Author : Bob Newbell Consciousness returns abruptly. How long was I out? I check my chronometer. It’s been nearly 178 hours. I’m down to nothing but the solar panels for power. It took them that long to collect enough energy to charge the batteries sufficiently to bring me back online. My hull is covered with […]

Welcome Aboard

Author : Chris Limb Patrons and customers, my name is Azure Gemollua and I’m your chief flight attendant. On behalf of Captain Swaran and the entire crew I would like to welcome you aboard this Paragon Starline scheduled flight to Nu Phonecis. We are particularly delighted you have chosen to travel with Paragon, especially in […]


Author : Hannah Lackoff “Do you feel as if time is passing by more quickly?” he said, “As though you’re missing bits and pieces, chunks and change?” She hadn’t wanted to say anything, thought she was just getting older, that maybe her mind was going, maybe she had a brain tumor like that composer-what was […]

Blue Planet

Author : Christina Richard The walls of our Ford Starblazer convulsed as we broke the atmosphere of the tiny blue planet and hurtled through the gray haze of clouds, down towards a sprawling, rocky plane. Outside, there was a violent noise of metal ripping away from the body of our ship. Next to me, Harris’s […]


Author : Suzanne Borchers “Armpits must stink, be hairy and itch, While snot pours down the hooked- nosed witch.” Threading his fingers through his hair, Robert squatted next to his prototype. The Poet224 bot definitely needed more work. Okay, his rhythm and rhyme senses were in play, but what could be done with word choice? […]

Cheap Eggs

Author : Callum Wallace “A spray bottle?” “That’s right,” she smiled merrily, pulling her gloves further up her arms. “To make it easier to apply.” I stared, deadpan. “A spray.” She nodded. “Have you tried pouring a bath of this stuff? It’s difficult to test the effects on larger animals. And the small ones just […]

Manter’s End

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer The office is derelict, with many more overturned chairs than collapsed desks. Filing cabinets stand crooked and burst, the once-precious burdens they held now repurposed as nesting materials or fodder. A few plasticised pieces of paper flick or wave in the desultory breeze, which enters through the hole where […]


Author : Harris Tobias The night Janet saw the UFO was the night she threw Frank out of her life. She had just finished dumping all his stuff—clothes, records, comic book collection—into several black plastic garbage bags and placed them on the lawn in a neat row. Let him come home to that, the miserable […]

One Way

Author : Rosalie Kempthorne “Are you quite sure you want to do this?” He was asked that question again. And once again he answered “Yes.” “This is a one-way trip.” “Yes, I understand.” I know what I’m signing up for. But not without signing yet again. Another form, crawling with fine-type, a cramped little box […]


Author : Beck Dacus “We noticed from orbit,” said the commander of the fleet form Quijote III, “that you have quite the renovation project going on here, and we have to commend you. Taking on a project of that scale is very admirable. And the foresight that involves! I think we could learn a thing […]


Author : Kristin Kirby I caught him in my arms as the others ran for safety in the shelters. The fires began to die around us. I sat on the ground and held him while the sliver rays took their inevitable toll. An agonizing way to go, the rays. They moved fast and deadly through […]


Author : Carter Lee Keith Samuels woke when the lights came on, and while it had been getting harder for the sallow-faced senior citizen to pull himself out of bed of late, this morning it proved impossible. It was only with supreme effort that he managed to turn on his side, allowing a slight respite […]


Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer “Where did we find him?” “Outside a pizzeria on the Alpenring in Walldorf.” “Obviously a man who travels first class.” Hans chuckled. Dolf stretched: “So, before he vanished, on camera, from a locked cell, and the infestation of sharp dressed young men with Hamburg accents began, what did our […]


Author : John Carroll The killer whale that I had dubbed Aster and the robotic companion dolphins that he was chasing erupted into view, flashing across the length of the viewing window and back out of our field of vision so quickly that by the time Maria could squeak with surprise they were already gone […]


Author : Bob Newbell The sound of the ship’s klaxons faded over a span of a minute. “Air pressure is at zero, Captain,” Ramirez heard a female voice say in south Vietnamese accented English from the speakers of his space helmet. “We’re in hard vacuum throughout the vessel.” Typical Consortium tactic, thought Ramirez. Having the […]

