Duncan Shields

Duncan Shields is a computer animator for video games. He also likes to write. He grew up in Nelson, British Columbia and now lives in Vancouver after a five year stint in Edinburgh, Scotland. He’s a tall man. He hopes one day to have the attention span and the time to write a novel but for now he’s very happy that flash fiction has actually become a genre.

He’s a bit of a freak for movies and misses working in the video store. He has a mildly large collection of comics, DVDs and toys. He’s trying his hardest to earn a living by being creative any way he can. He has blue eyes, a few tattoos, he’s a libra, enjoys the rain and likes bland burritos. He’s happy to be here.

A collection of Duncan’s work is available in Small Windows, available via Amazon in Kindle, Paperback, and Hardcover.

Small Windows is a collection of flash science fiction stories that provide glimpses into various states of the human condition on far-flung planets and in different times. Each tale is a brief exploration of what it means to experience life—an assortment of tiny moments captured from across the cosmos that underline the commonality of the emotions we all share, whether human, silicate, android, alien, or animal.”