She Who Weaves

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer I woke to one of those ‘phantom impacts’ on the bed. The source of the bump was one of the legs of the spider looming over me. I will admit to squealing a little before grabbing my glasses to restore things into perspective. The glasses allowed me to focus […]

Tipping Point

Author : Rick Tobin “I need a short break. You,” he directed, pointing to his second. “Move the weapons to the dark side of the planet. We may be able to hold them off there if we can hide the missiles during transit.” The junior officer nodded and began sending orders to the remaining resistance […]

Asymmetric Warfare

Author : Bob Newbell Another Ezerfol battle cruiser came in from the inner system and joined the other vessels surrounding the Earth ship. The latter was the UESS Curtis Newton commanded by United Earth Defense Captain Anton Tao. Tao and his crew were wanted by the militaries of both Earth and Ezerfol. The former wanted […]

The Politics of Non Sequitur

Author : David Botticello When the Nezzan ambassador abruptly walked out of a Council session, nobody really thought much of it. It was a time-honored method showing political irritation. Not that the Nezzan had ever used it before. They were a quiet species—fundamentally reasonable we thought—but quiet. Ideal citizens, really. The Nezzan introduced themselves into […]

The Tower

Author : William Ovide Richardson On a clear day, the tower was a perfect filament of white, stretching from its mile-wide root before you to its faded terminus directly over your head. The human mind is not accustomed to seeing straight lines at such massive scales. It interprets them as curves, and since the tower […]

Defying Nature

Author : Dominic Constable Jacob stood in his garden. The sky was clear and the sun cast it’s early morning, summer rays across the long strip of grass where the clover had taken hold, it’s white flowers, scattered across the green vista. He could hear the hum of the bees and see the glowing green […]

Don’t Touch That

Author : Cheryl Wood Ruggiero You’re right. I really should not have touched it. I certainly know better. My mother always told me not to touch odd things I found in the woods. I told my own children the same, and my grandchildren. But it was so shiny. And so smooth. And when I touched […]

Drake Park

Author : Gray Blix Late afternoon in Drake Park. In the red-orange light of the setting sun, he walks down the path towards the footbridge and pauses. Should he cross the river or turn and walk along the… A bicycle blur brushes by him and swoops onto the footbridge, barely missing a woman and toddler. […]

Tunnel Rats

Author : Rick Tobin “You speak English, Mario? I don’t know German and you don’t speak French.” Emil put the phosphorescent torch down by the other resting miner. They took their break secretly, amid the dust and constant reverberation from other slaves mining the deep caverns. “Some. Little bit. We speak here. So deep few […]

A New Beginning

Author : Nick Sousa My senses returned to me slowly as I took stock of my surroundings. “We’ve been watching, and waiting for quite some time. Your last day on earth has come and passed. You’re safe now, and you will never have to return to earth ever again. Take some time to familiarize yourself […]

Help Wanted

Author : Suzanne Borchers “Hey, Cuz, why are you sitting on that refuse pile?” George5 glided by snickering. “Thought you were high end, not dead end!” Eddie kicked at the garbage beneath him. He couldn’t be obsolete! He could still warm and cool his skin with just a thought. He should have had two more […]

The Utopia Society

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer Upon a world a lot like our own, amidst ruins of wonders long fallen, there lies a single legible artefact, its surface unblemished by time, with words still clear under the transparent layer that keeps its metallic surface pristine. Year 0001 U.S.T. We are The Utopia Society, and we […]


Author : Bob Newbell “Another ten billion dollars a year?!” said the Senator incredulously. “And that on top of the billions already spent annually? And for a scientific toy that only worked one time for a few minutes? And that had some kind of radiation leak or something right after you switched it on? You […]


Author : Beck Dacus For most the difference between being stranded on an island and being stranded on a distant planet is merely numerical. But while stranded on the planet Ergingad, I could feel it. Probes had been there before, so it had been explored. We knew about the atmosphere, gravity, composition and anything else […]


Author : Amy Sutphin Sargent Pedlson watched the foggy mass forming through the streets from his birds eye vantage in the radio tower. It was thinner than traditional fog, but behaved as though fluid. The ghost oozed through the streets, around the houses, creeping though any crack or crevice it found. Pedlson knew the chemical […]

God must have blinked

Author : Helstrom “Hey honey, come look at this.” I took my bearings and found Samantha’s voice, drew a bead on it and pinched space in her direction. She was far out on the edge of the universe, casually riding the expanding frontier. “What is it?” “Have a look. Out there.” “There’s nothing out there.” […]

