Author : Bob Skoggins Jacob Nash was the first man to penetrate Titan’s ice and explore the world beneath. With a heat suit resistant to the dense atmosphere, for thirty-six years he lived in a small sphere of ice and metal. It was from him that we exist. Though we’re called Titans, we aren’t like […]


Author : George R. Shirer The saleswoman had gray hair piled atop her head in a beehive. Her lips were painted a garish shade of red. Tremaine thought the color would have looked more appropriate on a whore. The pantsuit she wore was black polysilk; her boots were made of vat-grown human skin. Rich, Tremaine […]


Author : Bob Newbell Rancent-1664 walked into the office of his Preceptor, Ferrin-3411, and waited to be acknowledged. “Enter, Rancent,” Ferrin said to his understudy. Rancent's thirteen pairs of legs glided the excited young scientist up to the workstation of his superior. “Preceptor, I've found it! An Earth in another brane with a technological civilization!” […]

Pink Planet

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer It was the tails that gave them away. Like the ostriches back on earth, these aliens would stick their heads in the sand and think that they were hiding, safe from hunters. They weren’t. Here on this interminable pink planet, we were clearing the inhabitants. There were squat creatures […]

The God Complex

Author : Clint Wilson, Staff Writer Captain Alexander sat strapped into the pod. The others watched him through the facemasks of their sterilized white suits. Dobson, the head of the project gave him one last nod through the window of the control room as the countdown finished and the command was entered. And with a […]

The Stud

Author : Desmond Hussey, Staff Writer I hear the electronic lock on my door buzz open, waking me from my brief nap. I crack one weary eye and spot a nervous, but pleasant looking woman, 30ish, standing timidly by the entrance to my sanctum sanctorum. “Come in,” I say. “Welcome to my châteaux.” This wins […]

Tears of a Clown

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer They wrote me to catch the quiet ones, the ones who live in the shadows of the glittering cities that are spread across so many worlds now. They stole the latest research and incorporated it into my build. They put me in a moon-sized data centre cooled to near […]

The Locket

Author : Mae Thann “Akita General to base, do you read me?” A crackling voice finally answered. “Base to Akita General. Report.” “I have visual on Target Cougar. Akita Pack is out of reach. Request permission to pursue alone.” From my vantage point near the edge of the forest, I felt more like a cougar, […]

Your Species Needs You!

Author : David Kavanaugh YOUR SPECIES NEEDS YOU! That’s right, you! All of you brave men and women out there who watched the skies light up on January 8th and felt your hearts swell with rage, passion, and love of species. Never forget that day, brave humans, for the Silvers certainly will not! Honor the […]

The Diversity Of Life

Author : Clint Wilson, Staff Writer how to get ex girlfriend back The thick, tightly packed blue grass bristled and rippled. From high above it was a smooth endless plain of vegetation, a shimmering inky velvet blanket stretched over a planetary sea. As the two small white suns rose in the northeast, numerous tiny yellow […]

Party for Two

Author : Kevin Richards I stepped up the walk of the gravel drive, breathing in the cool, quiet night air. Ringing the doorbell, I was greeted by a sharply dressed woman with a pleasant smile. “I’m here for the party,” I said, pulling the invitation out of my jacket. “Right this way.” We went down […]

Dis’ Country

Author : James Zahardis Ambassador Xiao, with decades of political service and negotiation of the Nigerian Treaty still evoked an inauspicious “Is this the best we’ve got?” when it was Worldcast that he would be sent to Arizona. He was a paunchy sexagenarian, whom one would expect to find on the golf course–not stepping off […]

The Taste Twins

Author : Morrow Brady I surfaced from the suckling gel, my memories muddied like debris in a low tide canal. I know gelwork has long term memory risks but this post work haze was getting ridiculous. “Shell clear”, I mumbled. Layered, milky scales shimmered transparent, revealing an outside view that needed a warning. My single […]

Empathy Test

Author : George R. Shirer The assessor is attractive in a button-down kind of way. Blonde hair, pink jumpsuit, digital makeup set to minimal. Her face is a sculpt, something from one of the mid-level catalogues. Attractive, but not too attractive. The same face you see on a thousand other people. Only her eyes, brown […]


Author : Bronwyn Seward Franny, I know this letter will be nonsense, beyond your wisdom and understanding. But I need to write it. You need to read it. I dated it so that years after you have shoved it into an old shoe box or tucked it away in your hope chest, you can look […]

