What Would Tinky Do

Author : Sharoda Sitting in front of the large group of children, the scarred Captain continued reading the dog-eared picture book. “Then, Tinky the Tiny Tank moved out into the open” “No Tinky, stay in the rocks!” cried many of the younger children; the cave echoed with their voices. Some of the older ones smiled, […]

Gateway to Nowhere

Author : James King The gate shimmered like a disk of melted solder. After all this time, the idea of inter-dimensional travel still amazed Alex. Wrapping his mind around the fact that, though it is a new world that is being explored, it’s the same time, same location in the galaxy, just a different dimension […]

An understanding

Author : Helstrom “What are you doing?” I looked up from the astrogation table and into the curious eyes of a five-year-old girl hovering in the access hatch. “Hey, hey,” I said, “I don’t think you’re supposed to be here.” “I wanted to see out the window. Captain said it was okay.” Of course he […]


Author : Timothy E. Bacon & Paul J. Green Jones lowered the thermal imager from his eyes and wiped the adrenaline sweat from his face. There were still a dozen heat signatures secured down the street amidst the no man’s land of twisted girders and stone rubble. The last of the insurgents were hunkered in, […]


Author : Roi R. Czechvala, Staff Writer “You’re dead.” She said. Her voice was ice. Her eyes held no emotion. “So you say.” I lit a cigarette, exhaling blue smoke towards the ceiling. “That’s illegal you know.” I snapped the antique lighter shut. “What are they going to do? Kill me?” I barked a laugh, […]

Let Buy Gones be Bygones

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer Judge Roy Phantly entered his chambers and took the seat at the head of the conference table. To his right, sat Stanley Matthews, CEO of Buy Gones Inc, and his attorney. To the Judge’s left, sat Samantha Blatchford, Lead attorney for the Class Action lawsuit against Buy Gones. “Good […]

Long Neck Dinner

Author : Duncan Shields , Staff Writer Mapping the human genome made it easier to map the genomes of the rest of the world’s animals. Myself, I have a bit of wolf in my nose and some alligator in my spine. Nothing that stands out, mind you. The business world is still conservative and I […]


Author : Matthew Banks Dr. Menkal gently removed Miller’s bandages. When the last strip peeled away from his eyes, he looked around, not fixating on anything. His irises were blue and cloudy with cataracts, the whites shot through with red. The bandage had pulled away a lot of the burned skin around his eyelids. He […]

Thanks For The Memories

Author : Liz Lafferty Memory swap was the addictive drug of the 23rd Century. Swap was rather a misnomer; one had to be dead in order to be relieved of the memories locked inside the brain. No known process had been developed to remove the memories from a living person without killing them. Derelict users […]

Logos Ex Machina

Author : Eric Rosenfield This will be my last post. A warning. A cautionary tale. Those of you who’ve known me these past few years know how I love my Mistress. She raised me. Loved me. Linked me. I remember before link, much as humans say they remember their early childhood, a fog of feelings […]

You Either Love It Or You Hate It

Author : Phill English ‘Gaeriy, I’ve got some bad news.’ ‘What’s that Broux?’ ‘Well, I’ve finished the calculations and it turns out that in order for us to co-habit this planet, we’re going to have to wipe out half of them.’ ‘Oh, wow, that’s a bit of a bummer isn’t it? Don’t you think that […]


Author : Roi R. Czechvala, Staff Writer President James Jonathon Mathews spent the first evening of his administration alone staring out the window of the Oval Office. He contemplated the events that had led him to this moment. He considered the countless intertwined series of decisions and strategies, the deception and intrigue that had delivered […]

Preempting the Martian Attack

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer After trudging for miles through the soft, shifting red sand, I was nearly exhausted. Using all the strength that I could muster, I climbed over the lip of a crater, and ducked into the shadows. I’d be virtually invisible now. I’d be safe until Earth Force could rescue me. […]

All Will Be Gooden

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer It’s dawn. Unisun now, Twosun later. Wee mickle Trisun appresta that. The colony’s ticking up. Auld’uns like me waken up early. Shipment-time belding crops back to Earth coming down uswards. Myself, I’m worrying. The woild musk flanders through my nostrils. Cornhufflers plackitly domingo the nerfwhistle crandles. Innitchtime approaches. Horace […]

Eighty Tons of Happiness

Author : Helstrom Neil hadn’t been the same since he became a MALCIV. For one, he didn’t drink anymore. Couldn’t, really. Of course we all tried to find ways around that, Neil first and foremost – leave it to the Marines to find new and interesting ways of killing braincells. The docs put a stop […]

