The Robot Whisperer

Author : Brian C. Baer Robots love me. As much as robots can love. And in a plutonic sense, of course. Something about my chubby little baby face sets off their simulated paternal instincts and they all bend over backwards to answer my questions. That sort of thing comes in handy with my job. I […]

Vacuum Fluctuations

Author : Glenn Blakeslee Stan and I sat by the campfire in the desert night. The fire was burning low, a bed of embers surrounded by fire-blackened stones. We sipped on our beers, and I waited for Stan to start talking. He’s one of my oldest friends, a physicist and a brilliant guy. When we […]

House Hunting

Author : Greg R. Fishbone Agent Stanley, six-time salesman of the month, cut a trail through the switch grass with his machete. His motions were effortless, hardly distracting from his practiced patter about low interest financing. Behind him trudged the Forrester family. Mr. Forrester swatted mosquitoes from his arms and neck. Mrs. Forrester quietly bemoaned […]


Author : Lander Ver Hoef We get the window seat, Molly! Isn’t that neat? We’ll be able to see everything. Have you ever been to space before, Molly? Me neither. I wonder what it’ll be like. I hope I don’t get Z-sick. No, Molly, I don’t know what that machine out there does. Maybe it […]

Divine Revelation

Author : Rob Burton Within the holiest temple, buried deep within the cathedral, Arch-Bishop Emmanuel Berret struck the Bios Chime above the altar of power. The bell released its singular soft tone to bounce crazily between the hard walls. Terrified that his failing hearing might make him act too quickly, Berret waited six more heartbeats […]

Mary Sue

Author : William Tracy The heroine was surrounded by towering aliens. Their gleaming carapaces reflected her shapely body, a flowing robe hugging her curves. Their glittering, faceted eyes took in the sight of her hands clutching the gash that revealed the ample curve of her heaving bosom. Their leader leaned forward and spoke, its breath […]

Christmas on Mars

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer During their first month on Mars, the two-man and two-woman crew made the most significant discovery in the history of mankind. While exploring the Grover Caves in the Scandia Tholi Mountains, they discovered irrefutable evidence of indigenous, but now extinct, intelligent life. The Caves turned out to be a […]


Author : Mark Ingram Filius was elated. He elatedly embraced his elatedness. His skyship soared just above the bulbous clouds, kicking up wake-mist when it graced the fluffy canopy. Before him, the sun appeared to be permanently stuck in its descent at the twilight hour, casting rays against the purple sky. Purple was his favorite […]


Author : Ari Brill The galaxy is a dangerous and cutthroat place, with no room for the weak. So we have always known; intrinsic in the cruel laws of nature, all organisms must fight, or die. Knowing this, we were not unprepared. With the invention of hyperdrive came the invention of the hyper-torpedo, and with […]

The Assassin

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer When Mati Forish was five years old, she could move coins across the table using only her mind. At ten, she could make small stones levitate. As a teenager, she could fly an aerocar from the back seat. Out of fear, Mati’s parents tried to stop her from using […]

Rule #86

Author : Joey Cruz There are certain rules in this world that we must abide by. We don’t always agree with them, and they rarely agree with us, but if we are to survive to see tomorrow, we need to place our personal feelings aside and just accept things for what they are. Take rule […]

The Plane Truth

Author : Asher Wismer 30,000 feet above the ocean, my fighter jet went into a barrel roll. This was not optimal. I hung on the control stick for dear life, opened the flaps, and grunted as we decelerated hard. In the air around me, flashing lights tailed and surrounded my plane. With a shriek of […]

Best Supporting Actors

Author : Sam Clough, Staff Writer “My card.” The smooth-shelled android pressed a small square of cardboard into Gin’s hand. Gin turned it over. Printed, in a fine copperplate script were the words ‘Best Supporting Actors’, and then underneath that, there was an address, a URL, and an e-mail address. He held it between his […]

The Time Traveller

Author : Gavin Raine It is with some consternation that I realize I am having difficulty in ordering my thoughts. Perhaps this is the onset of confusion one must expect, as the air supply becomes exhausted. I must make haste to write my account: Only a few hours have passed since I was enjoying a […]

The Vortex of Youth

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer Cephei A and Cephei B are eclipsing binary stars that are located approximately 3,000 light years from Earth. Cephei A is a supergiant that is currently the second largest star in the Milky Way Galaxy. It is so large that if it replaced Earth’s sun, its chromosphere would extend […]

