Lines and Circles

Author : Philip G. Hostetler Somewhere along the line I drew a circle instead. I thought about it. When thinking in linear terms, does the line break on through to the other side to terminate at the beginning? If so, does it differ at all from a circle, the enigmatic snake biting it’s tail? All […]

One More Time

Author : Angie Gibson One more time. It hurts so much. One more time may just kill me. My hands shake as I lift my Fenestra Lens to my face. It’s a model A, race car red, as shiny as a freshly picked apple. It cost me everything I had. But thanks to it, I’ve […]

All the Happiness You Can Want

Author : Edward D. Thompson The warm summer breeze wafted gently over the well-manicured grounds as Bill’s limo slowed to a stop at his country mansion. He waited, downing the last of his fine whiskey, his tux stiff and uncomfortable. No chauffeur appeared, so he opened the door to his hatchback himself and stepped onto […]

You Complete Me

Author : Gray Blix He awoke and lifted himself to glance at a mirror. Admiring his muscular arms and well-defined pecs and abs, he said, “You don’t look half bad, Danny. There’s a girl out there who is gonna like those hard muscles against her soft flesh, isn’t she, huh, ISN’T SHE?” Then he saw […]

Violet Eyes

Author : N. R. Crowningshield Vera sat on the cold steel floor. Back hunched and aching. Her legs were wrapped in her arms and she buried her face in her knees. Hiding her eyes and quietly sobbing. She was unsure of how much time had passed. A loud pummel of flesh against steel startled her. […]

Ceeville – A Freedom Wars Story

Author : Jordan Miller I only saw him once. It was a long time ago. We fought on the monsoon world of Ceeville. Our force was pinned down by our own brethren that wanted freedom. They claimed he was real and he was leading them. None of our officers believed in such stories. We trudged […]


Author : Bob Newbell The spaceship’s aerodyne engines groaned as the vessel entered the upper atmosphere of Venus. Even after 90 years of terraforming, the air on Venus was still thick and hot. The ship banked to divert around an immense atmosphere processor. The machine was as big as a skyscraper and was held aloft […]


Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer He lies across the coat of arms on the marble floor, coughing up green ichor that spatters his face and the lion passant under his head. Jenny looks at me, her expression seesawing between revulsion and amazement: “How did you spot him?” I smile at her: “In every language […]

Every Possibility

Author : Kellee Kranendonk I’m not crazy. Really, I’m not. But since they put me in this cracker-box palace and started giving me drugs, I’ve been able to handle the visions much better. They’d like me to tell them I’m not seeing things. But I am. And I remember the first time it happened – […]

Mars Rusty

Author : Morrow Brady Our first return mission from Mars was a complete success. The journey to the red planet, the orbit to surface transfer, the vast exploration and the return trip – all went perfectly to plan. The astronauts returned to ticker tape parades and talk shows across the globe. However, microscopic stowaways on […]


Author : Rick Tobin “Everyone remembers their first time—the feel, shudder, anticipation, sweat and wonder if you would die in the middle of penetration.” Emanuel Mumford stared into Stacy Croft’s face, watching for twitches or blush. “What was yours, Captain?” She moved closer, ensuring live audiences would miss nothing. “It was a blue giant we […]


Author : Sam Larson Dr. Oliver, tall and with thick, perpetually smudged glasses perched on the end of his long nose, leaned over Seth’s back and pushed the tip of his forceps into a gash on Seth’s shoulder while Seth, stripped to the waist and streaked with sweat, moaned and squirmed on the examination table. […]

Parallel Wives

Author : Wayne Adams Ralph Church received a bonus today. It was his reward for being the top salesman of the quarter. He was proud of his achievement. “You ready to hit the road again, Ralph?” His manager Bruce Clark asked. “You bet,” Ralph answered, “There’s nothing that stirs my juice more than being gung […]

Life at Central High

Author : Gray Blix It had been the perfect plan. Throw spitballs at the substitute English teacher, get sent to the assistant principal, spend an hour after school in detention, and walk home in peace. For once, he would make it through a day at Central High without being pummeled by the school bully and […]


Author : Bob Newbell “I’m tired of hearing about Mars!” said the Russian envoy. It was a sentiment the other diplomats in the room could understand. A year earlier, a dozen nations had collectively decided that the Martian colonists’ repeated attempts to secede from Earth had gone on long enough. The colonists had begun with […]

Smartship Three

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer Gareth watched the runnels streaking the grey steel from where condensation formed in the shadows above. The annoyed tone emerging from the hubbub that was causing the condensation attracted his attention. “Major Gareth James. You seem to be more amused than when we started. You do realise this is […]

