me, wonderful. Still, no use complaining […]


Author : Glenn Song Jeanette hated Dr. Kogen’s waiting room. It screamed blue at her – the cushions, the walls, and even the magazine covers were coordinated in a fan of azure. Nestled in a wicker basket, on a round table in the center of the room, sat a red delicious apple, a banana, and […]

45 Feet Over Ninevah

Author : Glenn Blakeslee Forty-five feet over Ninevah, Phillip is enclosed in a spherically symmetric potential. He’s feeling somewhat philosophical. Below, on the steps leading to the courtyard of the Library, Ashurbanipal, the last of the great Assyrian kings, faces his death. He’s surrounded, literally, by advisors, priests and acolytes, and a platoon of soldiers […]

Of Andys and Upgrades

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Andy knew he was a relic. He used to violently object when it was suggested that he was past his prime, but after a while the reality was too apparent to ignore. It had been years, maybe decades since he’d been able to find factory fresh parts. Most of […]

Savile Row Steel

Author : Ruth Imeson Edward Smithfield knew better than to hide. The heavy oak door to his lodgings rattled in its frame. The handle spun. Exquisite brass gears, cogs and counterweights shifted. The door swung open. Vapour entered the room, but the man it shielded dallied at the threshold. London’s fog had found an entry […]

Angel of Death

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer The sensor charges go off and for a second I become a percussion instrument for the Devil. I’m wreathed in black smoke and dropping like a stone. Explosions kick me like excited children. I’m a trillion-dollar pinball of curled-up offensive weaponry plummeting towards the enemy with the wrath of […]

Escape from Io

Author : Adam Zabell and Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer Fifteen days after we landed on Io, Jupiter’s innermost Galilean moon, a faulty weld on the ascent module’s fuel tank ruptured, venting all of our liquid hydrogen into space. Janice O’Connor was able to repair the tank, but if we couldn’t replenish the hydrogen, we’d never […]

What’s Sauce for the Goose…

Author : Roi R, Czechvala, Staff Writer Charred bodies littered the streets. The blackened faces frozen in the horrible rictus of death. They had been men and women once. Children. Families who had laughed, lived and loved together, reduced to carbonized grotesques of human beings. Marine Gunnery Sergeant Stouffer laid down his collider rifle and […]

His Parts

Author : Steve Ersinghaus He gave away his parts at the proper time. Downtown he saw a man without a foot, so he gave the man his foot. A friend told him that the box full of left shoes he put on the sidewalk was a good idea. He gave his right arm to a […]

Moving With The Times

Author : Ray Shirer Vince hates dealing with the vets. They buzz like a swarm of angry bees, producing poison instead of honey. He hates the way they glare at him when he makes the rounds, collecting soiled bed linens and dirty clothes. Like it’s his fault they lost the war. Vince wasn’t even born […]

The Perfect Guy

Author : Sam Davis Today was the day, Kari decided. Today she was going to tell Abe. She was going to have a drink and work up the nerve and send him a message and then he would come by and then she could just tell him. She could take her time and explain—Abe was […]


Author : John C. Osborn The shakes began to violently intensify. Janus couldn’t bear it much longer, the nauseating craving, the blankness of mind, the emotional emptiness. He tightly gripped a long slender metallic canister that cost him a days worth of panhandling cash. His index finger rubbed a trigger button, which it wanted badly […]

Observation without Affection

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer She watched him, often, from the other side of his bedroom mirror, a floor to ceiling affair that allowed her the privilege of spectating from the comfort of her own space. He would come and go, sometimes alone, sometimes with others. He would wrap himself in sheets of colour, […]

Wake Up

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer We had created a society free of disease and violence. We had a society that was centered on fun and learning. We had a society that knew the difference between entertainment and education. We had cross-bred to the point that there were no more ‘races’ left. We had a […]

An Ounce of Prevention

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer “If the human ambassador moves, kill him,” ordered the Torellian captain. His two security guards instantly leveled their phasers at Ambassador Dorn. Dorn smiled, and said to his security escort, “Men, if the Torellian guards shoot me, you are to kill the two guards, and captain T’Noroi, before my […]

The Steel Tree

Author : Glenn Blakeslee It had taken us weeks to get there. My brother Phillip and I, carrying heavy packs, had joined with a group of pilgrims early in our journey. We’d wound our way through the ruins, followed the old freeways to the mountains which rimmed the coastal plain like sentinels. We wore burnooses […]

Have a good look, Mr. G.

Author : Q. B. Fox Bill had never been the sort of person who looked for the limelight. He was the sort of team player that kept his head down and worked hard; no doubt that’s why he had been selected for this mission. But it bothered him that he would be the first person […]

It Feels Like

Author : Iva Koevska -Mommy, what does snow feel like? I’m in the kitchen taking care of the dishes after dinner. I turn around and there she is. My little daughter’s staring at some snowflake hologram. It’s as big as her head, a gorgeous illusion of perfect symmetry. One you will hardly ever find. Since […]

I’ve Seen Things…

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