The Merlin Broadcast

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer “We are Avalon. You cannot get through the Chalice Fields that defend this green and ascendant land. Grael technology will never be yours until you accept that your monarchs have returned. Look to the radioactive wastelands you have made of Europe and Scandinavia, the ruination you have wreaked upon […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer I was so happy. Today was the day my sister Karen was going to die. Our whole family was there, blinking pictures of her and eyecamming the entire thing. She was the first person in our family to ascend. She had a lazy smile on her face as she […]

The Writing on the World

Author : George R. Shirer “Well,” murmured Agent Dumphy, “you don’t see that every day.” Brillson didn’t reply. He was too busy squinting at the luminous graffiti covering the alley wall. “How many people do you think have seen this?” asked Dumphy. Brillson pursed his lips. “Back here? Bunch a winos and some garbage men. […]

Clean Slate

Author : Bob Newbell “It’ll cost me that much?!” asked the thin man in a louder voice than he’d intended. The man in the black suit who sat across from him in the coffee shop leaned in and gestured for him to lower his voice. “For the service you require, Mr. Dalrymple, the cost is […]

The Long Game

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer “Sweeper, what about that clump at five o’clock low to you?” “Negative on that, Houston. It may show as solid, but visual shows it’s a mass of sub-kilo pieces in close formation.” “Roger that, Sweeper. Your next action is twenty-seven clicks toward homebase.” “Twenty-seven clicks dawnwards it is. Sweeper […]


Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Teddy shifted into second gear as the pickup crested the hill, her forearms burning from the long climb and having to fight a leaky steering pump the entire way. “I don’t understand why you disabled the power assist Teddy, you make things so much harder-” Teddy cut her passenger […]


Author : Lester L Weil “Are you sure you want to do this,” he asked. “If so, you need to sign this release. We may be on another planet, but Earth laws apply on this station.” Hell yes I want to do this. I grabbed the paper and signed. I was excited. We had captured […]

Visual Effects

Author : Josh Escobar (Host) Welcome, tonight we have a very interesting guest with us. Please welcome [REDACTED]. (Clapping) [REDACTED] Thank you, it’s great to be here. I’m a huge fan of the program. (Host) The pleasure is all mine. For those who don’t know, please tell our audience what you do? [REDACTED] I’m a […]

The Night Lotus

Author : Matt Handle Dex felt the sleek machine between his legs thrum even deeper when he twisted the throttle, opening it up to full speed as he zipped through the streets of Central City. He weaved in and out of traffic as the wheelgaunts honed in on his signal. He could sense them getting […]

Keen Mind

Author : Tino Didriksen The two young men have visited me twice per week in the past months, asking me to tell them stories about my past. Anything at all that I want to talk about is fine with them, they say, but I’ve noticed that their eyes light up a little more when I […]

Who Are You?

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer I looked into the eyes of my husband. At least, I was pretty sure it was my husband. Ever since The Crash, I haven’t been able to tell. Our implants and knowledge banks were all erased on that one day. Theories were still being talked about. Some think a […]

Thinking The Pain

Author : P. S. Walker She walked proudly into the office area, where there was a man tied to a chair. She was wearing a grey pin striped suit over her lanky figure, her brunette hair was tied into a pony tail. She also wore a surgical mask and latex gloves. “I swear I didn’t […]

Singularity’s Detritus

Author : Ryan Somma “Hello Alpha,” my own voice greeted me. “Do you have a moment?” Actually, I had come out to the park, away from computers and smart TVs, to get away from him—no–it. I cursed my oversight and resisted the urge to throw the phone into the nearby river. I was more than […]

Fingernails, Please

Author : G. Deyke “Fingernails, please.” The girl smacked her gum, fussed with her hair a little, and turned her attention back to her phone. After a few seconds she glanced up again, clearly irritated: “Well?” “Right. Um.” Thomas suppressed the urge to look at the fingernails she was currently wearing. “Color?” “Green. Do you […]


Author : Phillip English She had already worn a great many Hats when the one she was wearing failed. Milliners weren’t technically (and legally, she supposed) allowed to let you know which Hat you had worn for the day that you wore it, but she had found pictures of herself on the ‘net by what […]

