Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer

This is the best of all possible worlds. Or so the time-travelers tell us.

They have given their future away to make our present the best it can be.

They gave science a good, healthy goose early on around the Babylonians times. They killed the despots in their cribs over the millennia.

This is the land of perfect, near-immortal bodies and technology that borders on magic.

Every morning, they publish newspapers on the feeds. They’re the newspapers that would have been printed in the unaltered world. We all remember the picture of the Hindenburg and followed with great interest the antics of the World War Two issues. Every day there’s a new issue and every day we’re reminded how lucky we are. We’d never even had a small battle!

The ideas in the pages fascinate us but repulse us at the same time. This new present is obviously better than the one given to us in the papers.

Late at night, I dream of presidential elections, mass slaughter, ‘economies’ and death at 90. I wake up terrified and then immediately relieved that it was all a dream.

God bless our time-traveling saviors.

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