Strange Waters

Author : Bob Newbell “I’m having to push the engines a lot harder than expected. The density and currents at this depth are both greater than we predicted,” said Dr. Ngozi Adeyemi as she piloted the Jules Verne over the ocean floor on Titan. “Mohammed can reel you up if you get into trouble,” said […]

Death Sentience

Author : Gray Blix It was beyond the planets, pushing past the furthest extent of Sedna’s orbit, when it detected exactly what it was created to find, something with a lot of mass at a location where it shouldn’t be. As programmed, the computer notified Earth, changed course to intercept, and began activating banks of […]

An Understanding Of Custody

Author : Clint Wilson, Staff Writer The Nube curled up between Jim and Judy on the sofa in Necromancer’s small lounge. It purred like a large cat but looked more like some kind of monkey dog with blue fur. The woman stroked their companion lovingly. Jim looked at his wife with hateful eyes. If it […]

Now Get Out of My Starship

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer I’m covered in blood and squishy bits that slide and splat on the floor. In that, I look the same as the entire boarding bay. Even the shipsuits are reduced to ribbons, and I can’t recognise a bodypart or weapon component anywhere. She stands there, not a mark on […]

The Edge

Author : Ellie Snyder We arrived at the edge of the universe yesterday. I don’t know exactly what I expected to see but it wasn’t this. I guess I figured it would be blackness—that the last tendrils of matter that had worked their way here would dissipate into the void. Until the universe’s expansion pushed […]


Author : Beck Dacus Earth is largely habitable. There are some places that are especially hot, cold, dry, irradiated, and toxic. And, sometimes, the entire Earth is subjected to extreme conditions; mass extinctions, periods of volcanic activity, Ice Ages, snowball Earths, and so on. But this does not happen often. To be direct, the chance […]


Author : Jae Miles “My microwave just exploded.” Here we go again. Mrs Jolene Public and her inability to program white goods. “Certainly madam. Now, I’ll need some details. What did you put in it?” “A damp face towel with a couple of drops of lemon juice on it.” “What did you set it to?” […]

Water Shamans

Author : Gray Blix, Featured Writer [ bio ] She released her grip on the yoke of her De Havilland, and the pain in her hands eased. Even with a quarter century of experience flying to remote locations in Alaska, no medical emergency could compel her to try a night landing on a pitch black […]

The Garbage Approaches

Author : Clint Wilson, Staff Writer The garbage approaches. I yell at the family to get down as I swing the schooner around in a tight arc, heading away from the massive undulating island. The strong afternoon wind fills our sails yet I am nowhere near satisfied yet. With a loud crack some hundred meters […]

Fast Times in Slo-Mo

Author : Gray Blix, Featured Writer [ bio ] At a Calgary hockey camp, parents and players watched a goaltending 8 year old novice stop everything shot at him. Might as well have been a brick wall. Coach brought a talented 16 year old over to rapid fire a row of pucks, a 125 kph […]

Incurable Optimist

Author : Bob Newbell “We’re almost ready,” said Olav to his companion, Isak. “Are the others out of range?” “Yes, all the ships are gone,” replied Isak. “It’s just us now.” The two of them watched UY Scuti waver on their ship’s display like a reflection in water distorted by ripples. But UY Scuti was […]

After Life

Author : Hannah Jenkins What is the nature of the human soul? That old favourite after-dinner topic of philosophers and theologians has suddenly become much more important, as it is dragged out of the hypothetical realm into cold, hard reality. What is the soul made of? Where does it go after death? Where is it […]

The Gravity of You

Author : Michael Ryder I see fear in your eyes as the door to the gravity chamber shuts tight. Not fear for yourself. You accepted your assignment long ago. No, I see fear for me. Fear of what I will become without you. We cannot hear each other through the chamber’s heavy door. But through […]

The Door To Nowhere

Author : Roger Dale Trexler Gilfred stood at the door. “Where does it go?” he asked. He turned and looked at Samuelson and Thromby. Both men shook their heads. “We don’t know,” said Thromby, his thick jowls quivering as he spoke. He was the oldest of them and self-professed smartest of the lot. Gilfred didn’t […]

Invasion Redux

Author : Gray Blix, Featured Writer [ bio ] It’s a 20 degree C heat wave near the Martian equator as Commander Vlad says, “Follow me,” and clumsily leads his exploratory party into a cave. Exobiologist Bertie imagines that their bulky gray pressure suits and dark colored lenses would frighten the natives, if there were […]


