Walkers: Akira and Brenna

Author : Callum Wallace They stepped into the city, ignoring the barrage of smells assaulting their nostrils. People swam in and out of view, chatting animatedly, gracing the travellers with only the most cursory of glances. The first Walker patted her Pair Mate gently on the shoulder, and spread out her hand. “Welcome to the […]

They Shall Leave None

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer The Arnen are beautiful people, even more so when they are angry. Consequently, we have been seeing a lot of heartrendingly beautiful people killing us. We are getting slaughtered, and a few people are beginning to fear extinction. The few voices of reconciliation were lost in the trumpeting of […]

This Is The Most Important Job You Have To Do

Author : Danielle Bodnar Listen. In the basement, there is the shelter. You’ll find everything you need: canned goods, camping gear, cell phone, travel router, multilingual slang phrasebook. Inside the phrasebook there is a list of numbers and letters. This is the code to unlock the time machine – the big black box at the […]

Gift of the Gods

Author : Travis Gregg The grizzled man, draped in furs, trudged his way up the mountain side. The morning air was crisp and he could see his breath as he slowly made his way to the crevice. The location was a sacred secret and he checked behind him often, double backed more than once, but […]

Spider Bytes

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer They waited at the mouth of the service corridor, the mezzanine railing just a few meters away. Above them somewhere, the heavy thumping of the security spider marked its progress in its pursuit of them. Across an open space broken at intervals by tree trunks and greenery, the armored […]

Network Wisely

Author : Suzanne Borchers Within a huge classroom, Professor Stella watches what appears to be a wild party. Twelve divergent beings converse in languages of uttered speech, thought, movement and touch. Shouts, laughter, and slaps resound. Is this a scene of galactic insanity? No. It is an experiential warehouse of virtual reality learning which spins […]


Author : Christos Tsirimokos You would think living in paradise is easy. And it is, physically, since our creations provide for everything. But mentally? Have you tried to keep sane when you have nothing interesting to do? Even the most extreme experiences can become trite given time and we have all the time in the […]

The Prostitute in the Pond

Author : Ben Sixsmith John Byrne woke up, a hundred and ten years after he had died. He had the vague impression that he had been sitting at his desk, but now he was suspended in the air. He tried to move his arms and legs but found they were immobile. “Mr Byrne?” John found […]


Author : Beck Dacus “Sorry,” Merida said, “but why did we let him come aboard with a gun?” She looked warily at Jonathan’s holstered pistol, his hand guarding it from her and preparing to draw it. “You do know why he’s here, right?” Vennix asked her. “Right?” “Yeah. To show him the world’s not flat. […]

From Region V

Author : Jared Lynch The water quit flowing from the taps shortly after the sirens stopped. I hadn’t paid my rent in three months, but I didn’t expect to receive an eviction notice. None came. There hadn’t been a train for four months. Karen and I were always in before curfew. At night we hid […]

Friends Forever

Author : Loree O’Sullivan The taxi pulled up outside of the school, right into the center of the large circle dive. This driveway had been the barrier between me and the rest of the world throughout my entire childhood – and I was terrified to leave it. My caretaker walked me to the door of […]


Author : Bryan Pastor An officer sprinted down the hall, past superiors and subordinates alike. Nearing the end of the hall, he slid to a stop, upsetting two chairs outside the deputy legate’s office. He quickly set them back in place, then checked himself in the reflection of a picture’s glass. Confident that he was […]


Author : Chris McCormick There was no dramatic music swelling, no handsome actor reciting prose. Instead there was my friend the dev, lying on her back in the grass convulsing as the electricity ran through her, arms and legs unfolded from the lotus position she had assumed only moments before. The police drone floated over […]

Casting Memories

Author : Paul Alex Gray I must have been last to die. “Mountains? You’re thinking of mountains.” As she speaks the fog lifts and sunshine spills down upon a barrier of rocky hills. The ground trembles as the hills grow larger, becoming jagged peaks, white capped like teeth. Sunlight reflects, a blinding silver glare. I […]

City Lights

Author : Mark Tremble ‘No moon, no stars,’ she used to tell him. She had been about two years old then and he used to carry her in his arms down their front path. They had been a little sad on those nights because the cloud cover meant there was no chance they could see […]

New Under the Sun

Author : Janet Shell Anderson All our executions are political. Of course, that makes them right, and no one rich or well-connected dies. The poor man’s on his knees in his orange jumpsuit, with the red waves of the pitiful surf of this prison world, Kepler 435b/Gilgamesh, behind him, a red pseudo-gull that doesn’t know […]

