The New Pilot

Author : Michael “Freeman” Herbaugh It was time. The ship was on course for a slow burn into atmosphere, which it hadn’t done in over a millennium. Though Lars had every confidence that the ship would make it, his palms were slick holding the yoke which adjusted attitude should the navcomp vary slightly on approach. […]


Author : J.R. Blackwell, Staff Writer My family made me a robot. “Your sister needed your lungs!” my mother cried, when I ask about my body. “She needed so much.” My sister and I were both in the crash, our hover cars smashed into a building three stories over street level. My sister and I […]

Yer Own Beeswax

Author : Pete Hayward Wading through the long grass, her eyes and nose prickled by pollen, Erin could hear the thrum of helicopters in the distance. She knew they would soon catch her. As she approached the wire fence, she knew there was no escape; that she had lead them to her hideout. Reaching the […]


Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer My favourite time is just before dawn while she still sleeps. I stretch out, savour the crisp night air, feel the coolness of the sheets against our naked flesh. Soon the earth will turn us to face the sun again, and I’ll feel the warmth as its energy permeates […]

Coming Home

Author : Leslie Smith Hi there. have a question? Someone at school said we were going somewhere? After dinner honey. No? Now? Okay, sit very still and I will tell you a story……. Once, very long ago, we lived with our mother. She was large and round. She fed and gave us a place […]


Author : John Kuhn Bata stood beside Danny and held out his soda. The game blared in front of him. Danny glanced at her. “Thanks,” he smiled, wondering if the smile really mattered. “You’re welcome.” He took the drink and relished the sound of ice cubes clinking against the glass. His gaze reverted instantly to […]

La Valse de Capitaine Merroux

Author : Luke Chmelik We were about to set in for refitting in the drydocks of Neptune when Capitaine Merroux of the Frégate Royaux Joyeuse came forth with a grand announcement. There would be a night of revelry in her private quarters, a formal ball to commemorate the engagement of le Prince du Sang Amelanchier […]

Greetings, I Come in Peace

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer Johnny pointed his broomstick “phaser rifle” at Tommy and squeezed the imaginary trigger. In his mind’s eye, the evil alien from the planet Zircon vaporized in a flash of light. But Tommy kept on running. “I got you Tommy,” he yelled. “You need to lie down and count to […]

Meat Farming

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer My family became meat farmers in the spring of ’22. Like a lot of city dwellers, we tired of the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life. We sold our possessions, liquidated our assets, and bought a stake in Canada that was ready for reforesting. There was a lot of […]


Author : Ian Rennie The puddles of rainwater reflected neon and sodium up from the streets as the two men stood at the taxi rank. One waited, the other waited with him. “Shame you have to leave so early, Tom. The evening was just getting started.” “Sorry Jake, it’s Barney’s storytime, you know how it […]

The Ham

Author : William Tracy “A Ham is coming!” The news spread like wildfire. Even the adults were swept up in the excitement. “A Ham is coming!” The Ham came from the east in a truck. I had never seen a truck move before! The adults eagerly asked the Ham for the news. I didn’t understand […]

The Incomprehensible Being

Author : Cal Glover-Wessel There is a being, I have witnessed that, through some strange twist of evolutionary fate, is able to move any which way through time, but through space can only move unceasingly forward. It lives a life parallel to our own, one where “day” and “year” and “month” have no meaning, but […]

A Calendar Full of X’s

Author : S.R. Dantzler “Hey Yates!” Dorian turned to see who called him. The thin blue laser of a retinal scanner flashed over his eyes. “You have been served.” The young courier handed Dorian an official-looking envelope and turned away, disappearing down the busy street. He pried the seal and read the document. “F#%$ me. […]


Author : Bradley Hughes “Fucking tests.” I turned to look at the speaker sitting beside me at the bar. I noticed she had a small doll on the bar along with her drink, one of those wooden posable dolls made of jointed oval sections. I’ve always assumed they were for practicing drawing figures. This one […]

Git Along Little Dogie

Author : Bob Burnett A glint of reflected sunlight caught Will McRae’s attention. He ground-hitched his sorrel gelding and bellied up the slope to look into the next draw. He scooted back down the slope, turned on his back and stared at the sky, his mouth suddenly dry. What he had seen could not be. […]

The Gyre

Author : Christopher Kueffner The ocean swell was enough to induce the whisky to move back and forth in the glass, but just barely. This spectacle occupied the close attention of Arlen Tidmore, Systems Assurance Specialist II. The minutely swaying liquid in the glass was distilled on the other side of the world in the […]