Two Minutes

Author : Axel Taiari …And warps him back two minutes ago through an internal blizzard of gunmetal sparkles, the time-storm scrambling his brain before the world reboots. Swirling colors rearrange themselves. Janus stands still, gulping down the motion sickness, his confused body slowly getting used to the constant rewinds. Without losing a beat he rushes […]

When It’s Time

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer “I don’t care if it’s selfish, I don’t want you to go.” Sam stood halfway between the doorway and the foot of the bed, caught between staying and walking away. “It is selfish, but I understand. I’m tired Sam, I’m worn out and it’s time for me to give […]

Time Travel

Author : Katie West “I’ve figured it out you know,” I said it casually as we ate lunch at our kitchen table. Right before I took a bite of my sandwich. “Figured what out?” He looked at me questioningly, and then with annoyance once he realized I had filled my mouth with food just to […]

Garbage Scow

Author : Asher Wismer Jenkis and Layla examined the husky robot. It stood fifteen feet high, maybe nine feet wide at its thickest point, gaping, many-toothed mouth in the front. “It’s pretty ugly,” Layla said. “Maybe a coat of paint.” “Maybe a coat of new parts,” Jenkis said. “It’s rusted through to the recycler, look.” […]

Married Life is Strange

Author : Kathy Kachelries, Staff Writer My husband doubts the existence of history.  I wonder why I married this man. When I woke up to the banshee-screech of a bandsaw, I assumed we were getting another door.  He likes that too, building doors.  But, when I came downstairs in a yellow bathrobe hoping he’d brewed […]


Author : J.R. Blackwell, Staff Writer The suns rotate around each other, red over yellow, yellow over red, and Sharra’s skin sheds again. Yet again, she had refused to mate. He hasn’t had a single sexual encounter during the last sun rotation and her body knows. It thinks it has failed her. So she molts […]

Relative Weather

Author : S. Craig Renfroe, Jr. The hail slammed the ground like the ground was some poor kid who preferred writing out math problems to kicking a red rubber ball. That ball pitted like the kid’s face. The ground was pretty pitted by the hail. I never had that problem. I played baseball and did […]


Author : Christopher Booth The war was over…sorta…The big one was over. It led to the Texan independence wars. Eventually five states all wanting to be called Texas. He is dressed in blue denim and gray to match the day. A cold dull light comes inside. Vern never liked drinking in the morning. He wished […]

Empty Nest

Author : Richard “Zig” Zagorski Harmonia, in low orbit, drifted over the red planet just as she had done for over a year now. Her electronic ears constantly straining to hear the voices of her children down below. It had been too long since she had heard from some of them. “No mother should outlive […]

Guardian Angel

Author : Daniel Titus Allan stood alone on the observation deck. He had been there for hours, looking down at the planet below. It was a breathtaking view, the clouds, the sea, the land, but the physical features were ultimately unimportant. What was important were all the people. Millions of them, each with a life […]

Et Tu, Boris?

Author : Q. B. Fox “Ah, Mr. Dolgonosov, welcome to the Vatican,” enthused Father O’Connor. “Please, call me Boris,” the Russian said in barely accented English, thrusting his long fingered hand deep into the priest’s pudgy grasp. “Boris it is,” acknowledged O’Connor, beaming. “Can I just say what honour it is to have you come […]

Orinoco II

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer The three scientists stood over a fully clothed skeleton. “I told Jill not to wander off by herself,” said Anthony Caroni, the mission commander. “Damn. What could have done this?” “I don’t see any animal footprints, and there’s practically no blood,” noted Christopher Saunders, the exogeologist. “Maybe birds carried […]

Feelings of Remorse

Author : Roi R. Czechvala, Staff Writer The drop from orbit was as uneventful as they ever are, and if they’re not you usually don’t live long enough for it to bother you. Grounding was pretty hard though. After I gathered my senses I saw that somebody’s leg had snapped off and was lying right […]

Fear no more the heat o’ the sun

Author : Richard Watt They don’t know that I can think. I’ve slowly come to understand that they don’t know much, period. For example, they don’t know about the misalignment on my shields. It’s a matter of a few microns, and it is difficult to detect, but it means I’m going to die. I was […]

My Robot Boyfriend

Author : Adena Brons I didn’t know he was a robot when he asked me out. It wasn’t exactly first-date kind of news. As it turned out, it wasn’t so bad dating a robot. My friends accepted it with the careful approval reserved for choices you support in others but aren’t sure about for yourself. […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer I’m a mechanic. I work on time machines. It’s tricky work. Having done this for a while, I’m developing a theory that some people can sense when they’re in the wrong reality. Reality bifurcates and splinters every second and sometimes, with a shudder and whip, a person can jump […]

I’ve Seen Things…

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