The Memory Hunter

Author : Kate Runnels Emi always looked them in the eyes – the poets knew them as the gateways to the soul – even though she plugged in and dove their mind. Dove their cybernetic link and into the electronic pathways. She always looked them in the eyes. There were green eyes with gold flecks. […]

That Would Have Been Wrong

Author : John Tippett Helen and James Abernathy exchanged an incredulous glance as the reporter on the car radio began to lose her composure. “Turn it up”. James complied. “…must recognize that early reports during a crisis are often incorrect.”, the clearly shaken announcer was speaking in a voice that alternated between quavering and Walter […]

All New Food is Gross

Author : Sharon Molloy “That’s the surprise, Daddy?” A family of four stood in the restaurant lobby, watching unfamiliar shapes moving in a huge tank. They’re staring at me!” “No, they’re not. They don’t have eyelids.” “They have too many legs.” “Those aren’t legs, and they need all of them.” “Well, they’re ugly.” The maître […]


Author : Bob Newbell I’m going to die here, thought Or’Vykl to himself. Or’Vykl stared out through the visor in his helmet at what had been a residential suburb of Birmingham, Alabama. The area showed little evidence of the orbital bombardment that had fallen upon more strategically important areas of North America. Or’Vykl looked from […]

Silent Scream

Author : J.D. Rice Her mouth opens wide, eyes squeezed shut in a show of agony, teeth bared, then suddenly comes to a stop. The moment of her death slows to a crawl, like time itself is standing still. They say this is what it’s like to see someone die. Everything just slows down as […]


Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer Sarraled stared through the viewport as the lander spiralled down through the thin atmosphere. “Looks like this place was inhabited.” The pilot nodded: “They died out just before we established the base. Sad, really.” “That good?” “Yes. Although innately aggressive and stuck in capitalist societies that were decaying towards […]


Author : Edward D. Thompson (edacious) Erica poured her first cup of the morning, missing the friendly hum of greeting the coffee pot used to make. The day had begun with such a homey feel then. The crackle of the toaster, the busy hum and whine of the microwave, the steady, reliable clicks and hums […]

Growth Industry

Author : Rick Tobin “Hey, Doc. How’s it going?” Mike Compton, freshly tanned, popped his head into the geneticist’s offices. His counselor remained seated, turned toward the window overlooking the campus quad featuring coeds being tempted to indecency on manicured lawns by the early spring heat. He remained in his high-backed chair, with only shoulders […]


Author : Iain Macleod “I still dont get it, man.” The youngster looked up at the grizzled older man. A drilling veteran of over twenty years he looked like an old bear with a hangover. “Go over it again” “Come on, new blood. It’s not that hard. How did you even get through your training […]


Author : Eric San Juan By the time the sandstorm passed, the sun had fallen and the orange skies had faded to a bruised brown and purple. The towers still seemed unreachable, perched on a dream horizon. Faint whispers of yesterday clutching at sky that no longer wanted it. He checked his pack. Enough water […]


Author : Philip Berry I agreed with the policy. Leave the elderly and infirm here, in the care of the medimechs, while transporting the fit and fertile to the safety of a freshly terraformed planet outside the sector. I volunteered to help with the messaging, the politics and the logistics. I became the Mayor of […]


Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer There’s a smashed petri dish in the sink, the splashes of water on the pieces syncopating with the drumming of the water pouring into the steel basin. I look down at a hundred moving reflections of my face as the water rushes away. The flow carries an occasional crimson […]

Objective Emotion

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer The professor entered the lecture hall at precisely nine o’clock, took off his blazer and draped it across the lectern. Gradually the conversation in the room declined from a dull roar, to a persistent murmur, to near silence. “Good morning.” A half-hearted response rippled through the crowd. “I’m not […]

Emotions in Binary

Author : Megan Crosbie Azrael found the defective droid waiting in the termination chamber. “Will it hurt?” it asked. “No,” he replied, injecting the serum. “You weren’t built to feel.” Its illuminated eyes flickered. “I’m scared…” Azrael watched the floor as the droid spasmed and emitted shrill squeals. Finally, it lay still. He approached it, […]


Author : Sarah Vernetti The entire thing was the wind’s fault. Yes, she (not the wind) had ripped up her Form 1908, but that didn’t mean she wanted to get rid of it completely. She had intended to report to the base and submit the form as instructed. After all, she wanted to stay on […]


