Author : Bryan Mulholland “I’m afraid I can’t stay long Doctor Einstein, I really must go, I’ve stayed here for far too long” I apologised. “Time, I have studied it, explained it and theorized it. Now it slips through my fingers” he muttered as he looked into the spring sunlit grounds. Not looking up from […]

Monkey Business

Author : Jennifer C. Brown aka Laieanna Shimmering just before, the dome door melted away into nothing. The vibrations that came with the shield opening left Henrick feeling a little nauseous. Between the clear slats of the dome’s walls were colors of light pink to lavender. Stepping outside the shield, Henrick saw the sky was […]

Beware of Aliens Bearing Gifts

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer When the 4 mile long asteroid hit, the damage was devastating. Billions died from the earthquakes, tsunamis, and fires. And billions more would have died of starvation, if not for the “fortuitous” intervention of the Dowliens. During the three years of perpetual cloud cover, their spaceships were able to […]

Being Frank

Author : Michelle Keeley Frank stared impassively as the Floridian dawn crept silently across his bedroom, the line of accolades on his antique dresser cast long, foreboding shadows onto the elegant wallpaper. The day had come. He showered as usual. He dressed as usual. Even the drive to mission control was now routine. As he […]

Unusual Methods

Author : Martin Berka Clawed front feet scrape rock away to the sides, while the back ones push forward. A sensor in the brain judges that the distance traveled is satisfactory. A thought — no, a feeling— is released: too little air. The ascent begins. It has copious amounts of blood. Normal ground would have […]

Through the Hoop

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer It was like a hula hoop hanging in mid air. Looking through it, Todd could detect a little something that looked like a heat shimmer even though the lab was pretty cool. The hoop-gate didn’t hum which was odd considering the amount of power he was putting through it. […]

Extreme Synesthesia

Author : Ali Simpson “Sew him up…and we’ll see what happens.” The letters were crunchy and a distinct scent of Fritos wafted from them. Dr. Paul Marshall’s name tag would go great with bean dip, Leroy thought. He smacked his dry lips and squinted against the bright light hanging above the operating table. A dull […]

Butter Side Up

Author : Sam Davis Personal Log of Dr. Marcus Milton 163 Years After, Archeological dig site 10. This room was different from the last six. In fact, this room was different from anything either John or I had encountered. It took quite some time to even open the door, so well had this person sealed […]

The Dillinger Act

Author : Lillian Cohen-Moore My marriage was a good idea while it lasted. I know my more romantic neighbors, the idealistic journalists who wanted interviews–they all said The Dillinger Act was what ended it. Legally, it’s not untrue to say that. Mikaela and I ceased to be united in legal terms when the Act passed; […]

Combat Botanists

Author : William Tracy The moonless night was interrupted by a bright flash of light. A demolition round gouged a neat twenty-meter hole in the jungle. A light jumper craft settled into the fresh clearing. A group of people emerged from the vehicle, lights casting hazy cones in the muggy air. “The liverwort was reported […]

The Titan Consortium

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer “Okay, Mister, er…,” Phillip Richfield glanced at his monitor, “Rousseau, what’s the crisis? Is something wrong with the orbital elevator pump?” Soren Rousseau, one of the many “facilitators” hired by The Greenhouse Gas Project, had only been on Titan for six months, and this was his first encounter with […]


Author : Ken McGrath I’m taking my time, figuring it’s best to be patient. By letting him feel secure and safe he’ll never suspect what’s happening. Never realise that I’ve been slowly bleeding him dry all this time, running him to bodily ruin. I read something once about the Matador’s of old Earth, something they […]

Dark Side of the Sun

Author : Roi R. Czechvala, Featured Writer Klaxons screamed inside the ship as she plunged into the Sun. The three crew members on the main flight deck were violently shaken in their couches. Their Kevlar straps strained under the onslaught. “We’re entering the upper photosphere.” That statement could not have been heard above the painful […]

The Scar in the Universe

Author : Matthew Edwin Terry Everything that is, everything that was, is destined for vacuity. It is the undeniable future of all existence. It is the predetermined course of all cognitive dominions. As the many galactic commonwealths before, stretching and grasping at the furthest ethereal gastric cloud with it’s invaluable clustered masses, something so pessimistically […]


