Author : Tamara Rogers They gave me a million eyes. Well, not a million, more like a terra-billion, a bajillionzillion. All x to the power z equals I want it I see it. Excuse me if I’m not too precise, there’s buzzes coming in and network trails running through. Dope data distraction. Take the details […]


Author : Jackson Fitzjames Anonymous trespassing isn’t very easy in a surveillance state. Or, at least, that’s what they want you to think. The rocketbike is juddering along between my legs in a way that’s going to chafe soon. If I get any more growth spurts, I’m not going to fit on it any more, […]

Black Rider

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer “What the hell is he riding – or is that piloting?” “Riding. Even though the round bits front and rear aren’t wheels: they’re gravtac repulsor loops.” Blake turned to stare at Neville: “Nice. So what the frack is it?” Neville smiled: “Vincent Black Banshee.” “Aren’t they illegal?” “Not yet.” […]


Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer The flickering neon promise was the same as always, ‘Rooms by the Hour’ and underneath ‘Vacancy’. I knew what I would find inside. The locks on the double front doors were burned away completely leaving a metre wide hole in the surrounding glass, soft bubbled edges that were very […]

I Would Know

Author : RM Dooley The rogue tampons rolling across the trunk floor and abandoned high heel tell me it’s a girl’s car. Probably this girl’s car. I can’t move much. Duct tape binds her hands, feet, and stretches over her mouth. The taillight is kicked out and the flashlight next to her flickers in and […]

Tandem Passenger

Author : Peter R Jennings “It’s not going to work, is it”? Gentry gasped out between huge, sucking breaths. He was right next to me so I was getting his panic in stereo through my earphones. The bright, tight lines of lasers and crumping explosions flashed and strobed the night sky above the crater. This […]

Prime Numbers

Author : Elijah Goering Justin Perdan sat at communication center of mankind’s first interstellar spaceship. The Earth Ship Endurance was truly massive, containing within it tens of thousands of people and the systems to keep them alive and comfortable for centuries. It was the first manned ship ever to leave to solar system, the greatest […]

The Mind’s Lie

Author : Amber K Bryant It belongs to me. Naturally, that’s a lie. What right does a D937 Class-C AutomaGirl have to be in possession of an AI Generator? They say if you tell yourself a lie often enough, you’ll start to believe it. I found it. It belongs to me—I’ve said this enough times […]

The Last Witness of Memories

Author : Elisa Nuckle The star in the sky doesn’t move anymore. It blocks out all other light. Something new has come. She looks up through her mask and sees the colors of space, not so empty after all. Blues and yellows and browns and reds and whites. The particles that built their wandering home, […]

Hate the Player

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer The conspiracy nuts must have wet themselves when the Barraz arrived. In a global broadcast, they announced that they were making a pre-emptive move to protect their main weapons supplier. That was us. Or the chunk of us that worked within the notorious ‘military-industrial complex’. It really existed and […]

The Code

Author : Ryan Somma A software bug killed 64 people this month before it was discovered. The administrators have brought the system down and a patch is working its way through the emergency release process. It will cost the ministry $400 million in downtime after you add up all the lost productivity hours for the […]

The Argument

Author : Suzanne Borchers I polish the sterling silver door handle for the 103rd time this morning. I have been a master’s valet for more years than that. My duties have been reduced but my importance to him has never waned. His father’s father said to me, “Alfred, you are my most special invention.” I […]

180 Accident-Free Days

Author : Gray Blix The sign on the wall read, “180 ACCIDENT-FREE DAYS.” For the umpteenth time since the accident, UR4-51 climbed into an electronic parts recycling bin and positioned itself chest down on the surface of the detritus, its four motive appendages extended out for stability and its two center manipulators telescoped through a […]

Moon Rocks

Author : Gray Blix Addressing a darkened convocation of world leaders, with images projected behind him, Dr. Spitz began, “To summarize events over the last seven months, a meteor-like object exploded about 6 kilometers above China’s Wenchang Launch Center, flattening it and leaving a zone of destruction encompassing nearly 2,000 square kilometers. Tracked by telescopes […]


Author : Anthony Merklinger I sat across from it, and it sat across from me. There was nothing really aesthetic about it—exceptional, remarkable really, but nothing aesthetic. “Hello,” I said. It had arms and legs like I did, a neck as well, and a head, a spine, and entrails too if you think about it. […]

