The Prototype Sanctuary

Author : Ryan Somma An orangutan and a brain in a vat were playing chess across the room from me. It was a joke I hadn’t figured out the punch line to in five years of working here. The disembodied brain was Philo, and, lacking eyes, I had no idea how it understood the game. […]

Under Warranty

Author : L.Hall The mousy haired woman sat with tears rolling down her face in front of a cold steel table. Broken plastic, silicone pieces, processors, ball and socket joints, gears, pieces of leftover motherboards, all lay shattered, broken before her. The Omnicarp Corporation public relations representative sat on the other side of the table, […]

An Afternoon in Autumn

Author : Ivy Tyson Sunlight sifts through fluttering reds and yellows, bounces off of well-worn bark and old crinkled stems to gently fall, scattered and warm, on the soft brown ground. A light breeze rustles the branches of the huge old oak tree, providing nature’s most impressive symphony as an accompaniment to the great, huge […]


Author : Lillian Cohen-Moore Friends are the people you call when you’re sick. Old lovers are the ones you call when you’re afraid you’re dying. Times have changed. We print a self-isolation guide in the front of phonebooks now. The Infected Hotline operates 24/7, 365 days a year. He called the hotline asking for someone […]

The Surrogate

Author : Charles Spohrer ”EAT SAND NOW!”. The humans hit the hot sand as the mortar shell screamed towards them. The surrogates did not move. They stood still as the flowering debris sandblasted their metallic shells. Hector made sure he landed on the ground behind the surrogates. They might not be too quick in the […]

The Jupiter’s Cup

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer The Jupiter’s Cup is the most famous and most prestigious graviton propelled regatta in the solar system. Graviton sailing enthusiasts were particularly excited this year because of the rare celestial positioning of Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. Each gas giant was located at the apex of an equilateral triangle. This […]

On the Job Training

Author : Jared R. Cloud The General and the Secretary of State sat in the Oval Office, waiting for the new President to return from the bathroom. Although both had jumped in their seats when they first heard him vomit, he was on his third or fourth round now, and they were no longer startled […]

Building the Lioness

Author : Alex Moisi Maya knew that she was dying. You didn’t need to be a bio-mechanics expert to know that the nanoids inside her body were running out of energy. The climate and gravity of this remote planet were taxing the minuscule robots more than she had expected. Soon they would run out of […]

The Slow Home

Author : Glenn Blakeslee At four in the morning the alarms went off. Lois hardly stirred, but I went downstairs to the kitchen, started a pot of coffee, and then slogged my sorry ass to the control console, next to the laundry room. Red lights glared from the temperature control panel. The needles showed an […]


Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer The bullet blistered past the right side of Stryker’s helmet, so close that for a good minute or so he was deaf in that ear before the pain gave way to a dull ringing. “Stupid bastard,” he muttered under his breath. The sniper he’d been tracking for the past […]


Author : Waldo van der Waal “Did anybody see you?” The tone of voice left no doubt with Neville Fox that his answer would have a profound impact. He studied the face of the man before him. General John G. Cooper was not a man to be trifled with. The tattoos on his forehead distinguished […]

The More Things Change…

Author : Carter Lee -flash- There was no one else, anymore. Something had happened, and I am all that is left. Here on this empty, dusty stretch of nothingness. Grey plane stretched out on all sides, merging with the grey sky, lit only by a dim sun. There was no one, there was nothing, just […]

The Boast

Author : Asher Wismer The Boast sat on the hill and watched the man-things playing with fire. They burned themselves, each other, and finally set the forest alight. The fire didn’t reach the Boast, so it just watched. The Boast sat on the hill and watched the man-things hunt. They used rocks and sticks, the […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer My skin is a grid of white tiles. I’m on the moon, I’m naked, and I’m outside. I’ve been here for hours waiting for my target. I turn my cue-ball eyes up to the sky. I don’t need to breathe but the batteries that power the whirring oxygenator that […]

A Moment of Uninspiring Clarity

Author : Ryan Somma Wyndallo took an unexpected breath of cold, sterile air. He opened his eyes and saw his exhale condense against the glass door to the capsule, which was smoothly lifting away from him. He registered the air outside the capsule was colder than inside, but his brain was too removed from the […]