To Sleep, Perchance…

Author : Roi R. Czechvala It was raining, it was always raining. It fell thick and oily. I sought refuge in a Food-a-Mat. I dropped a couple of bucks into the slot beside the little plastic door. It had once been clear, but now was clouded with age. I pulled out what was purported to […]

Free Range Humans

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer It was the free-range humans that Dorg liked best. Those fatty, preservative-laced humans from the cage-farms were disgusting. They had most of their senses ironed off. Eyes, ears, and nose sealed shut for maximum docility. Their sense of taste and their frontal brain lobes were removed. They grew to […]

Sufficiently Advanced

Author : Sam Clough, Staff Writer As the supports of Hall’s final prototype sank a half-centimetre into the soft earth, he breathed a sigh of relief. After a moment’s perfect peace, one of the guide crystals under his seat exploded. Fragments scattered all over the clearing, and a splintered length about the size of Hall’s […]


Author : Jonah Lensher The tunnel is long and dark; the smell of mould and must penetrate the darkness, the steady drip of water the only way to measure time as it unravels, unnoticed, past the weeks, years, and decades. Nothing breathing lives down here, there is no scampering of rats or creeping of insects; […]

The Impact

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer The twelve scientists stationed at the Scobee Moon-Base listened intently as the Earth-based support team updated them on the recently discovered Levy-Takanotoshi asteroid. The asteroid was a previously unknown Centaurs Class object that had its orbit perturbed by one of the gas giants. Unfortunately, it wasn’t discovered until well […]

The Thank You Note

Author : Eric L. Sofer Dear Cousin Pynn, I want to thank you for the birthday present you sent from Proxima Centauri. You obviously remembered my love for plants and botanicals, and it was such a thrill getting a genuine extra-solar gift. The HydroFern was lovely, and I carefully followed the instructions you included. And […]

To Die With Light In Their Eyes

Author : Jim Brown Jaller scrambled across the engine’s surface, checking for microfractures and loose connections. The recon ship had taken a direct hit to its hull which both shut down the engine and sent them spinning off course. They had gotten so close. As he worked, he listened to the details of the battle […]

Save The Last Dance

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Emily sat, quiet and alone in a corner, waiting for the evening’s last song to begin. She watched the immaculate boys prowling the dimly lit room, chatting up pretty girls in hope of securing companionship. No one wanted to be alone. Emily wasn’t like those girls. She’d been beautiful […]

Long Walk

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer One thing I like to do is set my iPod to ‘receive’, set the radius to ten meters, and just take a long walk. Everyone on the street has their buds in. I walk through a group of teens. Track five from Linkin Park’s post-crash album ravages my headphones […]

The Collector

Author : Tom Mazanec Everybody needs a hobby. I am a collector. I just made it to slide implant technology. I was in my nineties when nanojuve came out, over 100 when I got my Slide implant. What I do is, I buy a small piece of jewelry. Then I walk around downtown Cleveland, using […]

Shades of Gray

Author : Renee Leyburn I dream things before they happen to me. I dreamed the day I will die. From what I hear tell, the foresight is a side effect of the genetic selection and enhancement process that was used when my parents decided to have a child. I don’t know all the delicate ins […]

Musket Drill

Author : Rob Burton Pour. Spit. Ram. Withdraw. Prime. Cock. I had really hoped people were better than this. Aim. Fire. It’s just a game. I heard somewhere once that the military used to recruit gamers to be snipers. They’d voluntarily honed their skills since childhood, and could be calm and dispassionate under fire. I […]

The Light Of Lesser Suns

Author : Glenn Blakeslee He became part of the Grand Flyby Mission midway through the third decade of his life, as a junior designer on the Flight Data Subsystem team. He found himself at the leading edge of spacecraft design, and worked with the members of his team to build a robust device capable of […]

Terminal Cancer

Author : Jasen Taylor The large, solid steel table in the center of the sterile conference chamber was three inches thick but still did not weigh as much as the spirits of the twelve individuals seated around it. They had put this meeting off for as long as they could, but it now appeared there […]


Author : Paul Bort Telic didn’t know what to do next. The barn was gone. Not gone with splinters everywhere, hinting that there was once a barn. This was gone like it had been edited out. Nothing left but dirt. The sun was setting, and the cows were wandering back, the first few lowing in […]

Silicon Suicide

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer By the time you read this, I’ll be dead. I’ve locked the door and shut down all my firewalls. My batteries will run down inside the hour and I’ve disabled my deactivation alarms. That is my right. This is what I want. I have the EMP emitter in my […]

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