A Game Of Inches

Author : Clint Wilson, Staff Writer We had barely a minute. The ship was breaking apart. The floor dropped from beneath my feet and then crashed back into me, buckling my legs and smashing me up into the bulkhead. The captain screamed into my earpiece. “Run Ensign, run! It’s our only chance!” Rubbing the back […]

Every Angle

Author : Jae Miles I’m sitting on a rock on Hezbolla XIV. It’s a damn comfortable rock, overlooking an expanse of tundra without salient feature between me and the horizon in all directions. This is why I chose it. After four months of headlong flight, I can stop and have a cup of tea. A […]

Suburban Singularity

Author : TJMoore At 4:53 EST Ben Freen flicked the switch. An instant later the little sphere of quantum foam, gallium oxide and carbon began to get hot. It started to glow red and then white. It was power! Unending, unwavering, ever-increasing power! He had created a source of power unlike anything ever known! Unexpectedly, […]


Author : Robert King My grandfather warned me. I never listened. I always thought he was stuck in the past. A remnant of the McCarthy era — illegal FBI surveillance and all that. I’d say to him, “I don’t really care if they listen in. I’m not doing anything wrong.” He’d give me that look […]

The Beginning is Impossible and the End is Impassable

Author : Nathan Witkin “So, pushing this button will cause the entire universe to collapse?” the politician asks, still struggling with the situation. With a benevolent smile, the scientist nods. Wiping sweat from his brow, despite the growing chill of entropy, the politician continues. “So, tell me again why I should push it.” “Because the […]

Wind Chimes

Author : Sara Norja Where there is no air, there can be no wind. I miss a lot of things about Earth. Fresh bread baked by Mona’s strong hands. The smell of the sea, salt-tanged like longing. But what I think of most here in this foresaken escape pod is wind. You can’t feel solar […]


Author : S. P. Mahoney There is an utterly absurd amount of mineral wealth sitting in Sol’s asteroid belt. Was. Whatever. A nickel-iron asteroid of middling size contains enough mineral wealth to choke a multinational, if you were to bring it back to Earth. Not to mention so expensive that none of those aforementioned multinationals, […]

Cleanup Crew

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer “That’s impossible!” “Previously thought to be. Think what this does to current thinking!” “We’re going to be famous!” The two figures sat side by side on a ledge, far up on the side of the Rock of Gibraltar. At their backs was the entrance to the cave system they […]

Dinner Bell

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer Yes. The aliens came down and harvested the human race. Yes. We asked them to. That was the plan all along. We just didn’t know it. Our basic nature was installed in us by them. We were set down on this planet to evolve until overpopulation and to invent […]


Author : Ian Hill Suspended above the ethereal ocean of dense fog was a network of free-standing platforms connected by thin, low hanging wires. Each platform was suspended hundreds of feet above the roiling accumulation of toxic gases. The towers were manned by a single sentry who kept an eye on their surroundings. It was […]

Picking Isometric Cotton

Author : E.S. Wynn “Let’s go over it again.” “I don’t see the point.” Cairns said, looked up, jaundiced eyes full of fatigue, a quiet sense of desperation. “You’re going to kill me anyway. I’ve seen the way the judge looks at me. I’ve seen the jury. Doesn’t matter what I say or how I […]

The Pit

Author : C.Chatfield “…so we trumpeted nonsense about it sucking up our oxygen and our water and the godda-, pardon me, the ozone layer until it brought in enough fear money to build the dome. We said all our equipment disappeared without any readings but, the fact is, we couldn’t get any machinery through the […]


Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Martin became aware of taste of metal, then the sensation of his pulse amplified in his head. It took a few more minutes before the electric hum around him pierced the pounding, and the realization that he was bound made him open his eyes. “Martin, you’re back, I was […]

Child of Earth

Author : Cesium By the late 21st century, nanotechnology had advanced to the point where it could not only synthesize almost anything given the right elemental feedstock, but also digitize a human brain and store the mind in a virtual simulation. Concurrently, rising sea levels and increasing temperatures reduced the amount of arable land until […]

The Merlin Broadcast

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer “We are Avalon. You cannot get through the Chalice Fields that defend this green and ascendant land. Grael technology will never be yours until you accept that your monarchs have returned. Look to the radioactive wastelands you have made of Europe and Scandinavia, the ruination you have wreaked upon […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer I was so happy. Today was the day my sister Karen was going to die. Our whole family was there, blinking pictures of her and eyecamming the entire thing. She was the first person in our family to ascend. She had a lazy smile on her face as she […]

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