Last Resort

A professor of mine once said that creativity was the last resort of losers.

That it was an evolutionary quirk, of no more merit than a giraffe’s elongated neck or a platypus’s duckbill. That from an evolutionary standpoint, creativity was not worth mentioning, and worth even less compared to something like flight.

Speaking of which, here. Take this. Remember to breathe deep.

You’ve imagined what it would be like, right? Sure, we all have. What it would feel like to be up there. Unencumbered by some claustrophobic airplane. To be actually flying.

Yeah, no, man. That’s perfectly normal. Just breathe deep. It’ll pass.

But, yeah. We’ve all thought that. Like we belong up there. Like the fall from the Garden of Eden is more literal than we ever thought. That flight is really just an evolutionary step away.

You’re feeling it now, aren’t you? Move your arms. Isn’t that amazing?

What my professor never understood is that evolution is slow and random. That its approval is not something we should strive for.

Not when creativity can grab evolution by the balls.

Your system should have adjusted by now. Welcome to a whole new point of view.

Ready for lift-off?

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