Mom and Dad’s First Teleportation Ring

Author : David Henson Mom’s holo-image comes into focus in the viewbox. “Johnny, I’m glad you contacted us. You have to talk to your father.” “Everything OK? Where is he?” He’s usually next to her at the table when we talk. “He’s been popping in and out all day with that darn teleportation ring you […]

Eternity Plan

Author : John Tippett After what seemed like an instant, he awoke. 700 years of cryostasis had passed like a good night’s sleep. Immediately he noticed the partially healed incision in his abdomen. “They all called me a fool, but who has the last laugh now?”, he smirked to himself. He was a pioneer in […]

The Pact

Author : Steven Journeaux I watched her sleep as I cradled the gun, pausing only to wipe the silent tears rolling down my cheek. We had made a pact last night, a deeper pact than even our wedding vows had been many years ago. I was about to betray that pack. I stared out at […]


Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer Even before everything came apart, I hated hills. And, back then, I had gears. This old clunker only has one cog at each end. So there’s nothing for it but to push down on one side while hooking the other side under the pedal to pull up. If that […]


Author : Richard Day Gore “Lover, question the Question.” My Karala was like that. She spoke in riddles. Her thoughts were a maze designed so that only she could extract their meaning. But she was no match for the Gods, and their voracious hunger for our gold. Why do the Gods need gold? Feeding their […]

Flotsam and Jetsam

Author : Terry J. Golob Completely naked, sinking slowly into the murky depths, I know these things: One. Our attack failed. Two. I am a prisoner of the Katal-Kuar-Eye. Three. The tiny dead things floating in here with me, that wispy strand of flotsam, that bony crag of jetsam, aren’t dead; they’re interrogators for the […]

Siege of Taurus

Author : Michael F. da Silva The siege lasted two years and we were about ready to throw in the towel by then. We had no air support, had been pushed back to the fortified bunkers all the way from the enemy’s beachheads and under heavy shelling. It was taking a toll on our morale. […]


Author : Lucy Mihajlich I thought there was a grace period. That’s what you think. You miss a payment, and you get different colored emails for a few weeks before the repo man comes. Turns out that’s a load of trollshit. The repo man came one day after my bill was due. I didn’t even […]


Author : K.L. Kelso I first noticed the owl while I was out chopping wood. Slowly, it circled overhead. It’s movements seemed odd. Not quite natural. I continued working and watched the strange creature from the corner of my eye. I could not let on what I suspected. Eventually, the owl landed on a nearby […]


Author : Suzanne Borchers Jem stood at attention along with the other retiring service veterans. Within her crisp uniform, she was already contemplating a civilian future. First, she would strip off the war and its memories to wear the newest natural fabric covered with huge colorful flowers of the past on loose, hanging clothes that […]

He Ain’t Heavy

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer There’s a spade stuck in a pile of earth, and Harry would want it so. We’ll not disturb it, letting wild plants grow and moss run riot. He loved digging. Said it made a man of him when he first did it in the trenches, and lamented the fact […]

Machine Politics

Author : Bob Newbell The machine walked into the office and bowed politely to the man behind the desk. The man did not invite his mechanical guest to take a seat. “Senator Collins, I want to thank you for seeing me. I’m aware that you don’t have a very high opinion of my kind and […]

Eight Minutes

Author : Jonathan K. Harline Darkness, and then the roar of the Earth being torn into dust. I wake up sweating and panting every time. I spend the whole first minute catching my breath, heart racing and mind stalled from panic. At the second minute I look out my window, at the Sun as it […]

The Blue Hour

Author : Tyra Tanner It is the blue hour. That space between twilight and full dark when night’s silhouettes press flat against the horizon. Pines stretch their jagged limbs blackly above eye level, like a claw-marked rip in the canvas of the coming night. Sometimes, at this hour, I find myself wandering the forgotten roads […]

The Memory Hunter

Author : Kate Runnels Emi always looked them in the eyes – the poets knew them as the gateways to the soul – even though she plugged in and dove their mind. Dove their cybernetic link and into the electronic pathways. She always looked them in the eyes. There were green eyes with gold flecks. […]

That Would Have Been Wrong

Author : John Tippett Helen and James Abernathy exchanged an incredulous glance as the reporter on the car radio began to lose her composure. “Turn it up”. James complied. “…must recognize that early reports during a crisis are often incorrect.”, the clearly shaken announcer was speaking in a voice that alternated between quavering and Walter […]

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