Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Author : J. S. Kachelries “Objection, your honor; asked and answered,” stated the defense attorney. “Sustained,” replied the judge. Then addressing the plaintiff’s attorney, “Move on, counselor.” “Your honor,” he protested, “the witness is intentionally being evasive. Again, I appeal to the court to compel the defendant to submit to a paternity test.” The defense […]

Ashes to Ashes

Author : Debbie Mac Rory The high preacher approached the lone figure at the front of the hall of remembrances. He passed gases through his membranes in such a manner, that if he were human, would have been called a polite cough. The particle entity turned it’s attention to the high preacher. “I wished to […]

The Trifid Nebula

Author : Patricia Stewart, featured writer The UES Celeste coasted into the outskirts of the Trifid Nebula, and pulled alongside two stationary vessels that were tethered to each other. Captain Briggs studied the view screen suspiciously. “Well chief, what do you make of this?” “I don’t know, captain. According to our records, the USS Baychimo […]


Author : Viktor Kuprin “This is the last call for evacuation. Everyone must leave. Go to the park for water, food, and medical care. If you cannot move, call out or make a noise, and we will help you.” Spaceman Kuzmin tried not to look at the bloated red sun as he walked the deserted […]

A Modern Girl

Author : James Smith Murphy took a bench and pulled a paperback from his coat pocket. He dialed down his shades to read better, and sipped his coffee. After a few pages, he became aware of a presence on the bench next to him. “Oh, wow. Paper. You drive gas, too, huh?” He looked up. […]

Solving the Stealth Problem

Author : Patricia Stewart, featured writer “Hey boss, can you come down to the lab? Ah, the prototype has disappeared.” “It’s supposed to, you idiot. That’s what stealth technology does.” “Sorry, sir, I didn’t mean to say it disappeared. I meant to say it’s gone, as in, we can’t find it. Hello? You there, Boss?” […]

Failed Mission

Author : Francesco Navarro The air scrubbers were failing. Generators were running at less than fifteen percent. Only one large bio dome and four of the sixty life support shelters remained of the mission complex. Father Nandres died a week ago and there was no one left who could operate a harvester or any of […]

37 Hands

Author : Joe Carter/Kyle French 37 hands. Zed shook his head. The 84 candidates running for President were asked if they believed in Sixism, and only 37 raised their hands. He couldn’t believe this debate was still going on. For years they had assumed that the Manhattan Inflation Trial in 4838 had put the lid […]


Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Consciousness seeped back slowly; recognizable sounds gradually replacing static; blackness giving way to a dull aching in his head. He resisted the urge to open his eyes. “How are you feeling?” The voice reminded him of someone, a woman he knew? He couldn’t quite put a finger on it. […]

Crumpled Space

Author : Patricia Stewart, featured writer “How’s this thing work?” asked Dean O’Banion, the man Alan Mitchell had reluctantly asked to come to Seattle to bankroll his invention that could provide the world with unlimited, cheap, green energy. Although O’Banion was not the most reputable businessman on the planet, he was the only one that […]


Author : Mark Lindquist “I’d like to order an arm, please. Left, if you have them. I’ve always liked left arms.” “Certainly, sir. Have a seat while — oh, my apologies, that was quite rude of me.” “Think nothing of it. It’s by choice, not by circumstance; sitting has always been highly overrated.” “So I’ve […]

Getting Old

Author : Grady Hendrix When new Aunt Sally arrived, David had just one question burning in his brain. He managed to make it all the way through her visit before it came out. “What happened to old Aunt Sally?” he asked. “She’s gone on to a wonderful place where it’s always summer vacation,” his mother […]

The Oceans of Jupiter

Author : Patricia Stewart, featured writer The USS Jovian Explorer skimmed above the turbulent cloud tops of Jupiter’s upper atmosphere. The large clamshell doors on its underbelly slowly opened and locked into position. Moments later, the restraining clamps released the Simon, a two-man research “submersible.” The nearly spherical vessel plummeted downward and disappeared into the […]

Explaining the unexplained

Author : TJMoore “But what is it?” asked Brian. He was examining the softly humming sphere on the table with skepticism. “I told you, it’s an explanitarium. I invented it!” I said again with more than a little pride and just a little impatience. “And what, exactly, does it do again?” he asked, yet again. […]

Beyond Beliefs

Author : Glenn S. Austin It was always the same, Bojorn counted on it, and he was never disappointed. He had fine tuned the process over time, but the basics were still the same. Part of this tuning had been to add an anthropologist to his crew, and it had made the selection go so […]

The Portal

Author : J. S. Kachelries “Well, Tom, what do you think?” “Joe, if you made me hike 50 miles through the jungle, climb a freakin’ 10,000 foot mountain, and craw through a cave for half a mile on my hands and knees, just so you could show me another cave…” Tom pointed a threatening finger […]

