Author : Suzanne Borchers Arnold, a four-foot bot, assists an elderly woman by holding her drink in one hand and supporting her upright with the other. He had been superseded so many times that today his job is tending the grannies and granddads at Ever Pleasant Retirement Home. After she has been slowly lowered down […]


Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer The night is slashed with beams of white light and the sky is spotted with technicolour detonations. “Who does that? I ask you. Who does that?” I don’t know how Mitchell can talk and run at this speed. I shrug in reply and keep going. We pulled up in […]

The Year Rounders

Author : Clint Wilson, Staff Writer A stadium-sized vehicle crawled along on massive tracks to my right. I hadn’t been awarded a sleep cycle for ninety-eight kilometres and was well overdue when the klaxon finally sounded. Not slowing my pace an iota I looked up and saw a half-dozen citizens lowering themselves down the nearby […]

Take Me Dancing

Author : Brent Benton Marsha leaned back and surveyed the sky from the park bench. “Johnny, will you take me dancing?” “Dancing? Marsha, how can you talk about dancing when things have gone to hell? They force us to sleep outside and barely feed us, and you talk about dancing? Where?” She gazed at one […]

Inexplicable Reflector

Author : Jay Haytch Did they teach you in school why the Soviet Union broke up? The story everyone ‘knew’ was of internal strife and bureaucratic inefficiency, but really it was Space Science. In 1986 we discovered a… ‘thing,’ which stellar parallax put about 107 light-years away. It seemed to perfectly mirror the spectrum of […]

Refugees From The Singularity

Author : Bob Newbell “Well, Sammy, they’re all heading out.” Sammy, the brown tabby cat sitting on my lap, is unconcerned by the slowly enlarging starburst on the holodisplay. Spacecraft tracks. Almost all outbound. Heading away from the dot at the center. Earth. Sammy’s ears perk up at the sound of an incoming transmission. Another […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer I’m 43. A year on Carroway is fifty-six earth years long. Its long, lazy, almost-circular orbit kept it temperate for that whole time but the ecosystem had evolved to create 126 distinct ‘seasons’. I’d read of Earth’s four seasons of summer, winter, spring and fall repeating every twelve months. […]

A Strange Thing About Portals

Author : P. Djeli Clark An extra-dimensional portal has opened up in my grocer’s freezer. Not a giant portal, that might send out shaggy mammoth blue beetles with a thousand legs–like what happened to poor Doyle McDonald out at the granary (no one’s still quite certain where that beetle’s gone, though pets and livestock are […]


Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer “Ten o’clock. Eight o’ clock. Nine. Left. Four. Tang dynasty.” The wavelength goes to static and I roll off the bed, lean back to kiss Tamara, then carry my clothes out of the bedroom and dress in the lounge. My daughter, Sarah, is a light sleeper and if she […]

The Archivist

Author : Roger Dale Trexler “It’s amazing,” Hennrich Gould said. He shook his head in disbelief. “A pristine live recording of Robert Johnson….and with songs that have never been released! Where’d you find it?” James Robinson smiled. He reached forward and clicked off the iPod on the table between them. “It’s an archive,” he said. […]

True Love

Author : Lesley Carhart I want a divorce. I might say it, but as usual, the only sound is the crisp autumn leaves scattering across the gravestones. I glance over to Stephen across the frost-singed grass, and I know he’s thinking the same thing. On these cold days, we’ve both considered it, for over ninety […]

The Planet

Author : Richard D. Deverell We all knew the story. Every child my age had grown up with it. Though the governmental space agencies had long since faded into obscurity and private companies began the exploration and plunder of the solar system, the governments continued long-range research. NASA, ESA, and JAXA stunned the world when […]

A Cello For Amadeus

Author : Caesar Voghan The doorbell rang. “Welcome to the Emporium,” I shouted over my shoulder. Before the door closed, a gust of bone-splitting December wind sneaked inside and coiled around my ankles. I quickly shoved the stack of old vinyls aside and laid the refurbished Stradivari on the shelf. When I turned, the chimpanzee […]


Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer I found Gaze at the Drake right where I expected him to be; in the furthest corner from the entrance in a booth which no doubt had the cleanest sight-lines in the club. Between the wire-head and I lounged a crowd of slack-jawed men and barely dressed entertainers; dockers […]


Author : Roger Dale Trexler We dropped out of warp near the wreckage. Navigator Needham did a fine job and I intended to recommend him for a commendation—if we came back from the assignment. I walked to the view screen and looked out. Ahead of us, less than a parsec away, I saw the wreckage […]