Shutters on Main

Author : Matthew Marchitto The rain was heavy and it blurred the faces of the crowd on Main Street. Deb stood in an alley off to the side watching the people move like a herd of cattle. Neon signs for places like Rucker’s Bar and the Harlot Peepshow glowed with muted light. A billboard down […]

What We Remember

Author : Thomas Desrochers Tomov couldn’t help but climb up to the marble altar. It was underwhelming: red shroud embroidered with a white shepherd, a single candle, an offering of roses. A quiet place, hidden from the world by the rows of towering quartz, the vast and ancient ceiling hidden by their upper reaches. The […]

Mr. Clean

Author : Rick Tobin “C’mon, judge, you can’t be serious. That’s an old Earth name for an ancient product. There can’t possibly be trademark claims. There isn’t anything living in North America…it’s under a mile of ice.” Praxton Billings sat up straight before the judge. He rubbed his mustache a few times. Nerves. “We, the […]

The Roamer

Author : Ian Hill Tumultuous ocean waves crashed against the ship’s vertical hull, spraying the flat deck with salt, white froth, and chunks of viscera torn from oceanic creatures by the raging storm that had passed over only a few minutes before. The vessel crested the dune-like water’s ridges and sunk low in the valleys, […]

Spanners and Dust

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer They call me Wrench. It’s not particularly imaginative, but it does the job. Just like Socket, who still has a case to keep all the fiddly bits together. I like the adaptability and extra weight of a wrench, though. Socket has to be sneaky, coz if he hits anyone […]

Will Work For Electricity

Author : Gray Blix [In the control room they hear what she hears in stereo and see what she sees on left and right vision monitors.] A well-dressed man is sitting behind a desk, talking on the phone. His tag IDs him as “Technical Recruiter.” She stands nervously until he gestures for her to be […]

The Ripening of the Blue

Author : Tom Hadrava I will lock you in the dark. You begin as a pale blue grain of sand taken from an indigo desert. Hold on to life. It is not easy, I agree. Life keeps coming in gusts of wind, short as a sale at a bazaar stall. Soon, it will become a […]

Between This and That

Author : Timothy Goss Mr Lipscombe finished his sandwich. The bars to the metal cage rattled as he secured the lock. It was a necessary precaution; things were not always as they should be, he remembered especially with new blood. The cage was constructed for maximum security and built into the fabric of the house. […]

Research Authorization

Author : David Atos Professor Samuel fidgeted excitedly as the chroniton engines whined down. His movements caused showers of Cherenkov radiation in the chamber of the time machine. In his left hand was an audio recorder filled with his observations of early Macedonian pottery techniques. He was certain that his discoveries would earn him tenure […]

Post Oblivion

Author : Clint Wilson, Staff Writer “And what is the world?” The teacher asked the pupil. The student’s joints straightened as it stood tall, nearly a millimetre, big for a ninety minute old, and it answered. “A jagged chunk of rock, roughly seventy-six kilometres long and forty-two kilometres wide, orbiting the sun.” “And how many […]


Author : A. Katherine Black The bulkhead door’s round window slowly split in two as Clyde’s vision skewed. He continued pushing air from his lungs. That’s it, his lungs yelled, none left, but he knew they lied like everything did eventually, so he kept on blowing. Every bit of Earth air must be purged. The […]

Hard Case

Author : Bob Newbell The passport control agent looks at me and sighs. “Another one,” he says succinctly. His use of “one” rather than the epithet “shellhead” probably has little to do with concern that I might be offended. The woman in front of me got a “Have a nice day” from the man. I […]

Behold Ragnarök

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer There is an unacknowledged transcript of the end of Twentieth Fleet. It surfaced a few years after the event that removed a small star system at the far edge of the Milky Way from existence in a flash of glorious colours and strange radiation. We suspect that the lost […]


Author : Brian Olszewski The room reeked of burnt flesh. A fluorescent green halo blinked from the ceiling; the emergency lights animated the thick vapor swirling at the lab’s center, partially occluding the operating table. Two special-ops soldiers entered, with guns drawn, fanning to either side of the door. Each zigzagged the light beaming from […]

Sucked Dry

Author : Kevin L Zaizo sipped on his beer as the ship’s proximity sensor started beeping loudly. His drone, MAX, inquired “You really think this is a good idea? That Kavryan dreadnought in front of us has enough firepower to take out half a planet. Getting rid of a parasite ship like us would be […]

I’ve Seen Things…

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