Stephen R. Smith
Stephen Smith grew up a voracious reader; from The Hardy Boys and Tom Swift, through Heinlein, and Bradbury, to Ludlum, le Carré and Neal Stephenson. When he found Philip K. Dick, Harlan Ellison and William Gibson he realized that his path was going to be forever engaged in the business of the future.

From creating in code to imagining what comes next via prose, the future is never far away.The founder of a successful consulting and software development company, and an avid programmer and technophile, Steve is equally fluent in the language of men, and that of machines.

Stephen has been published in the Tides of Possibility anthology [Houston Writers Guild’s 2014], in the Unearthly Sleuths anthology [JayHenge Publishing 2017], in Hub Magazine [Issue 56], in The Spilling Ink Review [2011 Print Anthology] and in the Myths, Monsters, Mutations anthology [JayHenge Publishing in 2017].