God Complex

Author : Tristan Krahn It was a miracle of science, a triumph of the Human mind over nature that allowed them the chance to be gods, but it was careless hubris that destroyed them. The Large Hadron Collider, the largest particle accelerator on Planet Earth: ten billion dollars worth of high energy hardware; the world’s […]


Author : Justin Permenter The Earth was silent upon the Last Day. The Great Mother, once resplendent in the verdure of youth, now wretched and barren in Her twilight, shuddered and trembled as tectonic forces slowly rent Her to pieces from within. She had outlived Her children by eons, the last of whom abandoned their […]

The Measure of a Man

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Consciousness came back slowly, from the extremities in. First pins and needles in the fingertips and toes, then the crawling burn of some painful memory winding its way along the arms, up the legs, gathering speed until it exploded in a relentless fireball in the brain. Taxx. A moment […]

Saving Andie

Author : Lars H. Hoffmann “And for the love of humanity, please come save me.” Concluded the video. Andie’s voice very nearly broke towards the end of the sentence, making the plea sounding as heartfelt as possible. There was a moment of silence before anybody spoke. Jason looked around the boardroom at the thirteen seated […]

Die Laughing

Author : Rob Francis Hyenas owned the dry, dead city. They watched as Abal guided the rover down the empty roads, rolling around and over the scattered debris of civilization. His home was gone now, forever. It seemed absurd. Ridiculous. Perhaps that was why he couldn’t stop laughing. Static crackled over the speakers, and a […]

The Message in the Moon

Author : Beck Dacus My team and I came to the exomoon Talursa expecting to find extraordinary things. Every new world was an exciting adventure for science– life, evolving completely isolated from the rest of the galaxy, making completely new life forms. It was expected to change exobiology forever, but no more than any other […]

Let Me Tell You About Falling

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer CLOSED FOLIO ZERO-ONE (NEVER REVEAL) INCIDENT GTMO-379 TRANSCRIPT 241-6064 – REDACTED – SUBJECT REPLIES ONLY “There was a man called Zelazny who wrote of a monarchy who could travel parallel universes at will, able to switch from reality to reality by the application of simple visualisation techniques and movement.” […]

Creative Currency

Author : John Collins I remember when they used to tell you that you can do anything. Now they say that machines can do anything. That is, except for one thing. There have been countless debates about the nature of intelligence, but one of the best, in my mind, is the argument that machines can’t […]

The Anniversary

Author : Benjamin A. Friedman Roland and Martine enjoyed their Diamond Anniversary gondola ride down 5th Avenue towards the Old Village, sitting together in comfortable quiet as their oarsman, a Latin-American boy named Robert, strained again the azure sea. The water level was low this summer – the lowest level on record, and entrance platforms […]

Traffic Barriers

Author : David S. Golding If seen from above, the highways appeared to be carved in symmetrical patterns. Beneath, the trails of people on foot were more spontaneous, clustered here around a cheap water spigot, there around a bus lot. Footpaths led tiny ways through the forests and swamps. The market sprawled between the concrete […]


Author : Rick Tobin “Good Lord, where am I?” Taylor Smith, astronaut extraordinaire, sat nude, baffled and embarrassed on the plush back seat of a vehicle flying through unknown star fields. He could see all about the craft through the wrap around windows. His nakedness terrified him as he stared at the alien in the […]


Author : Faris Naimi “Is that what you call a life?” The woman was shouting at him. She was wearing a black dress, like she was going to a funeral. She was beautiful, but her face was contorted with so much anger that you wouldn’t expect it to be able to fit into such a […]

A Human Dream

Author : Cody Brooks “I tried! I tried!” The man called out. No one answered. All sound was an empty wind buffeting over crumbled rocks. A tree stood before him, grey and leafless, its bark peeling from the wind. The blood of the tree had withered and dried; now it was gone. The man held […]

Strawberry Fields Forever

Author : Rick Tobin “I wonder about the strawberry jelly, Gran Papa.” Madeleine’s brother Corso kicked at her feet beneath the sterile stainless steel table but instead struck a metal leg. He groaned softly as to hide his actions from the family figurehead. His black shock of hair, growing on just his left side, poked […]


Author : J.A. Prentice Lily was halfway through a dissection when she got the first call, faintly buzzing in her skull. With a sigh, she blinked her eyes and was standing in the oak hall of an old mansion, under the shadow of an old moose head. She looked down at her fingers, seeing the […]

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