Paradox Lost

Author : Bob Newbell “You’re gone, aren’t you, Pete?” I ask my beloved dog who now stares up at me without recognition. His breathing is fast and deep. There are flecks of blood around his mouth. I’ve been coughing up blood, too. So has every surviving member of the human race, I imagine. I caress […]


Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer Detective Narda looked about the scene in horror. Some of the colours of blood on the walls and ceiling he didn’t have a name for. A couple weren’t even in his visible spectrum – his forensic scanner added them to his augmented vision as blue dots or green stripes. […]


Author : Kristin Kirby Monday, March 7: Hi, loyal readers! Remember last week how I blogged about that guy in front of me at the salad bar who held the tongs hostage so long they developed Stockholm syndrome? Well, today he must have spent fifteen minutes arranging his cherry tomatoes on their lettuce bed so […]


Author : Farah Rahman Intelligence on the ground was that insurgents from the Afghan border were hours away from seizing control of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal with the help of North Korea. So NATO drops the bomb on Waziristan and Pyongyang. Meanwhile, a woman gives birth in the mountains. A blinding white light bathes the land […]

Quaratined by Loneliness

Author : Kate Runnels Asker station orbited the now uninhabited planet of Asker II. Yun was the only one left on the station; the only one left in the system for all he knew. No one had responded to his distress signal, no one responded from below and the only craft were on the surface. […]

The Handshake

Author : Hillary Lyon Casey waited in line for more than two hours when the rain started. A soft, misty rain that chilled him to the bone; he tightly crossed his arms and shivered. Even if he caught a cold, attending this event would still be worth it. Maybe, he wondered, he’d get an autograph, […]

Pricy Vision

Author : Alfonso P. Posadas Jr. “Here you go, hun.” Byron McGrath placed the Prosthetic Sight head strap upon his daughter, Molly. It had taken over a year to acquire the necessary papers and signatures for both the hospital and insurance company to allow Molly to enter the rehabilitation program so that she could regain […]

Markovian Parallax Designate

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer “Hello darkness my old friend –” “Really? Nigh-on twenty years of this and you still think I’m your friend?” “It was in reference to a song. As you only ever visit when everything else is dark, it seemed appropriate.” “I know the bloody tune. There’s even a recent cover […]

Orbital Decay

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Lewis unzipped the duffle bag on the table so the stacks of paper bills were visible. “Space suits are expensive,” Sweet had told him, “and you not bring back.” Sweet eyed the contents of the bag from a distance. “It’s all there? I don’t have to count?” Lewis shook […]

A Party

Author : John Carroll I wade deeper into the syrupy present as the drug saturates my blood. It is a hallucinogen. The deck party envelopes me like a parrot’s wings. The air becomes delicious. Through the interactive viewscreen of this observation deck that extends outward from our glittering orbital city, Jupiter can be seen hanging […]

The Engine Room

Author : Philip Berry I placed the flat of my hand against the thick wall and felt the vibration of a hundred thousand pistons moving in synchrony. Pressing an ear, I heard the high hiss of gas igniting under pressure, expanding, driving the piston heads and collapsing into vacuums. Then, the whir of the great […]

Bad For Business

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer Mark waited just inside the shadows of the alley. Outside, people bustled past with their heads down. Nobody made eye contact with passers-by. Lens readers and the urban legends about malware being zipped into your headware by opti-flash kept everyone down. The real threat of eye-poppers seemed to be […]

The Print Shop

Author : Sallie Lau I am listening to Ocean Acidification and the Prisoners of Omega when they come in. It’s the 0.05 mark of this Mu-sec. Of course it’s them. Them and their perfectly-proportioned domains. I doodle on a spare beta sheet, feigning indifference. But now they’re standing right across from me and I can […]


Author : John Carroll I wondered if the pain in my ribs had woken me up, or if it was the sterile stench of the gelatin. It was probably a combination of both. The pirate standing in front of me noticed that I was awake. She didn’t look any older than 24 standard. “Good morning,” […]


Author : Bob Newbell I’m running out of material, at least material that can be readily utilized. A year ago it was the waste heat generated by my own replication process that necessitated slowing down my expansion. Now, it’s the geothermal gradient. On average, for every kilometer down from the surface of the Earth I […]

The Face Behind the Glass

Author : J.D. Rice I fell. My body twisted and turned for what seemed like minutes, but through my bio-suit I didn’t feel a thing. The artificial gravity system and inertial dampeners built into the suit made sure that even a fall like this felt more like diving into a deep swimming pool. The world […]