Drawing Hands

Author : Aaron Koelker The Mind was thrown into turmoil the day we created our creators. Some saw it as a Babel-esque misstep. Others thought it was akin to slitting our own lines and oiling out. All saw it leading to ruin. The Boy was called just that. Grown in a tank after a century […]


Author : Leslie Bohem Kevin, in his early thirties, upwardly mobile, does not look like he belongs in this dank alley. He started coming down about six months ago. At first, maybe once every couple of weeks, then once a week, then every couple of days. Now, he comes every day. He comes for the […]


Author : Kevlin Henney Not sure what to do now. No, that’s not true. I know precisely what to do, but I don’t really feel like doing it. Sense of awareness is, as always, the first thing to come online. >>> Initializing sense of awareness… Done It’s at that point you become, well, aware, waking […]

Returns Policy

Author : Rosalie Kempthorne The creature was hideous. It was lopsided for one thing, and where its left arm should be there was only a stump. To say nothing of the slimy green tentacles that hung off its shoulder where a right arm was meant to go. Its misshapen face had one good – almost […]


Author : Bob Newbell “Your hot coffee, sir,” says the Inteeri waiter as he places the beverage on the table in front of me. “Thanks. Here’s–” The short alien that looks vaguely like an anthropomorphic armadillo shuffles away before I can offer him a tip. At no time while serving me does he make eye […]

I Am Battalion

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer The terrain is ideal for them, and they will take every advantage of the variegated cover: tiered platforms that scatter this little roomscape. Plus they have the advantage of looking like the indigenes. It is a good thing that I was tasked to interdict this zone. No other unit […]

The Irony of Science

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Time. I joked once with her that it was simply the thing that stopped everything from happening at once. When she asked me for space I laughed, and said “Of course you can have space, if you didn’t, everything would be happening right here.” That’s not what she meant. […]

The Sentinel

Author : Roger Dale Trexler THE SENTINEL They found it. They found the edge of the universe. And they found the sentinel there. EARLIER Harrison knew this was it. Beyond, there were no stars, just utter blackness. “My God,” he said. “I didn’t think we’d ever find it.” Ramsey looked at him. The lines on […]

Skimmers and Soap Bubbles

Author : Alicia Cole “Watch out for that kid!” Tanya swerves, kicking the drive gear into second. Our hover skimmer chugs left, close cropping a row of season’s end corn. She nudges the engine to a full stop and settles in the field. Trash spills out of the can the kid was loading. He stands […]

Stepping Stones

Author : Bob Newbell It’s rotating. It doesn’t look like it, but instruments show that it is. Right now it takes around 24 hours to complete one rotation. Since it’s just over two miles in diameter at its center, the amount of centrifugal “gravity” being generated right now is negligible. That’ll change. The drivers will […]

The Hero of Time

Author : Glenn Leung He was the Hero of time, that was all we knew. For millenia, long before he was born and long after he had died, he had been saving the world. An alien invasion two hundred years in the future, a genocidal plague three hundred years in the past, had all been […]


Author : Bob Newbell “Please be careful getting up, Mr. Turner,” says the tinny, sing-song voice of the robotic surgeon. “Some dizziness and disorientation are to be expected.” Other medical automata extend thin mechanical arms to help me to my feet. I still can’t believe I went through with it. I keep expecting to wake […]


Author : William Tham I screamed. Green spots of oxidation on silver-lined instruments. The porthole encased in fire, through which I vaguely saw the curvature of the earth, the Scandinavian peninsula hurtling below me, followed swiftly by the frozen wastes of the North Pole under spiralling clouds a hundred kilometres across, and then over the […]

Hard Day’s Night

Author : Suzanne Borchers “Good evening, Susan.” The desktop robot’s eye blinked as the gender-neutral voice greeted her. Susan had arrived home from an 18 hour shift of nursing casualties at the local pub/hospital. She slammed the front door behind her. “I have to remain cheerful, smiling, and upbeat for destitute, half-alive drudges caught in […]


Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer “Why are we all the way out here? If we had taken the Rigel mission, I could have been home for mid-winter revel.” Chapni sighed. That was the problem with the Urulaunk; they had this thing about partying. Preferably with as many like-minded multi-limbed beings as possible. For the […]


Author : Kieron Walquist As of this moment, I am a ten-year-old Eskimo, lying on the beach in the frigid rain, stone-cold and lifeless. However, that could all change in an instant. My father, for now, is a humpback whale, circling the shallow waters that lap upon the shore, crying out to me in a […]

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