Author : Morrow Brady As long as it was bug-free, they didn’t care how the code was written. That is why I built the interface. 
The interface subdivided the programming work into tiny code packages and globally farmed it out using Layman’s code. Before long, I was earth’s biggest employer. CodeMe began as a simple […]

Practice Day

Author : Ian Clarke The air-bike hovered perfectly still and silent a couple of cms above the floor of his apartment. It resembled an old style jet-ski he had seen once but had a toughened clear canopy that completely enclosed the rider. He tapped the console and selected his destination from a list then touched […]


Author : Rocky Hutson Opius peeked out from behind a small birch tree. Seeing no sign of his adversary, Burhan, he stepped into the open. He’d only gone a few yards toward the portal when Burhan stepped into the open and pointed at him. Opius knew he had to act fast to avoid Burhan’s imminent […]

Cold Night

Author : Sarah Mendonca “Luke.” Slumped in the alley, the woman repeated the name like a prayer, mostly forgotten long ago. No, that wasn’t it. “Jason.” Passersby ignored her: just another failed rebel unable to move on. She looked at them all, so young and old, so clean and untainted. Her battered and swollen nose […]

Hollow Medal

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer There is always an uncertainty after you’re restored. The time between your last backup and the point when you died is an unknown. You can get various synopses if you ask, and you can catch up with the events via media reports or conversations with those who saw you. […]


Author : Morrow Brady I sensed the click of my empty handgun moments before I heard it, while impact shrapnel, ricocheting across the upturned chassis of my downed cruiser sang out cries of retreat. 
With the soft belly of vulnerability in the air, I made my exit from the street-side exchange and vaulted over some […]


Author : José A Harkhan He flew that night. His dreams flooded with visions of ecstasy. The blue of that river. The black of those eyes. They hove into the light of day that shone through the Pleasure-Dome’s glass shell. Like white-cloaked wraiths. Fixated. Forgotten legions in a perpetual ritual. Cords drooped from medication towers […]


Author : Henry Peter Gribbin Most of us have been home alone late at night when we heard a strange noise coming from downstairs. Clutching a baseball bat or a golf club we proceeded slowly down the steps, all senses on alert. Finding nothing we felt a sense of relief and headed back upstairs. But […]

Mechanical Gentleman

Author : Mike Corrao “Come one, come all. See the beautiful intricacy that is my friend right here,” The salesman slid to the side of the stage, moving as one with the curtain behind him. On the old wood floor stood two metal feet, in shoes like hooves. They held up a man who was […]

The Voider

Author : Rollin T. Gentry Dr. Morris turned away and tapped a few times on the holopad projected from the bracelet on his left wrist. “Well, Ensign Peters, one thing’s for sure. You are not turning invisible, or into a ghost, or whatever it was you called it.” Jared Peters had told the doctor that […]


Author : Sam Larson You couldn’t even call it rain, this weather. Just an insistent, pissing drizzle that creeps its way into your collar and your shoes so that, suddenly, you’re soaking wet. That jingle from the infonets keeps running through my head, “You’ll never get wet when you’ve got Ne’er Wet Nanotech!”, but the […]

Test 31B

Author : Rollin T Gentry I opened my eyes and had no recollection of how I came to be sitting at that table with three complete strangers. The room was divided into quadrants by a force field with one man occupying a slice of the round, steel table. Behind each man was a closed door. […]


Author : Rick Tobin “Low fuel before Jupiter station. Why stop for a wasteland?” Christa Arnold monitored guidance system readings, adjusting orbital programming for Saturn’s crusty moon, Hyperion. “History, Christa. Your head’s so full of formulas you forget about humanity around you. The Captain’s ancient family lines were among settlers on Hyperion… water miners. Surely […]

The Muon Man

Author : Morrow Brady The drone found the selenium immediately. It streamed me the augmented view of the apartment block, slowly peeled away to reveal awry silver tendrils cascading from roof to foundations. Momentarily puzzled, I queried Spengler – my client’s AI monitor. “Selenium is highly photo-sensitive with good semi-conductor characteristics but not very good […]

To Err is Human

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer “You have to let them think you make mistakes sometimes,” said Urok the Inquisitor. “That’s the key to getting along with the biological sentients.” “A mistake?” queried Darkem the Questioning. “Yes. I suppose you could refer to it as acting on an unformed dataset without permission resulting in a […]


Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer “Why are we here, Excellency?” “My daughter’s xenoarchaeology exam.” “Pardon?” Most Excellent Draug turned to Flag Officer Nang with a smile: “She wrote an award-winning piece on ‘The Assimilation of Miracle-Class Technology as Legendary Artefacts in Pre-Freespace Societies’. It also gained her a pass-with-honours, a post with the Xenobureau, […]


Author : Brian Zager We dance, you and I, pirouetting to the primordial bellow of the World’s Fourfold. We’re not really all that different, our lives in revolution against the world as it appears to us, perceived at a distance, in an effort to interpret the overflow of data. I often wonder if the flood […]

Betwixt and Betwain

Author : Rick Tobin Black slime and brown muck sucked cracked leather on his unkempt boots. He inhaled riverbank patent odors by Cairo woodlands, where the Mississippi and Ohio converge in a sordid affair of upstream debris and human waste. Maps fluttered in his head from Horace Bixby’s wisdom notes bludgeoned the Cub Pilot serving […]

Spooky Action At A Distance

Author : Gray Blix A scientist, a priest, and a doctor walk into a bar. Sounds like the setup for a lame joke, huh? But no, it’s the beginning of a story about the end of the world. Or, I fear, not a story at all, but the actual end of the world. The truth […]

The Waitress

Author : Davey Guardado A city full of people and my favourite is that waitress. “Will that be all for you sir?” She says, because she knows theres a reason why I’m paying with paper money. I nod, handing her a crumpled five that she pulls away from my hand in disgust. She doesn’t bother […]

City in the Sky

Author : Kate Runnels Torque gazed down at the clouds scudding past below in a breeze she couldn’t feel. She sat at the edge of a rusting support beam. The beam, one of many that needed repairs, helped hold up the roof of her father’s Mechanic shop. The constant thrum of the engines kept the […]


Author : Bob Newbell The infinitesimal point that had been the universe bounded out and stars and galaxies returned to their proper places in the cosmos as I defolded back into normal space. I steered toward the small world orbiting the red giant star. From a distance, the planet appeared to have a ring system. […]


Author : S. Tyrel Murray Darius looked out through his living room window, and noticed the diminutive, glittering metallic object in the grass. It wasn’t there fifteen minutes prior, when he had finished mowing his lawn. His inquisitive nature proved to be too much, and he bounded out the front door to inspect the object. […]

The Straight Swap

Author : Hannah Hunter Darkness. Eyes open, still dark. Why? Why is your arm burning? Where is your phone? What time is it? Why is there no light? I always have my phone on the bed when I go to sleep. Pain. Sharp burning, pain. Just my arm. Why only your arm? So intense I […]

Eventual Horizon

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer Hawking proposed that information was not consumed by black holes, just held in super-translation holograms at the event horizon. I proposed that stored information is always accessible. Discounting the chaotic infoforms emitted as Hawking radiation, I was sure that there had to be a way to interrogate the universe’s […]

The Future of War Now

Author : James Patrick Riser The wheelchair’s wheels creaked as The Private rolled himself up to the desk. A clock on the wall: half past midnight. There are no pictures. In a drawer: a purple heart, a dogeared, worn bible and a standard issue, new-era handgun; Digitally signed to it’s owner, smartgun. “The first and […]


Author : Travis Gregg “Is this home yet?” his wife asked. This made him smile, the question had become an old tradition. When they’d first landed in the densely forested planet, the first order of business was establishing a base camp. It was only after a few short nights of sleeping in the lander that […]


Author : Michael Parker Accessing… Initiating systems… “What is this?” The voice, smooth and metallic, surprised her. Doctor Lyndahl turned to see model SL-4 moving. Its skull-shaped head examining the room. “What is this?” It spoke again, but her own voice was caught in her throat. “What is this?” It looked down, examining its armless […]

One Way Ticket

Author : Travis Gregg Ryan took one last look around the greenhouse. The expansive row after row of flourishing plants had been his home away from home for years. He knew every inch of the space, from the greywater feed lines to the UV lighting panels. There were kilometers of trays and he’d had his […]


Author : Rick Tobin Clear crystal ramparts allowed olive sky radiance to cover his skin laid bare to her tentacles. Ritual torture or not, it compelled. Her siren songs rattled the open room making walls whisper back, back over Jack Strendon’s tortured sinews, rattling beyond his screams. The alien’s sojourn through his agony was transported […]

The Long Rescue

Author : Bob Newbell The ship sprang into existence at the edge of the Groombridge 34 A system. The vessel’s matter wave attenuator drive, having allowed the vehicle to quantum tunnel across 127 light-years of space, slowly powered down with an audible drop in pitch throughout the ship. The starship’s two occupants were not quite […]

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