Author : CJ Bergin

Tom rolled over in his sleep and felt his arm fall onto cool skin.

“Careful honey” a whisper in his ear said. “Unless of course, you’re trying to start something.” A smile crawled up Tom’s face as he moaned playfully.

“No” the word resounded through the room clear as crystal, and was followed by a much more muffled “at least not right now”. Warm breath passed by Tom’s ear, as the response came.

“Of course, honey”. Sarah gave her husband a quick kiss, then closed her eyes, and fell still. Satisfied, Tom’s smile melted away, his eyelids sank, and he let reality fall away, at least for a little while.

When he opened his eyes again, Sarah was out of bed. The smell of bacon and eggs wafted through the bedroom door teasing Tom’s taste buds. His smile quickly returned.

What a wonderful wife, he thought to himself, I can’t believe I’m so lucky

Tom crawled out of bed, put on his slippers, walked out of his bedroom, through the hallway, and into the kitchen, which was neatly hidden away in the corner of the house. Sarah’s back faced Tom as she tended to the bacon on the stove. She was already dressed for the morning in a flowing white sundress. On the kitchen counter a small TV displayed the news.

“How is it you know exactly how to make me happier than anyone else?” Tom came behind Sarah and slid his arms around her waist.

“Easy” She chuckled “You told me how, bacon and sex.” She turned to face him, “Except, this morning, somebody wasn’t in the mood” Tom’s smile didn’t falter an inch

“You’re forgetting its bacon, sex, and sleep. Sleep is just as important.”

“Well you didn’t seem to think so last night” He smiled at his bride, and with no other diplomatic option available, he kissed her, and she kissed him back. Tom completely lost himself in the moment. He blocked out all other thoughts, even the entrancing smell of bacon on the griddle. None of it could compare to this. After what seemed like a wonderful eternity Tom slowly returned to reality, to the sound of the TV blaring.

“Protesters have stormed D.C. demanding the repeal of the population control bill, or what has become known as the “control clause”. Protesters insist that the right to reproduce should be shared by all, not simply by government appointed breeders…”

Tom’s smile didn’t falter an inch. In fact, it grew. It grew until he couldn’t contain it anymore, and he began laughing. He laughed until tears started streaming down his face.

“Can you believe those people? Who the hell would want to have children? Do you realize it takes $100,000 to raise the things till their 18? Yea right” Sarah looked at her husband, turned around, and continued tending to the bacon. “Aw, honey whats wrong?”

“Nothing” the reply came

“Aw c’mon, Sarah you don’t want to have one of those things…do you?”

“You know that I can’t”

“But do you want to?” Tom’s question was answered with silence. “Oh Jesus, not again” he muttered. He grabbed Sarah violently by the waist, and began reaching up her dress. Sarah panicked, she began screaming and flailing her arms.

”Stop!” Tom shouted, and so Sarah did. He reached Sarah’s abdominal control panel and hit reset. Sarah’s eyes closed for a second, and then opened again.

“Hello, I am Sarah, serial number 942621137 what is your name?”


“Oh, Tom I’m so happy to be your wife! How can I make you happy?” Tom’s smile returned.

“Lets go upstairs”

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