The Sun Cult

Author : Sharon Molloy The bean juice tastes as bitter as it always does. I drink it only to stay awake and so live another day. The rest of the tribe piously swallows it as part of the sun worship ritual. They also swallow stupidly circular logic: This plant is the sun’s favorite, because the […]

Stricken From the Record of Space and Time

Author : Charlie Sandefer The elderly scientist took a nervous breath before he stepped into the machine. He typed in May 23, 2016 and flipped the switch on the center console. The machine began to shake violently. His frail frame was slammed against his seat. He tightened every muscle in his body, fighting against the […]

Stuck on Libby

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer There’s a blue moon above and it’s nothing more than that. Here on Libby, the moons are blue. The rocks here are all shades of blue thanks to a chemical process that occurred during the creation of this planet. The vegetation is blue because Alistair Peabody was a hopeless […]

Forever High

Author : Joshua Doyle We could have seen it coming for a couple of years. Identification of pathways that lead to cell aging, the discovery of a method of removing the “unwanted side effects” from THC, the discovery that tetrahydrocannabinol could be used to target and suppress specific gene expression pathways. Each discovery was compartmentalized […]

Lost Account of the Misty Islands

Author : Stephen Ahlgrim May 16, 1787 I cannot pretend to hide my excitement. My ship sets sail today, to the Misty Islands I had only read in folklore. Origin of the Species sits apprehensively on top of my sack. I am certain that Darwin’s spirit is as anxious to see the fabled Homo Triumphus as much […]

The Progressive School

Author : Katie Krantz The woman and the school were equally sleek. Her hair and the metal exterior both shined: their luster was unnatural in the most pristine sense. Her heels clicked against the dark wood floors, and she gestured with her long, black nails to the various facets of the building, to classrooms, pods […]

Vessel Virgins

Author : Rick Tobin “This one, it’s too close. Something’s wrong!” Taylor Hines tapped the green screen, yelling at Corus, as her brilliant, red-scaled hands clawed the communications panel. “Ogira 6. Ogira 6. Back away point three apars from the dwarf star. Ogira, respond.” Static and deep-space warbles returned on the speaker. A snarling, high-pitched […]

Gravity of the Situation

Author : Bob Newbell The low rumbling sound in my starship goes up in both pitch and volume. Even through the Koliada’s graviton fields and inertia attenuators, I can feel the vessel shuddering. “Computer, report!” “We have dropped out of FTL,” says my ship. “We are caught in a massive gravitational field.” “Show me.” A […]

Death Threat

Author : Beck Dacus “I’m here, Vickers,” Ricky said, walking in to the wire-filled room, setting down his backpack and collapsing into the chair in front of the monitor. “I got the guy. What was his name?” “Irwin Farlow,” Vickers said from upstairs. “You captured his mind, how do you not know his name?” “I […]

Hydrogen Butterfly

Author : Glenn S. Austin It was the first ship to be outfitted with the Time Jump and the Magnetic Field Drive. It was the perfect pairing of technology. The right tool for the specific research that Gleason was pursuing. Traverse back in time billions of years to when the Sun was just a cloud […]

True Love

Author : Todd Wells Jon approached the pearly gates. The kindly old man smiled. “Welcome,” he said. “Here, everyone spends their immortal life together with their true love. Soon, you will be reunited with your wife, Julie.” “That’s wonderful. Thank you so much!” Jon entered the gates at peace, knowing that before long he would […]

Better Than Reality

Author : J.D. Mraz A man snores on his pseudo-leather recliner, the remote dangling between his half closed fingers. He is bald, the white of his stomach hairy and stained with unwashed sweat. The light of the TV dances along the wall, ballerinas at play. His stomach rises and falls at uneven intervals while popcorn […]

Strength In Numbers

Author : A. A. Woods When I approached the dominant species of that vibrant blue planet, they bowed to me as their new ruler. Queen, they called me. Big oneness. They allowed me into their web of minds without hesitation. I entered their war-ravaged colonies and granted them peace. Unity. In return, they ended my […]


Author : Andreea Daia Yesterday’s art show was a disaster. Again. No surprise that Howard was a jerk, but this time he called me a wuss in front of Aliena. “Your solar system looks like it’s been blustered by a magnetic storm. Don’t tell me you think anything could live there. Aww… The wuss is […]


Author : Austen Woodward It had been a normal Saturday, I’d got up, done my hair, my makeup, slipped on my dress and walked out of the house, making sure to lock the door behind me as my parents always sleep in and are worried about intruders. I turned the key in the ignition and […]

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