Author : Selena Thomason

Ian knew he shouldn’t get involved. Still, he set down his drink, tapped on the towering back next to him and said, “Look, why don’t you leave her alone? Clearly the lady is not interested.”

The hulk turned towards him, which is when Ian noticed the extra pair of arms coming out of the alien’s torso.

A Ketchin, Ian thought. That’s just great.

Ian had heard of the Ketchins but never actually seen one. They were supposed to be formidable fighters, both strong and skilled. Ian expelled a long breath and bolstered his nerve. It was too late to back down now.

The woman moved between them. “Come on boys, there’s no need for trouble,” she cooed.

Ian couldn’t decide if she was stupid or drunk. “Miss, you best get out of the way and let me handle this.”

Instead, the woman pulled Ian to the side and lowered her voice. “Look, fly-boy, I don’t need or want your help.” Ian was startled to find that all the sweetness had gone out of her demeanor.

“What?” How much had she been drinking, he wondered. “He was clearly hitting on you.”

“Well of course he was, you idiot,” she whispered. “I’m secreting a Ketchin pheromone. Do you have any idea how much it costs to get those artificially? A least a week’s pay. A busy week’s pay.”

“You want this lug’s attention?” Ian realized too late that he had raised his voice again.

“Well, yeah!” she fired back.

The Ketchin pounded an inner fist to his chest. “Want me, she does,” he proclaimed proudly from a couple feet away.

Ian leaned into the woman and whispered, “But why?”

“You don’t know much, do you fly-boy?” She pulled Ian away a few more steps while waving flirtatiously to the alien as if to say she would be right back. “Look, Ketchin are easily satisfied… physically, you know, and without any intimate contact on my part. Get it?”

Ian balked at trying to untangle that unpleasant mental picture. He just stared back at the woman.

“Their erogenous zones are under their inner arms,” she prompted.

“Really?” Ian leaned around the woman to get a look at the Ketchin who was still gazing lovingly at the strange woman.

“All I have to do rub him under his arms and then…”

Ian raised his hands as if to stop her from continuing the sentence. “Enough. I get it. But why would you want to?”

The woman leaned in closer. “Ketchin males are very agreeable post-pleasure. And very generous….” She glanced over at her alien prey and gave him another wave.

“I see.”

“So, if you could just stay out of it.”

“Right. Gotcha. Consider me out of it.”


“No problem. I really was just trying to help.”

“I know. Thanks anyway.”

Ian sat back down at the bar and ordered a double. He vowed that next time he would confirm the damsel was actually in distress before getting involved.

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