Employee of the Month

Author : Travis Gregg The two men sat in silence across from each other in their usual booth at the diner. Thomas was brooding, clearly upset about something and Stan had known him long enough to just let him stew. The two men had been friends since college and still tried to get together semi […]


Author : Matthew Prosperi The glowing keys of the command console reflected lazily off of my “Best Team Player!” mug that sat dangerously close to the expensive equipment in front of me. I considered knocking the mug over longer than usual before glancing outside my small observation window into the hub of activity on the […]

Science Fair

Author : Mark Thomas The teacher flexed the piece of moulded plastic. “I used our 3D printer to make it,” the girl said. Her heels were placed tightly together and she wobbled her hips back and forth nervously. She was new to the school and always tried so hard to impress. The teacher rotated the […]


Author : Rick Tobin “O holy night, the stars are brightly shining…” She choked off her singing of the next phrase, unable to overcome phlegm from fearful regret as Marcus lay still next to her in the dark, cramped ejection pod. Oxygen recycler packs heated smooth surfaces of the stark plastic enclosure. Air supply would […]


Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer “My mum said that wouldn’t fly.” She stands there, looking up at me, hands behind her back, daisy-print summer dress blowing in the hot breeze. “Why did she say that, little lady?” Her eyes widen, then she smiles: “Because you’re a heretic, and the airlords don’t like you.” I […]

Like Father like Son

Author : Michael Mieher “That was great sweetheart. Now get out.”, he punctuated his request with a slap on her slightly larger than shapely bottom. She hadn’t been the prettiest girl on the beach, but then he wasn’t the handsomest, or best surfer either. Mark had figured out two years ago that the slightly chubby […]

The Black Death

Author : Philip Berry London, 1348. Tantlas turned away from the rough-hewn window and its view of the wooden spire of old St Paul’s Cathedral. His three children slept. It was a very warm evening, mid-August, and the sheen of sweat on their exposed arms caught the moonlight. Tantlas stared at their foreheads with an […]


Author : Kristin Kirby As she trudged across the rocky sand, shivering, she stared at the one dim star in the sky and wondered how the inhabitants of this soggy planet could see anything. Her gasps were harsh and wet. She was breathing water.> Lost, drowning, she knew she wouldn’t make the rendezvous. Her companions […]

Language Lesson

Author : Karin Terebessy This is German language lesson number twelve. Let’s review. I will ask if you understand. Verstehen Sie? If you understand, how would you answer? “Ich verstehe.” Very good. Let’s continue. Pretend you see a woman across the park and you want to get her attention. How would you call to her? […]

Zen and the Art of Evolution

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Aphys was lonely. When she’d been commissioned, the hospital was alive, bustling, a constant influx and exodus of those needing medical care, and she was so very equipped to help. A fully autonomous physician’s aide, from admissions to diagnosis through assistance in surgeries to the fabrications of tissues. Be […]


Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer Cheese: the catalyst for the end of the world? I worked for the Temporal Institute, investigating anomalies caused by our limited access to time travel. Now, everyone knows that time travel is proscribed by the Shibe, the mysterious entities who refuse to show themselves, but demonstrate an almost prescient […]

The Timekeepers

Author : Matthew Harrison “Tell Mr Hoffmann, Jimmy,” said his father. The noonday sun outside had been dazzling, and Jimmy’s eyes were still adjusting to the dimness of the shop. The old jeweller loomed formidably behind the counter. But at his father’s prompting, Jimmy piped up, “It’s my watch. The time is wrong.” Mr Hoffmann […]


Author : Gary Bremer I awoke with a start from a dream that I’d already forgotten. Groggily registering that it was sobbing from my six year-old son’s room that woke me, I quickly glanced at my phone sitting on my bedside table. 2:41 a.m. Shuffling quickly down the short hallway to find out why he […]

Iron Age

Author : Rick Tobin It’s insane to record anything, but what else is there to do, floating alone at twelve-thousand feet? Altitude sickness will kick in soon enough…maybe a blessing. I’m out of supplies and dehydrating. Frightened people grabbed Bibles; others cash…some each other. I snatched my school backpack with my video cam. This roost […]

Stitched Up

Author : Lisa Jade Wake up, Michael. Can you see? Look up. See the white light overhead, the white ceiling? The walls? White, too? Good. Now. Try and move your left hand. No, the other left. That’s it, good. Don’t try to sit up. Lie still. Now, think back. What do you remember? Do you […]

Variations on a Theme

Author : Lauren Triola In Universe A, you meet as children. You become high school sweethearts. You live happily ever after. In Universe B, your family moves out of the country before he moves to town. You never go back. He marries your childhood friend, only knowing you through pictures and stories. In Universe C, […]