Desperate Measures

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer A few hours after Tom and I had the science module operational, we decided to explore the terrain around the base camp. Silex IV was a warm, barren, desolate planet. There was no oxygen in the atmosphere, and no water anywhere, surface or subsurface. So, imagine our surprise when […]

Honest People

Author : J.R. Blackwell, Staff Writer Joseph’s Grandfather knocked down the cabin door, and stood silhouetted in the blue morning light of Io. Inside, Joseph and Thomas and Betti and Lil lay sprawled over the king sized bed, naked. The room smelled like sex and sweet wine. Joseph sat up in bed and Thomas squealed, […]

Reverse Psychology

Author : William Tracy A stranger walked through the door of the diner. The man sported sunglasses and a comb over. He was sweaty from driving through the desert in his suit. His collar was disheveled; his tie was loose. He must have been lost—people like him were not common in this corner of New […]

Record Game

Author : Jacinta A. Meyers He had a reputation from the time he brought in his first kill from the lush planet. Walked through the warden’s office lugging the thing in a sack over his shoulder. Everyone involuntarily gasped when they felt the floor shudder, heard the thunder of his steps and looked up. Before […]


Author : Sam Clough, Staff Writer Jack sighed, and tabbed through the moment’s top links. They hadn’t changed much since earlier that morning: still the usual desultory mix of politics, tech articles, and irreverent ‘humour’. Lolcats had been ceased to be funny almost as soon as the merchandising hit. He peeled the interface wafer from […]

Deus Ex Survivor

Author : Asher Wismer Here’s me, walking through the deserted streets of Chicago. I can see a few ravens pecking at some unidentifiable detritus in the gutter; somewhere, a car alarm is weeping to the night sky, and I can still smell the restaurant exhaust on the breeze. Here’s me again, now searching an abandoned […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer Nothing could live in a volcano. That was the assumption of the landing party. The twenty-meter slab of articulated rocktopus that turned a diamond eye to these squishy walking icicles of meat was puzzled at first, then alarmed. The meat icicles were walking the perimeter around its crater-nest. A […]

The Perfect Vacuum

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer Dr. Kathleen Haley walked into the dimly lit Advanced Physics Laboratory at Cambridge and spotted Dr. Thomas Mitchell staring intently at a one meter in diameter, hollow transparent sphere. “Hey, Tom. How’s the experiment coming?” “Great so far,” he replied. “There are only ten helium atoms remaining in the […]


Author : J.R. Blackwell, Staff Writer Doctor Yun was a bit of a flirt, which put Charlotte at ease. She cradled her left arm in her right hand. She was in pain, but years of larger pains had made this one seem inconsequential. Four children, three planned, one a surprise, skin grafts and organ surgeries […]


Author : Sharoda My father died today, not from the invaders but from old age. When the First Wave was discovered heading for earth I was still young. I can remember everyone sitting around the TV watching the talking heads as they pretended they had a clue what was going to happen; everyone except my […]


Author : Asher Wismer “It’s spreading, isn’t it.” It was not a question. James looked wan, as always, but now his voice was tinged with a hopelessness that I had never heard before. It almost broke my heart. “I’m afraid,” I said, “that the cancer has spread to your lymphatic system. Frankly, I’m astonished that […]

Happy Independence Day!

We’d like to wish all of our American readers a Happy Independence Day, from all of us at 365tomorrows. Patricia Stewart, one of our American writers has the front page today for the Fourth of July holiday in the United States.

Are These Truths Not Self-Evident?

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer The USS Manila-Galleon was returning to Earth from the Quaoar Mining Station in the Kuiper Belt. The massive cargo vessel was carrying 250 million tons of ore, and 118 miners rotating back to Earth. As the ship crossed the orbit of Neptune, the main plasma drive engines shut down. […]

Fortune Bay

Author : Sam Clough, Staff Writer In the far distance Sahar could see the barest hint of a glimmer: sunlight on water. The ocean. In the other direction, the city stood rose up from the scrubland, as if challenging the world. It looked for all the world like a cluster of termite mounds, writ large […]

Small Unit Action

Author : Michael Varian Daly Tzisoc knew they were about fifteen miles south of Zhytomir, but until they saw the rail line and the village just to the east – Vertokyivka she believed – they had no map fix. Artillery ‘crumped’ to the north, fellow Black Guard units fighting their way into Zhytomir itself. She […]

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