Not That Easy

Author : James Garrison It burned. His hands were on fire. Flesh popped and crackled like bacon. He would not stop. Could not. It was now or never. The crystal snicked into place. Waves of backlashing temporal energy erupted through him. His arm was gone. He collapsed to the charred floor. It was over. He’d […]


Author : D M Allan Confusion. Disorientation. We…? We! Yes…yes, we are. I/we are we/I. I/we are/is too many. Who am I? Jason. I am Jason. No, we are Jason. Both of we. Both is two. Too many. We/I remember Jason. I/we am Jason. Why Jason twice? I/we look into a mirror and see Jason, […]

Token Hope

Author : Jeffrey Veregge I died today. Death did not just gently tap on my door. My entire being was vaporized in a hot flash at the expense of a highly calibrated laser beam. Pain was not an issue this time as it was almost instantaneous. This time you ask? Sadly this was not my […]

Ship’s Ghost

Author : Clint Wilson, Staff Writer Almost everyone on board had reported seeing it here or there in the dimly lit passages of the ship. I had not yet had the pleasure. Perhaps because I usually worked the greenhouses. But I had now been reassigned for a time to engineering. They needed some strong bodies […]

Stars Go Out

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer It was a beautiful night to watch the stars go out. The grass rustled softly in the wind. Small waves scudded across the pond as other families unpacked night time picnics. The clouds had been removed for the viewing so we could see the beautiful night sky in all […]


Author : Cesium My office glows all night long, It’s a nuclear show and the stars are gone. Wind howls past my helmet and something unidentifiable crunches beneath my boots. Dust. It’s dust. It used to be other things, it used to be trees and windows and… and people, but now there’s no more use […]

Gallery System

Author : Russ Bickerstaff One more thing love: I believe I forgot to tell you about this strange experience I had the other day. I had visitors. (Yes!) Visitors. Isn’t that strange? From off world of course. I hadn’t seen them before. No idea where they came from. I believe they were interviewing me for […]


Author : J M Walker he had no idea if she would have this opportunity again. Every second counted. Only moments were left of her two hour time allotment. Her opportunity to advance earth’s technology, and most likely her career, depended on how much information she could gather in these last few moments. She suddenly […]

Pax Aqua

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer There is a stream that runs from the foot of the dais where I meditate; shimmering and trickling along the length of the cave system before it fills the little pool under the shading overhang, which drains into the aquifer. M’tembe smiles as I blink and look up. He […]

The Cost of Survival

Author : Suzanne Borchers Sarah sighed. She walked past the shelter’s only window—a 6-inch square with 6-inch thick glass. She focused on the gray metallic wall in front of her, refusing to even glance at the window with its hazy view of volcanic rock. A 2-inch by 3-inch photo on a small, pink paper heart […]


Author : Bryan Pastor “You can’t kill me.” Two men stood facing each other in a glass walled penthouse. Beyond the glass a neon jungle stretched in every direction. “I mean, you can shoot this body, rob it of its life, but you can’t actually kill me. Time won’t allow that.” He wagged his finger […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer I was a time traveler. I say ‘was’ because it’s apparent to me now that this was a one-way trip. I realized I was a god as soon as the pain stopped. I could hear all the other gods, shouting in my head. Billions of them ordered into groups […]

Empathy Won

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer They lay together for hours after they’d finished, he propped on one elbow, she on her back, eyes closed for the most part, but opening one occasionally to watch him watching her. “It’s the way the sun reflected in your eyes that caught my attention Captain, it was as […]

My Clone Sleeps Alone

Author : Roger Dale Trexler The hydraulic door hissed open as I looked out the porthole. I could see Alpha Centauri, still a generation or two away, in the distance. I sighed. Behind me, Brandon 8 cleared his throat to get my attention. I turned. “Another one?” I asked, nodding toward the pneumatic stretcher he […]

Empty Nest

Author : Tyler Hawkins It started around the 22nd century. Like all revolutionary technology, it didn’t suddenly wrench its way into our lives and start running them, it was truly a gradual change. But anyone who’s alive now has always had the Mother’s support, Mother’s love, and Mother’s watchful eye. Mother tells us that we […]


Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer “What’s the range?” “One hundred metres, sir. Awaiting go code.” The screen showed multiple long-range views in stunning detail: the sunset illuminating a long balcony on which an old man sat sipping a drink and having a smoke. On the ground around his home, a pack of wolves could […]

I’ve Seen Things…

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