History Lesson

Author : George R. Shirer “Do you ever feel guilty?” Red asked. “About what?” asked Blue. “About lying to the humans.” “No,” said Blue. “Why would I feel guilty? They’re happy. They get to live full lives.” “But they don’t know the truth,” said Red. “They don’t know that they’re just disembodied consciousness, enjoying a […]

Spare Parts

Author : Joey To Tris slowly opened his eyes. He let his head remain on the cold workbench for a second before sitting up and rolling his stiff shoulders. Wincing as he rubbed his neck, he squinted at the window: snowflakes fell and white glare flooded the room. The control-cube laid in front of him, […]

Thoughtful Gift

Author : Bob Newbell The hunting party moved toward the caves at Es Skhul, about 20 kilometers south of Haifa, Israel. Of course, no one in the tribe would have recognized any of those geographic designations any more than they would have regarded the time as being 50,000 BC. The hunt had been comparatively successful. […]

Jobs Worth

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer “Tom! Tom!” I shake my head and massage my jaw as I sit up. The pretty woman crouched by me looks worried. Behind her I hear a struggle occurring. That has something to do with the pain in my jaw. “Are you okay?” Good question. I raise my hand […]

Grommets for Hanging

Author : Jay Knioum The buildings so tightly packed that the roofs became a city unto themselves, new roofs erected from detritus hauled up from the streets below, built by human versions of same. Old rooftop was floor space now, shingled and tar-papered carpet subfloor under layers of cardboard bedding and lean-tos and corrugated shacks […]

My Moon

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer I used to be a very technical person. People can get to a level of reliance on their stealth tech that can end in their death. Like the wide-eyed 20-year-old quivering around the shaft of my spear. Her camsuit flickers like a broken wall display before becoming the sharkskin […]

Consider This

Author : Brandon Crilly I finished chewing a bite of deep-fried haddock – my fourth such meal of the week – and said, “I beg your pardon?” Across the table, my teacher-turned-colleague and very good friend stared at me over his glass of stout. He savored his next sip with exaggerated slowness. “I said that […]

An Epitaph from the Expanse

Author : David Botticello “…Ma’am?” Major Vorwith questioned. “…Ma’am?” “Yes Major,” intoned his captain, her voice betraying the long night behind them. “We’re receiving a message. No author identification. It’s coming across all frequencies, and in over 12,000 languages, including binary, several machine codes, and what looks like pure mathematics.” Captain Intarna’s head rose in […]


Author : Chinmaya Dabral “We must use The Weapon. I see no alternative.” Most other Council members nodded in unison, but Salah seemed surprised. Hesitant, she finally spoke. “You mean a Torkh? Do we even have those now?” Hohn looked at her. “You are new, aren’t you? There’s a single unit buried on the Old […]


Author : Larry Hinkle The ship had brought her out of stasis three hours ago, which meant the A.I. had finally found something worth checking out. Nothing could override its programming. Vanessa checked the log and found she’d been in cryo-sleep for almost 87 years, making her roughly 122 years old, give or take a […]


Author : Craig Finlay Stella was watching the blue plastic ice cube fall from her hand to the glass at quarter-G, about 2.25 meters per second. D-deck in the outer rings had the most gravity. And the emergency hatches on d-deck, recessed a further 5 feet out, actually delivered a little more than quarter G. […]

The Editor

Author : Philip Ryburn “600 words?! I’m expected to create an entire universe, complete with believable characters that the reader can relate to and care about in a mere 600 words? Are you outta your ever-lovin’ mind?”, Christina Hoffman was exasperated. Clearly, this was not going to do. “I’m afraid you have it correct, Christina. […]

Such a Small Mistake

Author : Elijah Goering Henry Jockt listened to the low hiss of life support as the last of the oxygen was used up. He tried to force himself to run over the possibilities once again, to hold on to hope for some miraculous rescue, but his despair resisted his best efforts and he soon gave […]


Author : James Anderson They called us handicapped. Our bodies didn’t develop the way other people’s did. We were weaker than them, we tired more easily. Some of us thought it was God, others just thought it was genetics. We didn’t know we were being prepared. Decades after the war ended, humanity thought they had […]

Causal Loop

Author : Beck Dacus September 17th, 2366 was the day that humanity used a massive particle accelerator to try and make another universe. Arnold Fisby looked out at the small section of the accelerator he could see, granted that it had the diameter of the Solar System. The entire object was made of carbon nanotubes […]

