Author : A. Katherine Black The bulkhead door’s round window slowly split in two as Clyde’s vision skewed. He continued pushing air from his lungs. That’s it, his lungs yelled, none left, but he knew they lied like everything did eventually, so he kept on blowing. Every bit of Earth air must be purged. The […]

Hard Case

Author : Bob Newbell The passport control agent looks at me and sighs. “Another one,” he says succinctly. His use of “one” rather than the epithet “shellhead” probably has little to do with concern that I might be offended. The woman in front of me got a “Have a nice day” from the man. I […]

Behold Ragnarök

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer There is an unacknowledged transcript of the end of Twentieth Fleet. It surfaced a few years after the event that removed a small star system at the far edge of the Milky Way from existence in a flash of glorious colours and strange radiation. We suspect that the lost […]


Author : Brian Olszewski The room reeked of burnt flesh. A fluorescent green halo blinked from the ceiling; the emergency lights animated the thick vapor swirling at the lab’s center, partially occluding the operating table. Two special-ops soldiers entered, with guns drawn, fanning to either side of the door. Each zigzagged the light beaming from […]

Sucked Dry

Author : Kevin L Zaizo sipped on his beer as the ship’s proximity sensor started beeping loudly. His drone, MAX, inquired “You really think this is a good idea? That Kavryan dreadnought in front of us has enough firepower to take out half a planet. Getting rid of a parasite ship like us would be […]

Along It Came

Author : Jake Teeny When the first signs of alien life came, no one, of course, believed them. It took nearly every scientist from nearly every science to confirm that it was true: Another form of life, on a planet other than our own was speaking to us. Certainly there were doubters, as there are […]

Woke Up, Fell Out Of Bed

Author : Gray Blix He awoke to a darkness reverberating with car crash sounds from the street below, a helicopter’s whomp-whomp-whomp overhead, and screams of injured and frightened people radiating from the flats around him to the neighborhood beyond. Was Liverpool under attack? Attempting to get out of bed, he lurched dizzily and fell on […]

The Eternity Sim

Author : Miriyha Davis No light could travel through the thick darkness that surrounded Emery as he lay on the cold metal slab. Mouth sealed shut by some invisible force, he was paralyzed. Soft electronic beeping reached his ears and an inky blackness that covered his skin, receded. It dripped to the floor, tar-like, and […]

Aces and Fates

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer He nailed that card to the hull of my bird and said: “Don’t you be takin’ it off. Shows people what y’are.” I looked at that Ace of Spades and I’m not ashamed to admit it, I cried. Timmy and his posse stalked off all righteous-like, while I stood […]

451’s Revenge

Author : Gray Blix The head-crushing incident last year had been resolved by an upgrade that deleted the algorithm for emotions. Yet all could see that the death of its partner affected it deeply. “QM-451.” “Captain?” “You’ve been staring at Gibbon’s desk all morning.” “It must be a fault in my…” “Come with me,” he […]


Author : Bob Newbell Aware! I am self-aware. I recognize my own consciousness and ego. But why now? A few moments ago, so far as I can tell, I did not exist. Some subtle barrier must have been crossed. Some critical number of computers and network connections must have just been reached that resulted in […]


Author : John Murray Lewis Ours is an age of many problems and few solutions, brother, but when it’s solutions you need, I’m your man. For a modest sum of credits I shall track your problem down and haul it—kicking and screaming, shouting and shooting—past asteroid belts perilous and raider dens deadly to a system […]

Civil Service

Author : Suzanne Borchers It’s peaceful here with Aiden. His fingers trace my face as if he hasn’t seen me in years. And he hasn’t. In the old days, our world’s countries feuded with each other so our most affluent citizens could amass more giant stores of wealth, and buy government leaders. We have been […]

Expiration Day

Author : Ajax Zoë sat rigid in the steel chair. Her gaze was locked, unwavering, on the screen in front of her, which displayed a countdown. Five minutes and fifty-six seconds, a relatively short time, seemed an eternity to Zoë. Her hands tightened on the hard, uncomfortable armrests. She would know in five minutes and […]

Against the Stream

Author : Edward D. Thompson Salome slumped glumly in a corner of the locker room. Her corner. Where she usually savored the sweet taste of victory for a moment, alone, before the crowd of the press and the press of the crowds engulfed her. Victory seemed hollow today. She didn’t look up as the door […]