The Rich Can Have All the Lemon Tarts They Want

Author : Janet Shell Anderson Black holes can now be rented. Aliens may arrive! That’s the headline on everyone’s App. “The rich can have all the lemon tarts they want.” Another headline. Giovanna Romanova Baldwin said that three days ago, then disappeared. If Aliens landed, would they steal one of the best looking women in […]


Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer The tide is full of bodies and the sky is filled with lies. Sullen waves roll corpses back and forth, trailing organic tatters in varying shades of death. Above me, seagulls scream furiously at the metallic crags that obstruct their flight and deny them perches with beams of fiery […]

Song’s Next of Kin

Author : Morrow Brady Following hospital sedation, Song Jai’s medical file displayed next-of-kin as MAC 1500t, Song’s Mechanised Automaton Companion. With no legal reason to deny such a request, the hospital duly summoned Mac, Song’s robot assistant. Mac’s tungsten humanoid frame eased alongside Song’s ward bed and requested access to Song’s medical vitals and history. […]

Aoyama has Left the Building

Author : Timothy Marshal-Nichols It had been on all the news channels but that didn’t make it any the better. Today was the first visit of holiday makers from our nearest inhabited planet Narimiya. Simmons hadn’t been paying attention to those news reports and he’d been called in that very morning to cover at passport […]


Author : Bob Newbell “This is the Apollo Farstriker, signing off.” Having completed my weekly report, I tap the transmit key and send my dispatch on its three year journey back to Earth. That being done, I go to the galley. Through the window in the galley, Proxima Centauri seems to slowly revolve around an […]


Author : Steven Journeaux “It isn’t that simple!” Shelly couldn’t hide the exasperation in her voice. Dr. Keroth was an impatient man, and understandably so. He needed this time machine to work to save his wife. “Look, you need to stop thinking of this as a time machine. It’s a time and space machine. We […]

The Barry

Author : Edward Turner III He was smiling again, the dumb bastard never did anything but smile. We did not return the smile. He was a Barry 4.21, the newest in the line of Barry’s and the most annoying we had met so far. In this day and age though you had to have a […]


Author : Bob Newbell Consciousness returns abruptly. How long was I out? I check my chronometer. It’s been nearly 178 hours. I’m down to nothing but the solar panels for power. It took them that long to collect enough energy to charge the batteries sufficiently to bring me back online. My hull is covered with […]

Welcome Aboard

Author : Chris Limb Patrons and customers, my name is Azure Gemollua and I’m your chief flight attendant. On behalf of Captain Swaran and the entire crew I would like to welcome you aboard this Paragon Starline scheduled flight to Nu Phonecis. We are particularly delighted you have chosen to travel with Paragon, especially in […]


Author : Hannah Lackoff “Do you feel as if time is passing by more quickly?” he said, “As though you’re missing bits and pieces, chunks and change?” She hadn’t wanted to say anything, thought she was just getting older, that maybe her mind was going, maybe she had a brain tumor like that composer-what was […]

Blue Planet

Author : Christina Richard The walls of our Ford Starblazer convulsed as we broke the atmosphere of the tiny blue planet and hurtled through the gray haze of clouds, down towards a sprawling, rocky plane. Outside, there was a violent noise of metal ripping away from the body of our ship. Next to me, Harris’s […]


Author : Suzanne Borchers “Armpits must stink, be hairy and itch, While snot pours down the hooked- nosed witch.” Threading his fingers through his hair, Robert squatted next to his prototype. The Poet224 bot definitely needed more work. Okay, his rhythm and rhyme senses were in play, but what could be done with word choice? […]

Cheap Eggs

Author : Callum Wallace “A spray bottle?” “That’s right,” she smiled merrily, pulling her gloves further up her arms. “To make it easier to apply.” I stared, deadpan. “A spray.” She nodded. “Have you tried pouring a bath of this stuff? It’s difficult to test the effects on larger animals. And the small ones just […]

Manter’s End

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer The office is derelict, with many more overturned chairs than collapsed desks. Filing cabinets stand crooked and burst, the once-precious burdens they held now repurposed as nesting materials or fodder. A few plasticised pieces of paper flick or wave in the desultory breeze, which enters through the hole where […]


Author : Harris Tobias The night Janet saw the UFO was the night she threw Frank out of her life. She had just finished dumping all his stuff—clothes, records, comic book collection—into several black plastic garbage bags and placed them on the lawn in a neat row. Let him come home to that, the miserable […]

I’ve Seen Things…

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