Author : Rollin T. Gentry He was one of seven paintings of the faces of cats and dogs. In watercolor and India ink on stark white backgrounds, they were all rather cartoony, but Hangdog — that was the nickname I made up the first time I saw him — he was something special. He was […]

Brian and I

Author : J.D. Mraz Dear National Robotics Institute, In reply to your cease and desist: No, I will not stop current activities with my JS1000 Companion bot. I see no reason to. There was nothing in your policy or purchase agreement that said modification was forbidden. I have read it over, many times. Maybe you […]

Men Below

Author : Callum Wallace “You haven’t heard? Soul is cheap.” Raised eyebrow. “Souls are cheap?” The director shakes his head. “Not souls, plural. The soul. Each soul, if you will, individually, is worth pittance. Hardly more than their task. No, the soul is cheap, because there will always be more. Replaceable.” We walk on, moving […]

When the Clocks Go Forward

Author : Kevlin Henney Morning light, autumn flickering a shadowplay across the curtains. Bright and windy out there, perfect for a walk — perhaps the woods? No need to rush, but it would be good to get out of the house. The kids will drag their heels to the door, to the car and all […]

James’ Bus

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer I don’t get to see Grandma Spoon as often as I like. What with the economy, austerity zoning and riots, cities can be difficult places for those unable to use or reach civil transit lines. She wouldn’t move. Her home was the one she’d shared with Grandpa Kev, and […]


Author : Tanmaya Dabral The Earth was dying. And all the genius of human beings couldn’t do anything about it. They had terraformed even the most uninhabitable regions of Earth: the Antarctic enjoyed lush green forests and loam covered the entire Sahara. And yet, it was not enough for a population of 38 billion. More […]


Author : Rick Tobin “Everyone back from Charon?” Captain Swanson paced about the control center of Abraxas. His bullish voice rattled younger officers as Swanson towered above at seven feet, his glimmering blue eyes set against his callow Cajun skin. “Sir,” replied Ensign Pallute, fresh from the Saturn Academy. “All present. Doctor Reynolds requests an […]

Whispers In The Box

Author : MD Parker The sound of clinking dishes dominated the air as he sat across from the old man. Jason placed his digital recorder on the table. “I told you that won’t work.” The old man stared with apathy. “Why not? Could you explain that again?” Jason rolled his eyes. “What I have to […]


Author : Ian Clarke Professor Rogers said, “The way we measure and mark points in time is completely artificial and irrelevant to time travel, using clocks and calendars to locate points in time is impossible. Without a reference point we have no means to locate the time we want to go to.” The student replied, […]


Author : Tino Didriksen At the mid of the 21st century, we received the first signal, overriding the output of every speaker on and off the planet with a coherent but seemingly meaningless message. It wasn’t until the second and third signals blared forth with about a week between, that we figured out what it […]

The Fall of Acheron

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer The clouds are limned in blood. Carmichael said it was a trick of the light; I have to take it as a warning ignored. We came to Acheron – actually Acheron IV, but as the rest were uninhabitable, we dropped the designator – to build a paradise. The planet […]


Author : Beck Dacus “Oh my God! I found life!” Kenrin was kneeling on the ground, peering at something in the dust. As Ederford, Roana, Viccison and I walked over to him, he shifted position, suggesting that whatever he was looking at moved, and rapidly. He had found an animal! The four of us skidded […]


Author : Indiana Fairhurst Confused, I open my eyes, it’s blurry. I slowly become aware. The sound of the ocean becomes louder and louder. “I’m alone. Where am I? Who am I?” My dry throat causes my voice to come out raspy and harsh. I struggle to stand up. It’s apparent I’ve been here for […]

Paradox Lost

Author : Bob Newbell “You’re gone, aren’t you, Pete?” I ask my beloved dog who now stares up at me without recognition. His breathing is fast and deep. There are flecks of blood around his mouth. I’ve been coughing up blood, too. So has every surviving member of the human race, I imagine. I caress […]


Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer Detective Narda looked about the scene in horror. Some of the colours of blood on the walls and ceiling he didn’t have a name for. A couple weren’t even in his visible spectrum – his forensic scanner added them to his augmented vision as blue dots or green stripes. […]


Author : Kristin Kirby Monday, March 7: Hi, loyal readers! Remember last week how I blogged about that guy in front of me at the salad bar who held the tongs hostage so long they developed Stockholm syndrome? Well, today he must have spent fifteen minutes arranging his cherry tomatoes on their lettuce bed so […]

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