I Just Want My Dreams Back

Author : James McGrath The knife blade gleams in the half-light, sliding through its target. The tape then gives and the box lid opens. This must be box five-hundred, I think as I pack the circuit boards onto the conveyor belt. But what do I know? All time has moulded into a lump; one solid, […]

The Bar

Author : Bob Newbell, Featured Writer The man wearing Victorian garb with what appeared to be brass welding goggles pushed up on his forehead walked into the bar. The look of confusion on his face had little to do with the bizarre menagerie that comprised the establishment’s clientele. The bartender smiled and nodded at him […]


Author : Desmond Hussey, Staff Writer “… Mathematicians have made a covenant with the devil to darken the spirit and confine man in the bonds of Hell.” – St. Augustine Numerals flow in random digital pulses around a wide black band high in the perilous chapel’s white marble walls. Each numeric chain makes a full […]


Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer “Oh for god’s sake, not again.” It’s only the fourth time I’ve thrown up in the last hour. As I reach for the towel, everybody in the room tenses. They relax after I wipe my mouth and sag back into the chair. “For a killer, he doesn’t show much.” […]

An Offer He Couldn’t Refuse

Author : Clint Wilson, Staff Writer We were pretty much finished. A dozen seven-foot Parakti loomed over us, spewing their fowl breath past yellow fangs. The survivors huddled behind me, fourteen hungry women and children. They had all looked up to me for protection. Now? The leader’s greenish black skin tightened over his frame as […]

Player Pianos

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer Greenland. That’s where we discovered them first. All melted wires and skin grafts. Christmas lights in their eye sockets and playing poker with old-school punch cards. The population of an entire small town turned into player pianos. We found something that looked like a broken radio sprawled just outside […]

Full Circle

Author : John Kinney When I was twenty years old, advancements in medical science and our understanding of DNA coding finally climaxed. I invested half of my money in a company called Stockholm and Siegfried, who specialized in genetic manipulation and, most importantly, cloning. They didn’t normally clone humans, despite how easily they could, because […]

It all Makes a Difference

Author : James McGrath “I know you’ve all heard it, but you have to hear it again…” We’d heard the guide’s speech six times, so Kirstin and I stood at the back joking around as usual. He’d recite the dangers of leaving the tunnel, how we’d be guarded and eventually he’d tell of our destination. […]


Author : Travis Gregg As I fired my gun into the Stim’s chest I wondered if he saw me as a monster or if he understood that I was only doing what he had forced me to do. His choices had brought us to this point and I was just trying to clean up the […]


Author : Bob Newbell The Cold War between the United Colonies of the Asteroid Belt and the Oort Cloud Alliance had been going on for almost 50 years when open warfare finally broke out. The planet Uranus proved to be such a rich source of helium-3 that neither side felt it could allow the other […]

The Final Assault

Author : Josie Gowler I opened my eyes. I was lying on an army bunk. My lieutenant and best friend Nick was sitting at the foot of the bed. He sat there in silence looking a cross between concerned and pissed off. With a black eye. I got up, staggered over to the toilet behind […]

Guide To Alien Sex For Dummies

Author : Geetanjali Dighe Congratulations! You are one of the lucky few who has just won the underground bestseller “The Guide To Alien Sex For Dummies”! Trusted Industries, now in their 100th year of mining, and the sole asteroid mining company (37th asteroid mined!), are giving away “The Guide To Alien Sex For Dummies” absolutely […]

The Time Goblin

Author : Clint Wilson, Staff Writer Throughout the universe there are many creatures that eat other creatures. Few however match the intelligence and hunting prowess of the time goblin. His species is incredibly rare, a solitary armless biped said to have originated from an ancient world orbiting Omnus VIII. Of his kind he is the […]

The Mathematics of Future Paradox

Author : joe malone “Can we watch Michelangelo work today?” my wife said, at the breakfast table. “I have to go into the future today,” I said. “The future? You said that you would never go into the future. You said going into the future is like a man opening his girlfriend’s mail. Ignorance is […]

Police Control

Author : Stefan Aeschbacher The look down the barrel of a gun was frightening; much more frightening than I ever imagined it to be. ‘ID yourself citizen’ the cop behind the barrel barked. I moved my left wrist, containing the ID tag, towards the reader. Much faster than I expected to. Must have been the […]

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