Fancy That

Author : Clint Wilson, Staff Writer Flaktar entered the great senate hall dressed in his Fuztonian best. His entourage followed close behind, their own attire mimicking yet not exceeding his outfit’s grandeur. His fat grey slimy head stuck out from his tight collar, which was decorated with a series of interwoven squares and triangles. The […]

365 Tomorrows

Author : J.D. Rice “So anyway, do you want to go out Saturday night?” I asked the question abruptly, after an uncomfortable amount of small talk. Stacey’s eyes darted away from my own, looking across the park where we’d agreed to meet. I told her I just wanted to discuss our latest exam, but she […]

The Crossing

Author : Roger Dale Trexler Bruen looked out the viewport into nothing but darkness. Utter, barren blackness. “I don’t see anything,” he said. Behind him, a voice said: “Watch this.” Slowly, the lights in the room faded out. His eyes adjusted slowly to the darkness of the room and he turned once again to the […]

Boarding Action

Author : Connor Harbison “Lieutenant Chen, let out the mainsail three degrees. I want to ride this solar flare between the two cruisers. Please alert the dorsal and ventral batteries they may fire when the enemy is within sight.” Captain Aguilar smiled as the solar sails bloomed. The Barracuda had always been a quick and […]


Author : Suzanne Borchers Arnold, a four-foot bot, wiped disinfectant rags over the chairs and tables while the residents of Ever Pleasant Retirement Home slept. The night duty was routine and Arnold moved easily around the recreation room. Quiet. As always, he was alone. A shadow glided past a window. It paused at the next […]


Author : Roger Dale Trexler They stood on the western plain and watched the tornado tear apart a settlement in the distance. Nearby, to the north, half a foot of snow had already blanketed the survivors. A torrential downpour was creating mudslides to the south of them, and the sun was baking the eastern corner […]

The Modern Fauxmetheus

Author : Bob Newbell “Throw the switch!” Dr. Victor Frankenstein yelled to his assistant over the roar of the wind and the incessant peals of thunder. “Yes, master!” replied the diminutive lackey as he pulled down on the enormous knife switch on the wall of the laboratory. The low hum of the motor that lifted […]


Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer The seasonal rains have set in; bringing the battle for the planet we call Tango to a bogged-down halt. High above, the grey clouds flash blue-veined white as miniature suns blossom in orbit. The war continues across known space, committed men and women laying down their lives for a […]


Author : Roy Upton At sunrise, Artavian stands on his porch looking out over the valley. The greens and browns reassert themselves. Golden light defines the valleys and trees of the walk lands that stretch to the horizon. He sips a coffee. Sadness blurs the view as, solitary, he imagines the others out there with […]

You Wouldn’t Download a Car

Author : Logan Smith Zach glanced at the time flashing in the corner of his vision. 3:58 am. Class in five hours, and he hadn’t caught a wink of sleep. He took his glasses off, setting them on their charging dock before turning back to his computer. The newest Tesla design had hit the market […]

The Replacement Husband

Author : Ken Poyner I could have had him made with a synthetic skin that reeks a constant temperature, that adjusts to pressure, that could be washed with soap and water. He does not care, but it would be physically easier on me, and more comfortable for the neighbors. At a distance, he would blend […]

Zxandra’s Summer

Author : Michael Rafferty On the morning of the third Wednesday in September the eighth grade class of Halsey Charter school prepared to give their “What I did for summer” theme speech. The class was small; twenty-four mostly well off kids. Richie Greenwall began with six weeks touring Europe followed by Chrisy Peck at her […]

A Sneeze

Author : Aiza Mohd “A SNEEZE A singular moment during which your eyes, your nose, your mouth, every feature of your head all simultaneously forget who they are and what they are doing and have a mini existentialist explosion.” My handwriting is childlike after my reconstruction; I hold the pen with all my fingers, as […]

Ever Forward

Author : S T Xavier Gunfire. Small explosions. A hand on the back of my neck, pushing me down towards the small opening to the tunnel. Fragments of wood and rock under my hands and knees as I crawl through the darkness, following the distant sounds of those who went before me. One larger explosion […]

The Prisoner

Author : Roger Dale Trexler Carpenter awoke in a tree, but the body he was in was no longer his own. They had taken that away from him, too…. just like they had stolen and plagiarized his work and called it their own. He moved, but his motions were not human. Not quite. Then, he […]

Six Degrees of Sky

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer Ravella is a blighted world, riven and sundered before man ventured into space. The race or races responsible are hopefully dust as well, because the fury they vented upon this planet was breathtaking in its totality. But whoever – or whatever – held Ravella dear was not to be […]