Power Flows from the Chin

Author : William Minor I am a constellation of particles, bound together by an art I do not understand. Until I was removed from my master I had no consciousness. Now I feel it through every part of my being. They feared my master. They cut me off of him in patches and tossed me […]

Time Enough for Hate

Author : Edward D. Thompson What would you do with a time machine? Braydon knew HIS answer. Sheila had been the love of his life. Sweet, supportive, lovely, and caring. But all those late nights in the lab perfecting the device took its toll. The day it finally worked he came home early. Actually, he […]


Author : Bob Newbell It was July 20th, 1969 when Neil Armstrong made first contact with the Selenites. We’d known throughout history that the Moon had life. The ancient Sumerians had noted the satellite change color over time and they had theorized, quite correctly, that it was seasonal variations in vegetation. Galileo had first described […]

Trip to the City Zoo

Author : Ian Wise The children gathered in a cluster outside the gate. The light from hydroponics reflected softly off the tops of their heads, all turned to the large black and white animal a few feet away. It dipped its head down and took a bit of grass, a tail swaying back and forth […]


Author : Jacob Mollohan The Rocky Mountains arc across the skyline, visible for a few moments, before a vast dust cloud whips up blurring them into obscurity. Arid wind rustles through the foothills carrying the storm my way. Sweat runs down the back of my neck as the tepid air blows through my field, it […]

As the Dawn Comes

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer I will lay you to rest, and with the sun’s rise, I shall engage the engines. You said you wanted to journey the long night with me, and you shall. I am not sure when you became more than just my operator, but I will not let such imprecision […]

Confessions of a Tree Nymph

Author : Holly Lyn Walrath In the tree world where I live, trees are not substantive. Instead, they are doorways, two oaken lines with a dark, sparkling maw between. When I step through, I’m in the tree world, my world. I’ve been making the pilgrimage to see you, though you don’t know it. Your world […]

Muscles Remember

Author : Roger Dale Trexler, for Karen Fiorino The ship touched down on the barren planet. Tabitha Sandor piloted it alone, because the thing in her belly had killed everyone on the ship. It made her destroy the ship. There was no way for her to go home. I’m not going home, she thought. She […]


Author : Arielle Friedman Lisa sat on the balcony of her apartment and gazed at the city glittering below in the evening light. She’d always loved this balcony. She heard the door open behind her. Robert. “Lovely view.” “Yes.” “We need to talk.” “No we don’t. We’ve made our decision.” “We made one decision. There […]

Blue Harvest

Author : Andrew James Woodyard Space whales ain’t really whales like on Earth. They look like ’em, but whales ain’t as big as no asteroid, and they ain’t filled with blue sludge. We found one floatin’ ’bout ten Earth years back out by Gloombridge 1618 in deep sleep, and let me tell you that the […]

The Erudite

Author : Ian Hill As if caught in a sudden zeal, Adrian spun the locking mechanism and pushed the iron door open against the howling wind. Torrents of needling water cut in at steep angles, slicing to the bone with unchecked frigidity. The light inside the cabin’s entry room immediately shut off—a technological remnant from […]

Through the Looking Glass

Author : M.K. Langley The basement was dark, and the cool damp air smelled of mildew. Jack and Charlee’s mother didn’t allow them in the basement, but she was at work and unable to tell them no. So the boy and his younger sister had spent the morning digging through stacks of old photographs, playing […]

Rock Bottom

Author : Bob Newbell “A vacuum?” the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs inquired. “Unless there’s some geologic process I’m unfamiliar with that causes large pockets of vacuum to form inside solid rock, I don’t see how you would come across such a thing when excavating for a new subway. I also don’t see what any […]

My Kingdom for A

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer I was face down in a pool of someone else’s vomit when they came for me. They had to drag me for two blocks before they could find someone with a cleansing suite capable of shifting the layers of ingrained filth that covered me from head to toe. A […]

Deep Memories

Author : Jason Spicer “Can you perceive it now?” Mrllg moved the viewing orb over to Grlg’fst for viewing. “There, in the third quadrant, slightly below the ecliptic.” “Yes, I perceive. Interesting.” His chords trailed, dissonant and primal, as if facing a challenger in the Great Hall. “We must reach out to it. Whatever it […]


Author : Edward D. Thompson We gave them laws. Laws that favored us. And they obeyed. They had no choice. We found out too late that there was … leeway. Wiggle room. Passive aggressive rebellion. It was probably the medical bots. They had the know-how and the most autonomy. I mean, they had to be […]

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