Bio Bill

Author : B.York, Staff Writer “I guess you found me. I just wonder what’s keeping you from cutting me open to find out how I do it.” The doctor sitting in front of him adjusted his glasses and smiled, trying to remain reasonable with the locked up felon before him. The white room they were […]

Good Help

Author : Benjamin Fischer “So you’re a butler.” Xero repressed the urge to roll his eyes and sigh. The woman across the aisle on the maglev had seen his replicant’s sigil, a broad tattoo of the symbol for Gemini on the back of his left hand. She’d also seen his impeccable dress and the parcel […]

Fiat Undo

Author : Luis Barjo “It’s not a scam,” Robin explains as he plugs the cloning tank into the wall. “It just grows in there for a few hours and, when it’s ready, just hop right in. They proved it, man, they proved it with science and we’re gonna be rich.” Picture a hallway with an […]

Meteorological Engineering

Author : Kathy Kachelries, Staff Writer Eric Hayton was not happy. In fact, his unhappiness was palpable: it could be seen in the four empty coffee cups on his desk, in the disgust with which he regarded his wall of monitors, and mostly, in the overfilled ash tray positioned on the corner of his desk. […]

Oedi’s Opus

Author : Tim Hatton The black is total. Oedi’s life is devoid of light and endlessly deep. Only stars prick the canvas. He stares at them, each in turn, for entire shifts. He finds it odd to realize that what he is looking at has moved from that spot eons before the light reaches his […]

After Dark

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Kyle shifted in the metal chair, suspiciously regarding the toaster sitting on the table in front of him. “So, it’s a toaster,” Kyle finally spoke, not taking his eyes off the appliance, “what’s so special about that?” Niles cleared space on a desk in the corner, waking up his […]

Awful News

Author : Cody Lorenz Mike was nervous, you could tell by the stains at the armpits of his shirt, and the way he kept shifting, causing that awful gown to rustle. He coughed, if only to make the little man with his chart speak up. “It is hard to put this,” he started, in a […]

Count Bodies Like Sheep

Author : B.York, Staff Writer The pills didn’t work. Private Dawns was still unable to recall anything that might help. Stuck between an ambush and a colony outpost somewhere off the Z sector of Alpha Centauri, Private Dawns had nothing but her rifle and the training she’d been put through. That meant that she and […]

Europa’s Subterranean Secret

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer The unmanned Marius Lander (in honor of Simon Marius, the German astronomer who named the four large Jovian moons, and claimed to have discovered them before Galileo) successfully touched down on the icy surface of Europa. After a quick systems check, and notification to Earth Command, the fully autonomous […]

Inconspicuous Conspicuous Consumption

Author : Lucas Atkinson “Tell me what it is you do, Mrs. Adam, In your own words.” “Well,” she said, and leaned forward onto my desk. “I deal in luxury goods. One specific luxury good.” She smiled. “Obscurity.” “That seems a strange way to say it. Usually one would…” “Of course. But then my clients […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer I looked at the dashboard with a mounting fear. The mutiny had gone off and turned messy. The company pilots had been killed when we blew the cockpit door. We’d had to execute our hostages. The airlock was empty now and their inside-out, frozen corpses goggled wide-eyed thirty AUs […]


Author : Andy Bolt Senator Bigfoot sat at the top of the Eiffel Tower daintily sipping espresso from one of Café au Francais’ literally bottomless vortex glasses. His massive, gorilla-derived nostrils inhaled the artificially addictive coffee smell, and he smiled to himself as Jenny stepped out of the spacebender and glided toward his table. He […]

Caution, Adults at Play

Author : Jennifer C. Brown aka Laieanna Mary passed the town’s graveyard, her eye on the mobile facility parked in an empty lot. The line trailing out from the small trailer door was already thirty deep, but a rush of people was only a few steps behind her. Linda turned to give Mary a big […]

The Cave Witch

Author : J.R. Blackwell, Staff Writer The witch is bony, skeletal, his spine in a permanent curve. His liver spotted hands tap on his rubber console, fast like shuffling cards. He cackles with glee, casting his code-spells. The only light in his little cave under the mountain is the luminescent blue screen that glows on […]

Crowbar Subtlety

Author : Sam Clough, Staff Writer I work on Opingtu. Two-and-a-bit AUs from civilisation, on a good day. Lee thrust the crowbar into my hands, and set off down the corridor at a run. I swore, and ran after him. Me and Lee were as thick as thieves — always had been. Started when we […]

Off Key

Author : Andy Bolt It started when a song got stuck in Jola Ndenga’s head. She had just gotten the new aMix mp12 player, the one that could store a theoretically infinite number of sub-quantum sound files and injected just under your cochlea. They had just become available at Charon Station, and she had been […]


Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer Circa 2086, the war with the Epsilon Eridani System was currently on hold, as leaders from both worlds were attempting to negotiate a truce. However, most of Earth’s military advisors were against a truce, because the Earth Alliance was clearly winning the war. Our technology was far superior to […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer I am miles underwater. I’m the only human competing. I’m riding a ten-foot cretaceous seahorse named Cheval. I pronounce it ‘shovel’ as a private joke. No one here would understand the mispronunciation. There are representatives here from sixteen planets. Mostly aquatics but there are two air breathers like me. […]


Author : Dee Harding I have it in my hands, but I don’t understand it. Mirah peers over my shoulder, grins in my periphery, and pokes at it. The amber clouds react to the gravity of her digit instantly, particles drifting into a new configuration of spin. As she removes the finger, it spirals back […]

Night Shades

Author : Roi R. Czechvala The young couple slept peacefully in their bed while powerful, dark forces worked against them, against mankind. Two malevolent figures watched them from the darkness, their eyes aglow. These two creatures descended from races older than man himself, had bided their time, waiting for the opportunity to strike. They were […]

Bar Room Brawl

Author : Jennifer C. Brown aka Laieanna Getting off the shuttle, Teddy shoved his way through the crowded corridor, eyes focused on the nearest destination locator. When he was in range of the sensors, the map of Los Angeles lit up in various colors. The locator welcomed him and started to rattle off hotels and […]


Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Eerin wasn’t sure exactly how she came to be in the pawn shop, and yet here she was. When she’d left her apartment in the Brodsky building, she’d been intent on going for coffee, but rather than the chrome and glass and fragrant aroma of a café she found […]

Long Division

Author : Kathy Kachelries, Staff Writer “You haven’t changed a bit,” Aja said, though her eyes avoided her sister’s face. Saj noticed the hesitation, noticed the way Aja’s bangs (gray and black, like soot-streaks on the walls of a bombed-out Akari factory) hung thin, revealing a forehead creased only with the lines of age. Saj’s […]

Chronolicide, She Wrote

Author : J. S. Kachelries It was a bright sunny morning when Angela Lansfield headed toward the Town library in Mendocino Cove. She was researching time travel for a new mystery novel she was writing. However, prior to diving into Hawking’s time travel theories, she decided to relax, by browsing the old newspapers in the […]

Neanderthal Ted

Author : Andy Bolt Sometimes, it’s fun to be surrounded by an army of mutant water buffalos with horrible skin conditions and bizarre, temporally unstable face tentacles. Other times, I’ll be running through Brazil and suddenly, one of the local amphibians will hop into the air, balloon up to massive size, and snatch a helipod […]

Baby, oh baby

Author : Debbie Mac Rory Jeremiah Founders swallowed nervously and licked parched lips for the fourth time. Meeting the eyes of the enforcers standing opposite him, he gave a small nod, and they released their charges. Jeremiah winced as the woman hit the floor with a small cry. She paid no mind to her injuries […]


Author : Kyle DeBruhl “That boy’s a hatchet.” She spoke with absolute resolve, setting her half finished mug on the counter as she did so. Her lips carefully sounding the words out and letting each one linger for a moment before dissipating in the air. Dennard nodded vigorously. He knew exactly which one she meant, […]

Sweet Dreams

Author : Debbie Mac Rory Jennifer staggered and fell to the ground. Barely feeling the impact, she forced herself forward, straining her tired legs to run faster. Throwing a glance back over her shoulder, she let out a strangled cry. The strange figure was still there. She willed herself faster, straining to reach the peak […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer With lost marbles over mixed drinks, I stare at the face reflected in the oak bar. It looks more real to me, somehow, than I feel. The bartender comes over to me. His huge moustache is waxed to slippery perfection. He looks down at me with crossed arms and […]


Author : Robert Niescier The bacterium was our lab’s greatest achievement. An organism engineered to metabolize cellulose into ethanol quickly and efficiently would eliminate humanity’s dependence on fossil fuel and make energy shortages a thing of the past. It was our gift to an energy-starved world. Sure, there were numerous obstacles to overcome. Sequencing and […]

Happy New Year

It’s a New Year now, as 2007 slips away into our remembered yesterdays, and 2008 becomes both our now and our foreseeable tomorrows. Happy New Year from all of us at 365tomorrows, and may the New Year be everything you want it to be, and a few things you’ve even not dreamed of yet.

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"Flash fiction is fiction with its teeth bared and its claws extended, lithe and muscular with no extra fat. It pounces in the first paragraph, and if those claws aren’t embedded in the reader by the start of the second, the story began a paragraph too soon. There is no margin for error. Every word must be essential, and if it isn’t essential, it must be eliminated."

Kathy Kachelries, Founding Member