In Case of Emergency

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Sergeant Brake sat in the makeshift barracks reviewing the intelligence briefing he’d been handed just moments before. “These used to come on paper,” he waved the digital tablet at the spit and polished runner who’d brought him the device. The younger man was waiting for some sort of feedback […]


Author : Chris McCormick Drone sat upon the empty dresser. A lithe little bundle of rods, wires and wings atop the last piece of furniture not yet pawned. From here it trained a camera upon another little bundle on a pile of towels on the floor. This warm little bundle had stopped crying now. It […]

A Lesson in Being Human

Author : Doug Robbins His body was made of metal and instead of eyes, he had light sensors that flashed when someone got with in ten feet of him. ”Am I more human than you,” the robot asked his human class. The human students looked at each other. One student, Todd Hallowell spoke up. ”Maybe?” […]

Enhanced Matching

Author : CR Briffett Welcome to Perfect Match. Please sign in through one of your professional or social media networks. Thank you, we will now gather all of your digital data. When you are ready to meet a perfect match, simply come down to one of our centres, donate a saliva sample and we’ll take […]


Author : Roger Dale Trexler I knew she was dead when I saw the blood. It floated by me and splattered silently on the console. Everyone else—Yanders, Diorino, and Rector—was dead, too. They were floating at the far side of the cabin, congregated strangely like a bunch of line dancers doing the Conga. Zero gravity […]


Author : Bob Newbell “This is the day it all ends,” said Brosh. “Why don’t you take one of the mood stabilizers the doctor prescribed?” asked Querna, Brosh’s wife. She often wondered why she’d married Brosh. If I’d married that engineer who had a crush on me, she thought to herself, I’d probably be enjoying […]

Ark of Mirrors

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer One ingredient can change so much. In this case, it caused a genocide that’s lasting my entire life. It’s my birthday today. Me and my siblings. Well, I call them my siblings but they’re just hundreds of variations on a theme. Millibicentadodecaheptuplets, technically. One thousand, two hundred and 19 […]


Author : Roger Dale Trexler The ship closed in on Earth. They’d been there many, many times before: Easter Island, the Pyramids, and the South American crop circles. Three tweenagers looking for adventure. It was off limits for them to come to Earth, but that was the very reason they were there. Tredac sat at […]

Send in the Drones

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer “Bald Eagle, this is Leopard, are you receiving?” “Leopard, good to have you back. Confirm reinforcements. ETA three minutes.” “Bald Eagle, this is Leopard: abort, abort, abort. Total loss inevitable.” “Leopard, intel disagrees. Target is viable. Enemy has no backup.” “Bald Eagle, when will you people listen? The enemy […]


Author : Tommy Walker Brian awoke from a blissful and exhausted sleep in his wide and comfortable bed. A successful business had provided a plush penthouse apartment with every possible luxury. He rolled, half conscious feeling for her, the silver haired girl he’d met and shared his bed with last night. All he found was […]

Speculative Fiction

Author : Bob Newbell Frejj glided two meters above the street of the marketplace, each pulsation of his gelatinous, umbrella-shaped body propelling him forward through the green chlorine atmosphere toward the cafe at the end of the street. Seeing his friend, Vallier, resting on a pedestal, he floated over to join him. Vallier held a […]

Halfway House

Author : Rick Tobin Jason’s pale fingers trembled hesitantly across his gray suit pants. His first suit. Any job. Take anything. His father’s pleading reverberated like a taiko drum. Sweaty palms left dark trails across his scrawny thighs. He gulped. Worms wriggled in his stomach from the Dulce elevator speeding a hundred feet below burning […]

Door Number One

Author : Christopher Stewart Everything was powered up, the switch thrown, and she stepped through, crossing the threshold out of nowhere. I remember everything about her so clearly. Not that she was remarkable, other than appearing out of nowhere, but shooting the instrument panels of the machine demanded attention, y’know? She said, “You will not […]

The Last Emergency

Author : Jason Zinnerman Perched high on a sturdy branch, the man marveled at the intruders’ precarious fortune. They tight roped the border between likely and more likely death by landing in the hard green clearing instead of the dusty sun scorched wasteland just beyond their reach. The man monkeyed from branch to branch through […]

Wired Heart

Author : James Langley Dr. Livett tapped at the graphene strap around her wrist and the beachside illusion dissolved into nothing. She stood in the sterile, empty white room; the fragrant ocean breeze replaced by the smarting odour of bleach. She redressed into her uniform, the white pyrowool jumpsuit that clung tighter than a leotard, […]

I’ve Seen Things…

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