Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer “Why are we all the way out here? If we had taken the Rigel mission, I could have been home for mid-winter revel.” Chapni sighed. That was the problem with the Urulaunk; they had this thing about partying. Preferably with as many like-minded multi-limbed beings as possible. For the […]


Author : Kieron Walquist As of this moment, I am a ten-year-old Eskimo, lying on the beach in the frigid rain, stone-cold and lifeless. However, that could all change in an instant. My father, for now, is a humpback whale, circling the shallow waters that lap upon the shore, crying out to me in a […]


Author : Gary Will Kreie “Hi, Dusty.” “Howdy, Richard.” “How’s the cattle business, Dusty?” “Business is good, Richard.” “Have you been riding the fences?” “We don’t use fences anymore, Richard. Open range now.” “How do you keep your cows from wandering off, Dusty?” “Moogle glass.” “What?” “The cows wear glasses.” “Really, Dusty?” “Really, Richard.” “You […]


Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Thirtyseven sat on the edge of his bed, kicked off his shoes and fell heavily into his pillow, not bothering to peel off the white coveralls he normally couldn’t wait to get out of. He was exhausted. He lay staring at the ceiling, the last few hours of the […]

Promises to A Future Self

Author : Thomas Desrochers Jean steps out onto his sunlit balcony and sits down at the glass table. He sweeps the surface off with his hand and then lays down a piece of creamy stationery. Pen in hand, he begins to write: [Anna,] He pauses, glances down into the street. There’s a flock of birds […]

Tentative de l’Impossible

Author : Sommer Nectarhoff He knew what she would look like before she was created. He had always known. “Yes, I’ve always known.” He smiled into her closed eyes as he raised his brush to add a few eyelashes to one of her eyelids. They said that he would be unable to do it. They […]

You Will Be Home Before the Leaves Have Fallen From the Trees

Author : Eugene Brennan The humans stared at the slogan scrawled across the prep room wall. Sergeant Drake kicked some metal scraps out of the way, switched on his quad beam, and scanned the graffiti. “It’s a quote from the First World War,” said Captain Chang. “From Kaiser Wilhelm II to his troops as they—” […]

Primal Needs

Author : Gray Blix They met after hours in her office. “Dr. Molloy, I’m Detective Buckley,” he said, flashing his ID and a smile. “Thanks for agreeing to see me.” He sat across from her, scolding himself for inappropriate thoughts about the way she filled her chair. She was intimidated by his bulk, which overflowed […]


Author : Connor Harbison It was a bright and stormy orbit. Wave after wave of solar radiation buffeted the Barracuda, wreaking havoc with her electronics and damaging her solar sails. Captain Aguilar frowned at the display on the bridge. “Sir, the mainsail can’t take much more of this. We had to bring in the mizzen, […]


Author : Dan Larnerd Doctor Grace Virchow sat at her computer desk with her eyes closed. Her office was dark and full of deep shadows. Only the flickering blue light of her computer monitor illuminated the scene. Next to her sat a cold cup of coffee and a picture of her family that lay face […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer Luminaris. They called it a slingshot planet. It had what was known as a linear pendulum orbit. So far it was the only one on record. It was caught in a gravity well between four stars of different colours. It was a planetoid that tried to thread the needle […]

Pay the Piper

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer Dad said that the nannybots inside would stop the monsters from getting me. I liked that. The first night after the injection, I slept with the lights off. My nannybots would protect me. Even when mum died the next day, I knew that bad things couldn’t get me and […]

The African Mystery

Author : Charles E.J. Moulton William felt relieved, actually. One more hour of digging and his hands would have lost all their flesh. William threw down his shovel, straightened his back, stretching his muscles and positively felt his 50 year-old bones snap, crackle and pop inside his body. The termite nests he had found proved […]

Color Me Pink

Author : C. Chatfield “Shoot it.” “Shut up, Jim.” “It might be dangerous.” “A bear wanders into my yard, I call Animal Control. I’m not gonna shoot it just for being here, Gabe.” “Sure. You got the number for Alien Control?” “Quiet. It’s probably not an alien.” “You ever see goo move like that?” Next […]

Guardian Angel

Author : Elijah Goering My body was worn out. My organs were failing because they were simply too old, older than any human had ever been before. I would never speak again, and I had hours, maybe minutes to live. I asked the doctor to leave, and grabbed a pen and paper. Then I reached […]