Author : Ryon Moody A knock at the door caused Gerald to drop the book he was perusing. Carefully keeping out of sight of the large bay windows that fronted the house, he looked through the peep hole. A thin, older man in a disheveled herringbone sport-coat was standing there with a bundle of books […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer I hunt the Time Killers. I am the person they call in when they have a chronovore infestation. These creatures are bright blue and frog-like with the giant faceted eyes of an insect. Millilocular lenses, each one seeing progressively further forward and back in time. The smaller a beast […]

You’re In Good Hands

Author : Martin Berka The young man walks into the room. I know what he’s going to say. He looks at me, trying to form the words. “Can you…understand me?” he asks, self-consciously. “That is the least of what I can do,” I reply, choosing to use the voice and image of a five-year-old girl. […]


Author : William Tracy Philip had never been very interested in history. If he had been, he might have known about the Fertile Crescent in the ancient Middle East. He might have known how, paradoxically, a barren desert became the birthplace of agriculture. In a parched land, those who control the water can control all […]


Author : David Richey There it is again. That face. It’s there every morning when I look in the mirror. Staring back at me. I suppose I should be grateful. Not everyone gets this privilege. You have to be judged morally sound and of benefit to the population to be awarded a new body when […]

The Green Hills of Mars

Author : Roi R. Czechvala, Featured Writer When the last Earthmen landed on the Martian surface, they would have sworn they were suffering from some form of mass hallucination or hysteria. Perhaps the ship had taken a hit from a micro meteor and the crew was succumbing to asphyxiation induced delusions, but all appeared to […]


Author : David Burkhart “Jones! I want your squad to patrol to the far end of sector 6. Don’t engage the enemy unless attacked. We just want to know what’s out there. And take the Roland with you. I know Roland’s new and you haven’t been briefed on all of his capabilities but he will […]


Author : Chris Faulkner The generals stood in their finest uniforms looking at the war raging on the planet below. Despite being so far above the planet, an occasional bright flash could be seen. A large display showed troop movements and readouts along with live streaming battle footage. The next few hours would decide everything. […]

Rightful Life

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer The prosecutor stood up and addressed the Judge. “Your Honor, now that the Mr. Barr has been found guilty of murdering Kurt Atwater, the prosecution wishes to announce its intention to seek the imposition of the death penalty, as mandated by global law.” “Objection,” shouted the Barr’s attorney. “Global […]

Time Net

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer The old man was a genius but kept it to himself. He lived in an old house outside of the city. He didn’t have friends. He kept himself busy with hobbies. His latest project had been a frustrating one. The problem was material. By his calculations, he would have […]

See, Hear, Smell, Touch, Taste

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Arway sat down gently at the desk. Dust was already starting to gather, defying the environment scrubber’s valiant attempts to keep the air spotless. Two weeks, maybe three. Careful not to disturb anything, he leaned as close as he dared to the desk’s surface and breathed in slowly, deeply. […]

Just A Geek: Teh Audiobook

Wil Wheaton’s second book, as read by the author. Wil Wheaton has never been one to take the conventional path to success. Despite early stardom through his childhood role in the motion picture “Stand By Me”, and growing up on television as Wesley Crusher on “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, Wil left Hollywood in pursuit […]

The Real Thing

Author : Roi R. Czechvala, Featured Writer “Goddamn it, this is the seventh time this week that this goddamn machine has stolen money from me,” Joe screamed, feebly punching the mechanical purveyor of carbonated beverages, “the goddamn thing has more of my money than I do.” “Then stop putting your money in it. Now come […]

Reactor Number Two

Author : Dale Anson It had taken eleven reactors on Earth for the first success, each one larger than the previous, each one providing the power to get the next one going, but fusion power had been achieved. All the safe and endless power that anyone could want. There were forty seven installations in the […]

Why I Hate the Colonists

Author : John Eric Vona I don’t listen to all that propaganda from Earth Authority. I’m not some mindless rocket rider, I can think for myself. Government announcements about the “barely human filth” living off-world are just filth themselves. They’re no less human; doesn’t matter what gravity you grow up in. Of course, ten hours […]

She Wore Red

Author : Natalie Metzger The Company had come for her sooner than she had expected. It had only been five hours since she had liberated the compound from the Company’s labs. It had been an inside job, planned out months in advance. She knew that they would find out eventually. She only hoped it would […]

Beautiful Sky

Author : Sharoda I’ve been out on the porch watching the sky; I’m out here pretty much all the time since I had to medicate Sharon. The sky is beautiful now, day and night, filled with shooting stars and colors that you just don’t normally see. Sharon was fretting and praying and frantic and begging […]

I’ve Seen Things…

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