Task Force

Author : Patricia Stewart, featured writer “I’ll take two,” said Joe Ferry, the rookie member of the Preemptive Anti-Criminal Activities Task Force. It was traditional for the elite four-man teams to play poker prior to the start of the shift. It was a way to relax and bond before the mainframe department head handed out […]


Author : JTHeyman My cell door opened, revealing a woman dressed all in grey. I was dead. With an ordinary interrogator/judge, I would have had a chance. Not with one of the Grey Ladies. “United States Time Court Interrogation/Trial 66017002,” she said in a voice that was about as close to mechanical as a human […]

The Wilderness

Author : Duncan Shields There’s always going to be a few things I can’t get used to here. The green sky, for instance, and the fact that the animals are mimics. All of the animals have the same abilities as Earth parrots, no matter what they look like. Every animal that comes up to me […]

USS Dreadnought

Author : Patricia Stewart, featured writer Captain Leonard Thompson stood at attention as Admiral Richards’ shuttlecraft docked to the Dreadnought. Moments after the shuttle was secure, the hatch opened, and Admiral Richards stepped over the threshold. “Leonard. It’s good to see you again. How have you been?” As Captain Thompson reached out to shake hands […]

Alternate 7453DO

Author : Joshua Reynolds Jon Stack # 1 crept towards himself, fairly panting with eagerness. He was hungry again. So hungry. Reality stretched and rippled around him as he approached his doppelganger. Jon Stack # 59 according to the Prime-Time Organic Advocacy Bureau. It was like looking into a mirror. Jon Stack # 1 hated […]

Welcome newborn

Author : Thomas H Edwards A shape floats silhouetted against the background of the nearby gas giant. I can make out four limbs and one smaller structure atop the central structure, a light blinked out from it, red and small. It meant something. A moment’s concentration while the message repeats itself. “Welcome newborn” “Hello, who […]


Author : TJMoore Joey walked through the carnival gate and stood mouth agape as he surveyed the vast array of amusements before him. Billy grabbed his arm and started towing him through the islands of people clumped around the main thoroughfare. “I want to ride the centrifuge!” Joey exclaimed when he saw the icon for […]

Unexpected Consequences

Author : Patricia Stewart, featured writer Roy O’Donnell was working his way down the pre-launch checklist when I decided to make sure the cargo was secure. Normally, we only haul equipment and supplies back and forth between the Vinogradov mining facility on Mars and the supply station on Phobos. But when I entered the cargo […]


Author : Sarah Klein As soon as the hovercar came to a stop, they opened their doors and jumped out as fast as they could. Nicole strode toward the object, her eyes bright with joy. Drew dusted off his pants and approached more slowly, squinting in the hot sun. They’d been searching over the landscape […]

Exile on Bay Street

Author : Terri Monture The three days leading up to the executions proceeded with great fanfare and celebration; by dusk on the third day, with the sun setting in purple ultraviolet through the polluted sky the people were in a state of frenzied orgiastic ecstasy. Drums were beaten, scrap metal pieces pounded together and the […]

June’s Featured Writer

This month, we’re proud to feature another long-term contributer: Patricia Stewart. Patricia’s background in physics makes her an excellent source of hard science fiction, but her audience isn’t limited to scientists: anyone can enjoy the human touch in her stories. You can expect her to make several appearances in June, in addition to our usual […]

Warp Vortex

Author : Patricia Stewart, featured writer Professor Murphy carefully reviewed the checklist of the Warp Vortex Generator. In a few minutes, it would be used in an attempt to divert a three kilometer asteroid from striking the Pacific Basin. This impact wasn’t going to be a “civilization destroyer,” but it was estimated that it would […]

Birth Day

Author : Joyce Weber I want to love them. Truly I do. But they keep shoving and pushing, wrangling around inside me till I want to rip my belly open and dump them out. There is no peace with them crowding my body till they almost feel like they will ooze out the very pores […]


Author : Sarah Klein I sat in the dark doom of my living room, gazing absentmindedly at the television screen. They’d be drawing numbers in about two minutes. I knew my number wasn’t going to be called, but I had to watch all the others ones fly by to make sure. If I missed an […]

Human Proof

Author : J.R.Blackwell, Staff Writer When I was eleven, I tried to kill myself after seeing an old movie. In the film, a man cut his wrists with bits of mirror and then held them under steaming hot water. At his funeral, people piled flowers on his grave. Everything in the film was grey but […]

I’ve Seen Things…

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"Flash fiction is fiction with its teeth bared and its claws extended, lithe and muscular with no extra fat. It pounces in the first paragraph, and if those claws aren’t embedded in the reader by the start of the second, the story began a paragraph too soon. There is no margin for error. Every word must be essential, and if it isn’t essential, it must be eliminated."

Kathy Kachelries, Founding Member