Soupe de Poisson

Author : Rick Tobin Routine tapping of useless, dilated, vestigial nostrils against thick glass…perhaps a hope for release. Considering death, but they won’t allow that. Not now. I swim to the tank bottom, again, praying someone, once human, will join me. I remember land life. Sheila glowed at Elephant Butte Lake. Not an oasis, but […]


Author : Erin Ritch When I build a world in my mind, I build it from the ground up. Brick by brick, beam by beam, I know every corner as though I constructed it with my own hands. And in a way, I have. I find solace in the details. Peace in the straight, sturdy […]

Time—Just time

Author : Lester L Weil We were twenty years into the journey to our new planet. The ship required very little maintenance and all of us slept in our pods. The computer detected that one of the pods had malfunctioned, an unheard of occurrence. Protocol was that as Captain, I was to be awaken in […]

Price of Divinity

Author : Connor Harbison No name. Names were to distinguish one from another. Now there was only one. Only him. The vastness of space seemed to swallow him up. From his asteroid perch he could spot a few other bodies. No planets. Not anymore, at least. He cast a mournful eye towards the center. Nothing […]

Cloud Eaters

Author : Rick Tobin Bismarck, North Dakota Jimmy Severud prostrated his nine-year-old frame on the blooming stiff flax, undulating in cobalt waves from winds caressing North Dakota’s startling-blue spring sky. Nearby, summer whispered among meadowlark calls and cricket melodies. He imagined billowing alto cumulus clouds as pirate ships adrift from Montana, meandering above grain fields, […]

J-Ibius 4

Author : Rosalie Kempthorne Gerald stood in his green-walled study surveying the view-screen with interest. The screen itself was state-of-the art, thin-holographic, with life-like resolution, and convincing 3D effects. But what it displayed was far more interesting. Gold along much of the top; with threads of green burrowing into the gold and stretching out into […]


Author : Bob Newbell It was a typical day in the year 2841. The Lunar Stock Exchange, said financial analysts, was overvalued and a harbinger of an imminent economic crisis. The newly independent Mars was moving toward a civil war. The Union of Canada and New England announced they would accept no more American refugees. […]

Honour the Untouchable

Author : Jae Miles “Master Osho. The candidates are assembled.” My brush completes the stroke, leaving a perfect curve upon the paper. I place the brush down on its rest and look up at Matsushige. “Thank you. I will attend momentarily.” I examine my completed calligraphy. It is a summation of who we are, to […]

Water Work

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer She arranged to meet him at a seven thirty. He was fifteen minutes late, but she sat at the bar and watched him settle into the table and check his watch obsessively until almost eight before she walked over and seated herself. He didn’t get up. “You’re late, I […]

Nomadic Reverie

Author : J. Henry Dixon To them, I’m already space junk. The captain, the crew watching the broadcast, the two security guards strapping me into the deep suit. “Mutiny,” the captain spat, “is the vilest form of treason. A special hell is waiting for men who betray their oaths and their people. The seriousness of […]

White Heaven

Author : Ashley Spinelli Brittney was crouched in the corner of her bedroom. Her mouth trembled. She couldn’t deal with the thought of not having it. She looked like she hadn’t shower in days. Brittney slowly got up from her crouched position and walked over to her desk. The clock read 5:45 p.m. Her stomach […]

Sailors, Steeplejacks, and Scouring Men

Author : G. Grim Jim could hear chanting over his headpiece. “Blessed Saint Elmo, who walks in the high places, defend us from being cast down into the darkness of the void…” Bunch of superstitious crap. Didn’t they outlaw shamanic religion a few cycles back? It wasn’t like some dead Homeworlder was going to protect […]


Author : Cameron Filas “How many people have you successfully implanted this in?” The man chuckled. “I’m an engineer by trade,” He held the small robotic eye up between his fingers, examining it for imperfections. “Not a doctor.” “How many?” Blane sat nervously on the makeshift operating table. The bright lamps all around were causing […]

Exit 451

Author : Gray Blix QM-451, wrists and ankles shackled, sat outside the conference room where its fate was being debated. A uniformed officer in full riot gear sat next to it. The officer’s helmet was on the floor, testimony to his trust in 451, despite the recent head-crushing incident. The two could see through the […]

Toren’s Love

Author : Morrow Brady Under camouflage, Talia’s shimmerlight spaceship hugged a darkened crater of a slowly spinning asteroid. Her implant flooding with incoming data about the approaching ship. Purple reflections waned to reveal a divergent spaceship that was familiar such that it teased repressed memories like flotsam from the deep. She whispered his name. “Toren” […]

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