The Music of the sphere

Author : Selso Sam Zaghloul Cherry woke up at three o’clock local time, sweating and panting. She turned and looked out the window as the light from the smaller moon dripped into the room. She had the dream again. The same dream she had nearly every night since the colony group had plopped their dull-gray […]

Just Like Old Times

Author : Hillary Lyon Sheila opened the door to her grandmother’s house, flooding the dusty entryway with sunlight. She walked through the little house opening shutters and raising blinds. She put the fresh flowers she’d brought in a vase. In the kitchen she washed two tea cups and their matching saucers. She rinsed a kettle, […]

The Forgetting

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer “Lie back, Daniel Sixteen. This will be over in under five instants.” I swing my legs up and settle into the logro, feeling the soft curves adjust to the contour and temperature settings supplied by my envi. Things have definitely come long way from my last forgetting. Not that […]

Jupiter Watches

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer I miss having Jupiter in the sky. I know Earth is humanity’s homeland and a pilgrimage to her is on everyone’s bucket list along with seeing Olympus Mons, the Ganymede Borealis and Titan’s cryovolcanoes in person. However, I am underwhelmed. This coffee shop is serving the purest coffee I’ve […]


Author : G. Grim Do I know you? Maybe. Let me think. I think we met on Betelle. When I look at your face I remember tasting strange fruit. Like persimmons, but wetter. Sweeter. Like water falling in a garden. They don’t have fruit at home. I remember that. Something to do with pollination and […]

The Console

Author : Rachelle Shepherd He came into the house throwing looks back over his shoulder. He had the shuffle to his step that suggested less than legal activities. “You have something?” I asked. He gave me a quick nod and shut the door. He slid the bolts, city lockdown style. Barrel pulled something from his […]

Android Adoption Day

Author : Jacqueline Bridges SWF seeking SM, 40-50, human or android. Looks not important. The blinking type flooded John’s inbox. Delete, delete, del—he paused on the last: Android adoption today, new shipment, Middleton Square. The Organization of GoodWill toward Men, Women, Children, and Android caught him as he slipped in. “Have you considered adopting an […]

Second Shot

Author : Patrick Hueller The footage is grainy, and getting grainier with each viewing. But Peter Nevins doesn’t notice. To him, what’s on screen is crystal clear. The TV isn’t flickering; the colors aren’t blurry. There the soccer field is, looking just as it did exactly thirty-seven years ago. The grass remains as green as […]

I Ran

Author : Ken McGrath My mother often said that before I learned to walk I ran. I ran everywhere; probably why I wasn’t so quick at learning to read. I couldn’t sit still for very long, didn’t like having my feet parked beneath a desk you see. I’d an abundance of energy, that’s why I […]

The IF

Author : Kraigher Lutz They had first found it, there at the highway split. They had seen its design in the leaves and grass. The design spiraled out, burning the soil. We had worked quick trying to contain it; cranes high overhead, holding harshly shining spotlights. Trenches were dug and cinder-block walls were built; clear […]


Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Lauren struggled to open her eyes, the lids heavy, the light in the room blinding. What time is it? It was evening when– “You’re awake, good” Darren. They were having dinner when she– “The sedative will wear off shortly, you’ll be a bit groggy, and the epidural will make […]

The Final Performance

Author : Soo Kim I had been taken. Her hands clutched the bar across her lap, as the seat swung to some soundless melody. It hovered expectantly, like the next carriage of the ghost train at a macabre amusement park, waiting to lurch forward, through the chill, silent night. Wrists aching from the bandages, ragged […]


Author : David J.Wing Glen sat there, silently and watched as his star ship slipped backwards and at a slightly funny angle into the Black Hole. It was fair to say that being stranded, as he so clearly now was, would be a hindrance to his plans for a luxurious holiday, but given that he […]

Prisoner 64389000

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer Written this 10th day of August in the year of Our Lord 1708. My king, I fear for the custody of the charge you bequeathed me, so many years agone. My health is failing, and while that which is our burden seems to be weakening, I am sure that […]


Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer When the Alphas slaughtered the Charlies, Victor7 logged the incursion in his paper notebook and then meticulously removed all evidence of his tampering from both of their communications systems. The Alpha’s had received ‘intelligence’ that the Charlies were going to sabotage their base for much needed supplies, and when […]


Author : Bob Newbell It’s been a subjective month since we changed history. It feels like ten years. In reality, an infinitesimal fraction of a second has passed for us in the Stopwatch. That’s the unofficial and pathetically unoriginal name some smart aleck gave to the Temporal Exclusion Facility shortly before we started our experiment. […]

