Watch Chris Hadfield and Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies perform a duet from the ISS and Earth

International Space Station commander Chris Hadfield is certainly making the most of his time up there space. This past Friday he teamed up with Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies fame to perform their original track, “I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing).” For the live performance, they were joined by the Wexford Gleeks from the Wexford Collegiate School […]

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Some of the greatest nonfiction books about science read like novels. They borrow tropes and narrative tricks from science fiction, fantasy, horror, and more — turning great discoveries into great adventures. Here are nineteen science books that are better than genre fiction because they’re true. via Superlist News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip – io9.


Author : Algor X. Dennison “Are you out of your mind?” Captain Lurren screamed at me. She clung to a broken strut over the glowing red chasm where solid deckplate had been a few minutes earlier. I wanted to tell her that she looked like the crazed one in that position, and that she was […]

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365tomorrows launched August 1st, 2005 with the lofty goal of providing a new story every day for a year. We’ve been on the wire ever since.

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What is Flash Fiction?

"Flash fiction is fiction with its teeth bared and its claws extended, lithe and muscular with no extra fat. It pounces in the first paragraph, and if those claws aren’t embedded in the reader by the start of the second, the story began a paragraph too soon. There is no margin for error. Every word must be essential, and if it isn’t essential, it must be eliminated."

Kathy Kachelries, Founding Member