Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer

A small boy sat in his father’s lap staring at the full moon as it rose above the eastern horizon. “Daddy,” he asked, “Where’s mommy?”

The father rested his son’s head against the inside of his right bicep and pointed toward the moon. “See that dark circle. It’s called Mare Crisium. That’s where mommy is. She’s going to become very famous tonight.”


At the Buzz Aldrin Advanced Research Laboratory on the moon, Doctor Julia Hess adjusted the baryogenesis detector for the hundredth time.

“Vill you relax, Julia,” said Doctor Lukyanenko. “It’s going to vork just fine.”

“I hope so, Alexander. Everything hinges on this ‘proof of concept’ transfer attempt. Imagine the consequences; unlimited energy, forever. If we successfully transfer conventional matter to their anti-universe, and we get back an equivalent mass of anti-matter to our universe…” Her voice tailed off as she made a tiny correction to the asymmetric compensator. “I can envision Earth dotted with hundreds of anti-matter power generators within the decade. No more carbon dioxide emissions and no more nuclear waste to deal with.” She took a deep breath to force herself to calm down, and then checked the microscopic particle of osmium on the transfer platform. “The integrity of the containment field is at maximum intensity, and the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer is ready to verify the matter-anti-matter transfer. Okay, we’re as ready as we’re ever going to be. Signal the anti-Doctor Hess in the Anti-Universe that we’re ready to make the exchange. Have them initiate the transfer at exactly 2100.” Doctor Hess nervously watched the chronometer.


Joe cradled his sleeping son in his arms as he watched the full moon drift higher into the cloudless sky. He wondered how different their lives would be tomorrow, and the days after. There would be parades, holovision appearances, and wealth. Unbelievable wealth. That was a good thing, he concluded. Then again, how would the fame and fortune affect his relationship with Julia? Could he and their son live a normal life after today? He shifted Joey’s weight to ease the numbness in his legs. He noticed his son’s eyelids twitching in the pale moonlight as he entered REM sleep. He wondered what Joey was dreaming about? Then his son’s face became very bright, as if a helicopter searchlight was suddenly shining down on them. He was forced to squint his eyes as the entire back yard was washed in bright light. In horror, Joe tried to look at the moon, but had to divert his eyes. The right hand side of the moon was an intense fireball that was many times brighter than the sun.

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