Hari Navarro
Hari Navarro has one great fear in life. Writing in the third person. It scares the hell out of him and he worries that he is in fact dead or that perhaps Hari Navarro will one day try and contact him.
That said… Hari has long been fascinated with science fiction and horror and sees both genres as extremely powerful conduits through which to pick apart just why we humans do the things that we do.

Hari loves overwrought adjective heavy speculative fiction and endless sentences that stretch and dribble down the page like spilled wine through a midnight keyboard. I’ve tried to speak to him.

His short and flash fiction has been published here at 365 Tomorrows and also Breach and AntipodeanSF magazines. He has also succeeded in being a New Zealander who now lives in Northern Italy with not one single cat.

Hari is currently working on an episodic novel that has belligerently decided it wants to be a long-running AMC series starring Selena Gomez instead.
To view his work to date please visit: harinavarro.tumblr.com