Author : Stephen Whaley “Step right up! Just step right up here! Come and see the incredible Marveloso. Come see him lift a car over his head. Come see him do a hundred hand-stand push ups. Come see him jump over ten feet into the air with a single bound. Come on, ladies and gents, […]


Author : Michael Strang I know my experiment is a success when I open my eyes in an unfamiliar place. It takes longer to start to wonder what that means for me. A sudden shock of pain interrupts my train of thought as the neural probes retract from my skull, leaving behind a pounding headache. […]

Mercantor GPS

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer The external camera pan across a steely – if a trifle motley – flotilla of guard skiffs, arrayed before a Griffin-class Space Dreadnought painted in the eye-baffling ‘wasp-fragmentary’ colour scheme. Voiceover: “These nights, the long hand of the law comes to the furthest territories in the form of the […]

Prolonged Impact

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer “It’s a pure stroke of genius that I was able to downsize the stabilizer assembly in time for the conference.” Stuart fiddled with his bowtie with his free hand while piloting the sedan with the other. “Does this look alright?” His wife leaned forward and reached to straighten her […]


Author : Ryan Swiers “My beard, son,” Ivus Hadler said to Heather Brantley, Solipsister correspondent. The old man rocked back in his chair, tapping one weather-bulged knee with his pipe’s stem. “That’s how I know so much.” “Your beard?” Heather asked, ignoring his mistake. She was familiar with her androgyny. “You betcha. All wise men […]

More than Light

Author : Lawrence Buentello Five billion years ago, two members of the Fraca species stood staring at the stars from the balcony of their laboratory. They had worked ceaselessly, along with thousands of other scientists and technicians, to formalize the seeding project many thought impossible. On the following morning all the orbiting engines would release […]

The Single System System

Author : EL Conrad Temps pour out of slots, lining the windows and tapping the chipspecs implanted in their skulls. All that platform switching — everyone going from database to real time data simultaneously — causes a sysglitch that forecloses production until a tekfix. A maximan admonishes the workers, “Don’t negi on storm, platform up […]

Sky’s Child

Author : Keith Sheridan They were deep in the forest when the sky began to scream. Above the snowy shoulder of the mountain the orange and navy penumbra of dawn was shattered by the intrusion of a black behemoth; long and sleek, like a dagger slicing through clouds. Tay dropped to his knees, his hands […]


Author : Roger Dale Trexler Peterson peered out through the energy bubble surrounding him and surveyed the place he had arrived in. It was strange, this place, totally unlike his own dimension. The light was different. It cast a halo of yellow around everything, and it took his eyes a moment to adjust. When they […]

Hello World!

Author : Gray Blix I know, I know, a blog is not the most effective way to warn humanity about an extraterrestrial threat, but I can’t get the mainstream media to take me seriously. I can’t even get supermarket tabloids to answer my phone calls and emails. Photos of UFOs or ETs would get their […]

Feel the Blade

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer The lumen panels are set to ‘candlelight’ and the susurrus of the climate control system is muted to barely a whisper. The room is twilit, draped with banners from a hundred victories. In a depression on the floor, an ornamental pool has been reborn as a cushion- and pillow-lined […]

The Autodidact

Author : Jedd Cole Brontë was a sad and curious alien android. That’s how I came to know him at least. Most merely saw him as a strange man. But, first and foremost, Brontë was a didact. He did not talk except to teach, and in teaching, I think he believed he was learning. Yeah, […]

Surf’s Up

Author : Clint Wilson, Staff Writer The starship dropped down into the clear atmosphere of the water planet. Inside the belly bay, six surf pods awaited their launch. Each one was five meters long, known as “longboards” by current popular culture. And inside of each one of them, there eagerly awaited an anxious human enthusiast. […]


Author : S T Xavier “It’s eating from my hand! Look, David! It’s so cute!” David nods at the image visible only in his mind, speaking aloud the words from the memory. “It sure is, Sarah. You have such a way with birds, my love.” A giggle comes from the speakers, the sound of Sarah’s […]

Baby Names

Author : Martyn Dade-Robertson “How about AtJohnaxith?” “What” “AtJohnaxith. I know its similar to AtRachelsynth and AtJonoheist’s youngest AtJaneith but they won’t mind will they?” “This is not a good time darling–aaaaa” AtMarystrum lay back on her bed, arched her back and dug her nails into the arm of the attending midwife. AtCiscoric sat beside […]

