Author : V.L.Ilian

“Hogwash! There was a mathematical proof the sound barrier could not be broken even tough they were breaking it with cannons in Newton’s time!

There was a mathematical proof the light barrier could not be broken even tough they were breaking it in Einstein’s time!”

“Yes… but that’s different.”

The senior researcher was continuing to pull levers and instructing computers to start sequences while his colleague stood there helpless with a stack of tablets full of mathematical proofs.

“Nonsense! The proofs of the time were based on an incomplete understanding of the universe.”

“True… but those inventions were not this high risk”

A robot opened a large safe an pulled out a liquid-filled cylinder holding a suspended seed of blue light.

“Poppycocks! When trains were invented everyone feared the human body could not survive such accelerations. Endless tests were conducted to see if passengers would lose consciousness.

When the teleporter was invented everyone cried the soul was being lost. We all know how that turned out don’t we?”

The robot inserted the cylinder in a complex assembly. Immediately the seed of light was sucked into the multifaceted sphere in the center of the machine.

Light appeared to reverse itself and the sphere went completely dark.

“Doctor! This won’t work!”

“Absurd! No more buts!”

The senior researcher put on his favorite goggles and hovered over a big red button.

“Let’s make history… literally.”

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