Author : J.R.Blackwell, Staff Writer

The teacher, the senticyborg and the children sat in a circle on logs in the woods. In the beginning of the semester they had constructed their outdoor classroom as an assignment in team building. The canopy above them made patterns of yellow light on the soft grass.

“Who can tell me who our world is named after?” Asked the teacher. A few of the older children rolled their eyes – this was old material for them.

Reading their social signals, the senticyborg prompted one of the older children. “If you know the story, please share with those who do not. I will assist you in the telling.”

This excited the children, who enjoyed the interactive storytelling feature of the senticyborg, which would change shape depending on the stories that the children told. Usually, the senticyborg was silver and blue, but it could change to many shapes and colors to help teach the children.

“Well,” said the child “Our planet is named after a mythological 20th century Princess. This Princess was very strong, and no matter what she faced, she could overcome all problems.” The senticyborg changed shape into the figure of a striking woman with long dark hair. “This Princess was one of the greatest fighters the world has ever known, a master of medicine, and a great leader.”

The primary teacher folded her hands on her lap. “Can someone else tell us about what the circle that the Princess carried represents?”

A younger child stood up, holding a green leaf. “Um, it represents the connection of things with each other. People can throw things out and it will come back to them.”

“That’s right.” Said the primary teacher. “Her circle is a weapon, a method of protection but it is also a symbol of community. On the celebration of our liberation from the Corporate Beltway, we make circles of food or jewelry and give them to each other to represent our common link, and our dedication to protecting our community.” The senticyborg was showing her metal circle to the children.

“Can we learn to fight like the Princess?” asked one of the girls.

“The Princess believed in protecting people, so maybe instead of learning to fight, we should learn to protect each other, what do you think?”

“Can the Princess teach us?” asked a child

“Yeah!” cried out one of the children. “Can the Princess do it?”

“Maybe if she catches the right program file, we can do a little bit of training.”

The senticyborg spoke. “I have found the correct program for this training.”

The teacher clapped her hands. “Wonderful.”

“After this, can we hear the story of how we got the second sun?” said an older child.

The teacher grinned. “Of course children, we will learn about our world, our suns, and all of man’s two hundred colonies.”