Author : Clint Wilson

Even though the thing had now had a couple of weeks to absorb our language I didn’t really think it could understand me, but all the same I still uttered the pre-scripted line.

“Living Being… I address you as a devoted protector of the Terran empire. Know now by proof of this official proclamation, that I have one duty and one duty alone.”

I absent-mindedly massaged the butt end of my still holstered but ready and deadly razer.

“I am to keep an ever-watchful eye as you interact with my fellow Terrans, and should you ever once make any move that I perceive as threatening in the slightest, it is my sworn duty to immediately exterminate you at will and without prejudice. You have been fairly warned.”

The thing was squat and wide, with rough grey skin as tough as rock. But it also had surprisingly hominoid features, two binocular yellow eyes, quite ape-like indeed. It probably stood straight up half a meter shorter than me, but was easily twice my mass.

And what then was its preposterous response to my official yet ludicrous proclamation? I swear to god the thing actually smiled at me.

Still I have never once left my post. I was raised for this position in the empire. I’ve spent every waking minute of every single day with this seemingly somewhat intelligent alien up until now. I have gotten to know it, even developed a respectful friendship with it I guess you could say.

But over the last two and a half years I have never once broken protocol. I go where it goes. I sleep when it sleeps. I have never once turned my back on it as scientists and business magnates alike cajole and frolic with the happy-go-lucky beast. And even though it is officially named, Specimen 3249A, we affectionately call it Clyde.

Yet as always my duty remains the same. I stand at the ready; hand never far from the handle of my razer. I shall never relax my attention.

And as I stand here in the new solarium with its variety of alien trees and foliage I can’t help but let my mind wander to all the happy times I have experienced thus far keeping guard over Clyde, as he readily explores his new expensively sculpted world.

And it is in that exact same moment that I realize in sudden and utter defeat that I have let my guard down.

I had always suspected that Clyde was more intelligent than he had let on to be… but also always remained optimistic that all of his mysterious idiosyncrasies were part of some sort of harbored wisdom reserved for our eventual discovery.

But alas I failed to recognize what I have always been so extensively trained to spot; the telltale signature of alien clandestine maneuvers afoot. In other words, the unexpected.

So what an opportunity for him in this lovely garden paradise, to take final advantage of my failure to adhere to my duty as a protector of the all mighty Terran empire.

I feel a warm breeze caress my face as Clyde drops down on me from the foliage above. The last two words I ever vocalize are, “Oh shit,” as, in an instant, a set of claws not unlike a panther’s, tear my throat to ribbons.



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