A Girl And Her Tree

Author : A. Katherine Black Titanium corridors were empty, galleys and docking bays silent, save the faint echo of rodents scuttling about. Still the ship continued on. At its center stood a tree, supported by a system set in motion centuries ago. Its enormous black trunk sprouted layers of spindling branches, its purple leaves bathed […]

Kids and Pets

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer My world is Kayden, and it is orbited by a plethora of satellites with deadly defensive natures that all look really pretty from the ground. In higher orbit, space stations and roving warships patrol like sharks at idle. No ship matches it’s fellows in anything bar a small, radiant […]

One Man, One Vote

Author : Sean Kavanagh A third term as President. No one since FDR had served three terms, but he could feel that tingling sense of anticipation, that odd, pulsing of the blood that foretold victory. He was on the verge of making history. The campaign had gone well. He’d connected with the electorate in such […]

Gray Magic

Author : Rick Tobin “So why spray millions of tons of toxic soup on the U.S. for years in chem trails if we had this fungus ready?” Harold Simpson leaned forward over half-finished plates of veal chop Milanese and Coho salmon amandine, adding impact while interrogating Elliot Thompson, Senator Farrell’s Chief of Staff. The two […]

Like They Used To

Author : C. J. Boudreau The algae were there! In the deep permafrost. Turning up the magnification and refocusing the cam, he could see the nuclei. They were photosynthetic, the rare green color in the frozen soil. Perhaps hundreds of millions of years old. Mars was not dead! Arturo took several samples from the most […]

Sunday Morning Abduction

Author : Izabella Grace Inside the smoky crystal, everything glows. I hang suspended in sunlight and tiny bubbles, like a fly trapped in amber. I scream for Mum or Tyler, but the crystal’s hum swallows my voice, like it swallowed me. My pale skin glows orange as the sunrise over their jagged, glass mountains. My […]

Phantom Limb

Author : Kate Runnels “There,” said the doctor. “Try it now, agent Sasaki. The neural connection should be hooked in.” Lia stared down at her cybernetic left arm, recently attached after a case went horribly wrong. The murderer, after killing her last victim, sliced Lia’s arm, had nearly taken it off. If it hadn’t been […]

Robots Don’t Kill People

Author : Gray Blix “Why do we have a dog bot in the first place?” Offended, “Robot K91 is my PARTNER, sir, and its very shape deters crime by evoking a primal human fear of wolves.” “‘Deters crime’? The only bot on Mars that can harm humans has KILLED one.” “K91 is not responsible… It […]


Author : Jess Cowburn ‘You know what’ll happen as soon as you set foot on that ship? You’ll start changing. You will. I read about it. You won’t notice it but just being there, it’s not natural for us.’ Hack. ‘Little tiny bubbles will get in between your bones and then the gaps will get […]

Message from Space

Author : Victoria Randall General Jackson was not exuding patience. His lips were thinned, his gray eyebrows bristled in irritation and he snapped at the two men standing before him. “Well, can you or can you not decipher the messages?” Charlie had never seen his boss so nervous. Howard licked his lips and shifted his […]


Author : Suzanne Borchers Lieutenant Sher took a deep breath then pushed the button to open the door to the officers’ lounge. She made sure her open friendliness included the five officers in its beam. Her eyes met a gray-haired general fighting to keep his gaze above her breasts, two brown-haired lieutenants who interrupted their […]

The Maintenance Man

Author : Rachelle Shepherd Two men sit together at a desk. Both men hold their glasses as if to warm them. All of the other desks, which spread like shadows across the open office floor, are empty. They drink to the end of an era of domination. They are soldiers on the wrong side of […]

True Believer

Author : David Nutt “Not just a thousand millennia ago, you sat in that chair and told me point blank that the only way to prove it to you was through mathematics.” “You are correct Dane, but this isn’t really proof at all.” “Lyle, you are such an intellectual fraud of the worst degree. We […]

They Live in Starlight

Author : David Botticello “One last bit of business for the day,” barked the ship’s loudspeakers, “I must to inform all crew and travelers that one of our esteemed passengers is a Sunsprite. Please take all necessary precautions,” the Captain’s voice trailed off before quickly adding, “with all due respect, of course.” Fred, one of […]

She Who Weaves

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer I woke to one of those ‘phantom impacts’ on the bed. The source of the bump was one of the legs of the spider looming over me. I will admit to squealing a little before grabbing my glasses to restore things into perspective. The glasses allowed me to focus […]

I’ve Seen Things…

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