Author : J. Eckert Lytle Ten year old Danni stepped cautiously from a pine needle carpet to stones smoothed by eons of rushing water next to the quiescent pool of a peaceful stream. Her and grandfather’s stream. It meandered amid lofty, sweet smelling ponderosas–endlessly battling for the morning sun. Why did I come, she wondered, […]

Welcome Home

Author : Travis Gregg The brightness was overwhelming at first and it took several minutes for his eyes to adjust. The dirt was warm under his bare feet, and the smell, the smell was like something from his childhood. The smell of dirt and wind and sun. He’d forgotten that smell. All around him the […]

Some Kind of Game

Author : Benjamin Sixsmith The planet was nothing to look at. An immense red desert, it was so flat that one could hardly have believed it curled. As FO James Beckwith alighted on its sands he looked about with a frown. SO Mary Harding appeared beside him and opened her mouth to swear. Then the […]

Sibling Rivalry

Author : Lewis Richards Here we go.. The sound of self-entitlement.. Max Holmes glanced up from his Med-Tab as he heard the rhythmic tapping of heels on the sterile Metal floor; Heels that could only belong to the companies most valued Customer. Striding down the Ward towards him, with an air of confidence that only […]

The Last Watchmaker

Author : LB Benton I am a simple watchmaker. Once I owned a watch repair shop on West 38th Street, near the jewelry district. The shop was very small and, now, I barely remember it—worn wooden floors that softened the footsteps of customers, the sweet smell of lubricating oil, a door that jingled when it […]


Author : Gray Blix, Featured Writer [ bio ] “I remember when there were forests and farms right up to the border. I’d shout hello from my dad’s tractor and Americans would shout back. We crossed the border to shop. Before the DPA.” “There you go again, old man. You could have retired years ago,” […]


Author : A. Katherine Black Green paint peeled uniformly across the surface of the only door in the dark hallway, revealing a dirty brown history. Bastian slowed as he neared it. His partner walked around him and opened the door, entering the room without hesitation. Bastian held back, scanning the hallway, wondering where the medics […]

The Ballad of Jack

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer Jack came down from Elevator Town with a tale to tell and a song to sing. He sung it good and told it fast, but we didn’t believe him. Who would? What could make a man flee from Orbitopia to come and grub in the dirt with us who […]

Bulletproof–A Love Story

Author : Gray Blix, Featured Writer [ bio ] Richard walks the dark streets of the worst part of town, a noir figure in a fedora and trench coat, his eyes casting about for shadows that move, his ears yearning to hear a cry for help. Nothing. He can’t remember his last assignment, his last […]


Author : Rick Tobin “Two percent remaining. Warning.” A calm woman’s voice filled his helmet. Night jasmine. There was that cloying odor. A cup of sugar poured into the nose. Drawing and repulsing. She wore it on their first date. Her ring remained, partially scorched in his melted glove. The Baja rotated below him. There […]

The Hero

Author : R Patrick Widner The signal light above the airlock door glowed red. Tense seconds passed. The atmosphere in the chamber equalized. Finally the interior doors slid open and the rescue team hustled in carrying an improvised battle stretcher. The soldier being carried writhed in pain, grabbing the sides of his head. The attendants […]


Author : Stephanie L. Dunn Sol System: 4509 CE “Final log: Every planet has people on it, most of the moons as well, hundreds of sovereign city stations scattered like a game of marbles between Venus and The Kuiper belt and a few brave colonies even further out. Twenty Billion people inhabit a ball shaped […]

Time EMT

Author : Ron Riekki “A Curious Knot God made” –Edward Taylor We got the call for a girl hit by a drone. My partner drove. He hates patients, so he prefers to be behind the console. He leaves me in back to treat the patients. Although there’s not really much we have to do nowadays. […]

Sculptures Of Solitude

Author : Roger Dale Trexler They answered the distress beacon but what they found was unexpected. The planet was far off the beaten path, and it was sheer luck that they received the transmission at all. Still, it was a requirement of the Space Guild that all distress calls be answered. Cramdon guided the shuttle […]

The Final Patient

Author : Sean Kavanagh “Save me, save yourself,” the old man muttered, as he did every morning. There was nothing kindly in the sick old man’s words, and the nurse shuddered to hear them or to touch him. Behind her stood a phalanx of three doctors, all looked weary. They were supposed to work in […]

Lunch Break

Author : Rick Tobin “Let’s fly to Oberon for fresh grub. Old Billy’s is good. That crusty Aborigine’s got odd ancient cuisine that’ll sharpen our palates. Maybe invite Ciers over. Missed him lately.” Jensen Elbat corrected the freighter’s navigation towards Uranus, a sharp turn from their delivery path to the Kuiper Belt mining colonies. “Shouldn’t […]

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