Don’t Tell Me

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer “Don’t tell me you love me,” I hold her face in my hand as she speaks, her gaze locked with mine, “you’re only saying that because you need me, and you think that will make me stay.” I don’t understand where she gets these ideas from. I’m quite certain […]

Muscle Memory

Author : Roger Dale Trexler The thing inside Tabitha Sandor twitched. She tried to move, make herself more comfortable, and it did not approve. Stop. The word danced in her head. She wondered for a second if she had even heard the thought, but she knew she had. Since the scientists had discovered the alien […]

The Faithful Epilogue

Author : Jedd Cole This kind of epilogue ends with a beginning, just as Homo sapiens began with an ending in the dark garden of forevers past. They believe it is AD 2476. They march through empty space with their idols under their arms. Earth burns behind them along with the little unnamed ones–the poor […]


Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer The metro swishes past while I tap my fingers in frustration on the dashboard. I may have priority, but nothing out-prioritises fifty tons of autotram. “Where are you, Lime?” “Watching the metro. The collision avoidance system in my car decided that playing chicken was a losing game.” “They’ve brought […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer Pears. I wish to never seen one again in my life. The colony on Arcadia had soil that would let us grow trees from Earth. We sowed an orchard outside of our newly printed house. The fibrous growths that sprouted fat and tall from the ground there looked nothing […]

Exit Interview

Author : Sarah Vernetti “Am I comfortable? No, Amelia, not particularly. I feel like I’ve washed out to sea. Maybe I’ll return. Or maybe I’ll end up in some far off land fifty years from now, only to be discovered by a child and be featured on the evening news. So, no, I’m not comfortable.” […]


Author : Roger Dale Trexler Loku heard them before he saw them. The strange sound came to him as he slept beneath the Aynt tree. He and Sheka had eaten their fill of the ripe, rich fruit and fallen asleep beneath its teal-colored leaves. He was not one to fear things he did not understand, […]

To Be Human

Author : Gerard Hutchings When they arrived, they offered to restore the earth’s atmosphere, removing pollutants, reducing greenhouse gases, restoring ozone. In exchange they just wanted to settle on Mars. How could we refuse? After three years they had terraformed Mars and built many habitations. Next they offered to take all our homeless, poor and […]


Author : John Plunkett The girls were dressed in simple skirts and blouses of homespun wool from their father’s sheep. They spoke brightly to one another, rejoicing in a day of swimming and play at the small pond just over the hill from their father’s house. A young, naked boy darted from tree to tree, […]


Author : Roger Dale Trexler Tom Jacobs awoke. It was 9 o’clock. It was always 9 o’clock. His mind swam through an ocean of grogginess. He did not know where he was. It was dark and, in a moment, he realized he was floating in some sort of liquid. He tried to turn his head, […]

Family First

Author : Cameron Filas It’s about a five year process, the whole prison-rehab formula. Since the introduction of Memwipe, crime rates have plummeted. The idea is to take a dangerous criminal, wipe their memory, then give them a basic education and return them to society. Still, I’m not so sure it always works as planned. […]

Heaven Needs an Upgrade

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer Heaven needs an upgrade. It’s too full of people and the hardware is stagnating due to obsolescence. New storage systems and access devices are pushing Heaven into the past. Soon, it will be like the mythical Betamax or the ancient Zip disk. The software is choking on the sheer […]


Author : Roger Dale Trexler “You really should try this,” Liz said. Her voice was distant and gentle, like someone talking to me from the end of a tunnel. I turned and looked at her. She lay on the vacuum formed couch, her naked body sucked in perfectly, every curve, every contour fitted to pulsating […]


Author : Colm Scully When Henry hit the curb he knew it was over. The sun had got in his eyes. He had bent his left wish bone badly and knew he could not walk straight. He called the recovery service and they lifted him into the van. He tried to keep upbeat, chatting with […]

Letter to All S. Mundi Network Users

Author : K. J. Russell The moment of transition was 7:34 AM today, July 17th, and this one was unique in that nobody saw it coming. Haverforth Diedeli finally stirred awake thirty-four minutes after his alarm clock began to buzz at him, and at the moment his eyes popped open and his brain started to […]


Author : Tamara Rogers They gave me a million eyes. Well, not a million, more like a terra-billion, a bajillionzillion. All x to the power z equals I want it I see it. Excuse me if I’m not too precise, there’s buzzes coming in and network trails running through. Dope data distraction. Take the details […]

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