Gordon’s Face

Author : Glenn Blakeslee Janie and I sat on the rocks in the afternoon sun, overlooking the shallow valley and, beyond it, Gordon’s face on the mountainside. We waited until the sightseer buses left the parking lot, and walked down the path to the viewing area. It was impressive. Gordon’s face was a quarter-mile across, […]

Love Hurts

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Street-lamps outside lit her bare flesh an iridescent blue, but he knew in the absence of light, she was chiseled obsidian, black as the sun was bright. “It’s been a while,” her voice low and gentle, “I wasn’t sure you’d come back.” Logan unrolled a soft-case on the night […]

From The Journal of Finneas Q. Sassafrass

Author : Tony Pacitti “You ever hear of a fellow named, Jules Verne?” the man asked me. “Sure I heard of him. Frenchman. Done borrowed an idea or two from him from time to time.” “It’s funny you should say that,” he said. The man smiled such that it didn’t do much in the way […]

The Dovecote

Author : Elizabeth L. Brooks Every morning after the war, Joshua went up to the roof to take care of the dovecote. The chore gave him an excuse to get away from the pounding resentment and fear that throbbed through the living spaces below. He enjoyed it when they needed some care – when the […]

Lest we forget

IN FLANDERS FIELDS the poppies blow Between the crosses row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie In […]

A Line in the Sand

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer I was sound asleep in my San Agustin home when I was awakened at three in the morning by a member of Homeland Security. Without explanation, I was unceremoniously whisked from my comfortable bed and hustled onto a LJ40 Learjet. It wasn’t until we were airborne that my “escort,” […]

Locked Out

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer Someone’s hacked my bank accounts and left me out in the cold. My chip is being recognized as zero balance. None of the doors work. I don’t even have enough money left in my account for the surcharges that would let me into a public bathroom. I’m one of […]

Crossed Wires

Author : Milly Rowe “Now all we do is cross these two wires, and were done!” Anna slammed the lid of the robots head down and turned to her student. “That’s all? Two wires!” DJ was stunned. How could reprogramming a robot be so simple? DJ had always assumed it would be far more complicated. […]

Long-Distance Relationship

Author : William Tracy A woman sat in a surreal coffee shop. The floor was paved with rough slabs of hewn granite. The small, round chairs and small, round tables were solid oak. The walls were of the same stone as the floor, punctuated by ornate stained glass windows. The space itself was what made […]


Author : Peter Pincosy “Accuracy is the primary road to access” A large white room with banks of computers lined up in rows, was home to Primary English. Sanjay had worked here for three years. He’d won the lottery, the chance to immigrate to the United States. His friends and neighbors were surprised. Sanjay didn’t […]

Just Friends

Author : C.S. Germain “Why did you pick me, out of all those big, strong guys?” asked Richard as he walked out of his tiny apartment on Neal Street. “Because you are a good person. No amount of health or youth can replace that.” was the immediate reply from within his head. “You are lying. […]

Code of Ethics

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer “So, that’s him?” asked Benjamin Goldberg, the reporter from the World Post that was assigned to cover the Berlin Massacre. “Yes,” replied Doctor Ludwig. “That’s the scum that brought the Procyon Virus to Earth. It’s killed twenty million people already. The casualty count will no doubt double before it’s […]

Biological Relay

Author : Sam Clough, Staff Writer The Shian are a spacefaring race. They are both reasonably telepathic and fairly omniscient: they are also our allies. We – that is, the human race, nothing to do with me personally – built a machine that taps the same frequencies as a Shian biological relay, the natural structure […]

Ferryman Father

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer I’m thinking of my daughter LaHayne and the upcoming marriage. It’ll be her third. Her other two husbands have met the new fiancee and they like him. They’ll all live together in a series of connected apartments in the cave wall. Modest, but it was all I could afford. […]

House For Sale

Author : Steve Davidson “Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow!” I couldn’t stop my head from repeating that over and over and over again. Every time I tried to reboot my thought processes, all I managed was a brief “I don’t freakin believe this”, before returning to my yoga-like mantra. I probably came close to […]

Guinea Pigs

Author : Jeremy M. Hall “Congratulations, ladies and gentlemen of Third Platoon, Alpha Company, Harod’s Harriers, ” Sergeant Major Clarkson intoned, “you have become the official guinea pigs for the outfit. If you look at the table in front of you, you will notice that there is a new weapon. This weapon will hopefully become […]

I’ve Seen Things…

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