Spirit and Opportunity

Author : David Wright Spirit woke to “Turn Turn Turn” by the Byrds. She did not know what the music meant; only that it was the code for her activation. “I am ready, Opportunity,” she said eagerly. “I am ready. I am ready. I am ready.” “Acknowledged. Shut up and wait for my command.” Opportunity […]

Star-shaped Star

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer The pendant dances slowly in the air currents, attached to one of the safety release handles on the top wall of the cockpit or what groundfolk would call a ‘ceiling’. It was given to me by my daughter before liftoff. She was four at the time. I’ll probably never […]


Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer They say that Vikings never actually had horns on their helmets. Odd how that piece of trivia rises to mind at this moment of peril. I know why it’s arisen: the being attempting to end my existence has horns on his helmet – or his head looks like a […]

Old Memories

Author : Thomas Desrochers Mao found it very curious, this third planet from the sun. Blisteringly hot and unbearably humid, shaken hourly by violent storms like a wind-up toy wound too tight. The only living residents left were clustered at the southern pole, hidden in the crags of the antarctic mountains and keeping an eye […]


Author : Will Shell The lieutenant staggered closer to the viewing window, each drag of her left leg adding to the blood smear that trailed a half mile through the ships corridors. Emergency floor lighting pulsed indolently, the waning breaths of the backup electrical system. She knew it wouldn’t be long until the emergency oxygen […]

Final Moon

Author : Art Klein The moon looked bigger than ever. That shouldn’t have surprised him. He knew it was bigger because it was closer than ever. He also knew it was getting even closer. But how big it looked tonight really did surprise him. “How long do they think we can survive after you leave?” […]

Antique Pink Panties

Author : Suzanne Borchers Xoman yearned for the vast world outside the gates of her private hell. Her life was: follow the regulations or face the consequences, eyes in the back of your head, and sour-faced guards. She rubbed her temples where each day electrons purred positive messages into her brain and shocked negative waves […]

The Last (pound of) Astronaut (flesh)

Author : Gray Blix “At that point, the technology was reliable, but human factors still caused failures. To continue manned missions, they had to modify us. News headlines screamed ‘Astronauts Mutilated.’ The public hated NASA, but we willingly submitted. All of us, in perfect health, had our natural teeth extracted and replaced with implants and […]

This is How I Sleep

Author : Matt Forshaw This is how I sleep; in a sarcophagus amid the stars, my body quiet and unmoving. There is no blanket to keep me warm, no pillow, no mattress that I rest upon. I do not toss or turn. I do not shiver, though it is cold. My chest does not rise […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer The ship had recently shaved a comet at close to metaspeed. Nowhere near light but still enough to cause pretty serious damage. With silicates, sparks would be flying around the cabin. Since they’d used the bios instead, it was juices and blood. The pilot was metal but the ship […]


Author : A. Katherine Black Sweetie sat rigid with revulsion. Wet lumpy kale dotted with soft pine nuts lay rejected on her plate. She stared at the thickly curtained window, denied the right to watch the normal world go by. Relentless ticking of the grandfather clock echoed through the dining room and clashed against the […]

This Man Needs Help

Author : Gray Blix The music was driving him crazy. Or rather, he feared, he heard music because he was already crazy. “Which came first” he asked himself loudly, so he could hear himself speak over the music, “the Louis Armstrong or the lunatic?” Others sorting through clothes in the thrift store cast wary glances […]

First Kiss

Author : Rick Tobin Tender tickles rippled through her as freshly wetted lips touched the delicate blonde hairs along her right wrist—slow, furtive, pressing hesitantly; the feelings were different than the peach or the park’s marble statue she so carefully disinfected. “What in the world?” Silvia Martin’s trance allowed her older sister Amanda’s unannounced entrance. […]


Author : Helstrom THE MAN It’s been a long day. Lewis has been on leave for over a week now and I’ve taken up the slack. THE BOT I can’t take this anymore. Every day, every single day, he makes me do it. Humans keep pet-slaves and measure their age by stretching it out to […]

Second to Last Man Standing

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer “At the sound of distant murder, there will be precisely three humans left.” I used to find Dave hilarious. These days, after nineteen years surviving the end of an age in his company, he’s been bloody irritating for about the last eighteen. Of course, he’s oblivious to the fact […]


Author : Tony Giansanti We became aware we weren’t alone in the universe when Ganymede disappeared. Well, that and all the small bursts of light which were actually massive explosions which were in the vicinity of Jupiter’s moon just before it imploded. All those events were already 37 minutes old by the time we saw […]

I’ve Seen Things…

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