This is Africa

Author : Feyisayo Anjorin When I was a child growing up in Akure, surrounded by hills and tall trees, and green fields, I believed the book of genesis. The first book of the bible was said to be about the beginning of everything. The first things, the newness, the freshness, the revelation. If life indeed […]


Author : Michael Hughes Commander Gareth released the locks on the landing shuttle’s doors and took in the view as they opened to reveal a barren landscape. This wasn’t what they had seen from orbit. Both the Columbia’s sensors and their own eyes had deceived them. There was nothing to indicate that the lush forests […]

Whisked Away

Author : JT Gill Dad shuffled around the kitchen in his bathrobe slamming cabinet doors so hard they bounced back open. His muttering was punctuated with little crescendos each time something banged closed. The roar of the shuttle could be heard from outside, though greatly muffled. Still, this only added to his garish business of […]

Old Soldiers

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer He’s petrified. I can tell from the white-knuckle grip he has on his rifle, the way his eyes cannot fix on a given point for more than a few seconds. My threat scan classifies him as ‘low to negligible’. Which is a bit of a bugger as he’s one […]


Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Parker watched from the back of the car as the driver navigated the roadblocks and security checkpoints, crossed the bridge over the river and pulled into the parking lot. On any other night he would have made this drive alone, through the silent desolation, but tonight he’d been summoned, […]

There Goes My Bonus

Author : Curtis Brown “What was that?” The Sheriff turned his head to one of his deputies after they heard a low rumble somewhere outside. “Deputy, go check that out, I will handle this.” The Sheriff turned his head back to his prize: a short young man with a burnt-orange full length trench coat, spiked […]


Author : Ian Hill The day’s outlook was bright as my father woke me up with a smile on his facing, saying that it was finally time to visit the holy city. So it was that we hastily underwent our morning rhythm with a great deal of fevered haste. We, my father and I, boarded […]

Fancy That

Author : Clint Wilson, Staff Writer Flaktar entered the great senate hall dressed in his Fuztonian best. His entourage followed close behind, their own attire mimicking yet not exceeding his outfit’s grandeur. His fat grey slimy head stuck out from his tight collar, which was decorated with a series of interwoven squares and triangles. The […]

365 Tomorrows

Author : J.D. Rice “So anyway, do you want to go out Saturday night?” I asked the question abruptly, after an uncomfortable amount of small talk. Stacey’s eyes darted away from my own, looking across the park where we’d agreed to meet. I told her I just wanted to discuss our latest exam, but she […]

The Crossing

Author : Roger Dale Trexler Bruen looked out the viewport into nothing but darkness. Utter, barren blackness. “I don’t see anything,” he said. Behind him, a voice said: “Watch this.” Slowly, the lights in the room faded out. His eyes adjusted slowly to the darkness of the room and he turned once again to the […]

Boarding Action

Author : Connor Harbison “Lieutenant Chen, let out the mainsail three degrees. I want to ride this solar flare between the two cruisers. Please alert the dorsal and ventral batteries they may fire when the enemy is within sight.” Captain Aguilar smiled as the solar sails bloomed. The Barracuda had always been a quick and […]


Author : Suzanne Borchers Arnold, a four-foot bot, wiped disinfectant rags over the chairs and tables while the residents of Ever Pleasant Retirement Home slept. The night duty was routine and Arnold moved easily around the recreation room. Quiet. As always, he was alone. A shadow glided past a window. It paused at the next […]


Author : Roger Dale Trexler They stood on the western plain and watched the tornado tear apart a settlement in the distance. Nearby, to the north, half a foot of snow had already blanketed the survivors. A torrential downpour was creating mudslides to the south of them, and the sun was baking the eastern corner […]

The Modern Fauxmetheus

Author : Bob Newbell “Throw the switch!” Dr. Victor Frankenstein yelled to his assistant over the roar of the wind and the incessant peals of thunder. “Yes, master!” replied the diminutive lackey as he pulled down on the enormous knife switch on the wall of the laboratory. The low hum of the motor that lifted […]


Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer The seasonal rains have set in; bringing the battle for the planet we call Tango to a bogged-down halt. High above, the grey clouds flash blue-veined white as miniature suns blossom in orbit. The war continues across known space, committed men and women laying down their lives for a […]


Author : Roy Upton At sunrise, Artavian stands on his porch looking out over the valley. The greens and browns reassert themselves. Golden light defines the valleys and trees of the walk lands that stretch to the horizon. He sips a coffee. Sadness blurs the view as, solitary, he imagines the others out there with […]

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