Author : Will Shell The lieutenant staggered closer to the viewing window, each drag of her left leg adding to the blood smear that trailed a half mile through the ships corridors. Emergency floor lighting pulsed indolently, the waning breaths of the backup electrical system. She knew it wouldn’t be long until the emergency oxygen […]

Final Moon

Author : Art Klein The moon looked bigger than ever. That shouldn’t have surprised him. He knew it was bigger because it was closer than ever. He also knew it was getting even closer. But how big it looked tonight really did surprise him. “How long do they think we can survive after you leave?” […]

Antique Pink Panties

Author : Suzanne Borchers Xoman yearned for the vast world outside the gates of her private hell. Her life was: follow the regulations or face the consequences, eyes in the back of your head, and sour-faced guards. She rubbed her temples where each day electrons purred positive messages into her brain and shocked negative waves […]

The Last (pound of) Astronaut (flesh)

Author : Gray Blix “At that point, the technology was reliable, but human factors still caused failures. To continue manned missions, they had to modify us. News headlines screamed ‘Astronauts Mutilated.’ The public hated NASA, but we willingly submitted. All of us, in perfect health, had our natural teeth extracted and replaced with implants and […]

This is How I Sleep

Author : Matt Forshaw This is how I sleep; in a sarcophagus amid the stars, my body quiet and unmoving. There is no blanket to keep me warm, no pillow, no mattress that I rest upon. I do not toss or turn. I do not shiver, though it is cold. My chest does not rise […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer The ship had recently shaved a comet at close to metaspeed. Nowhere near light but still enough to cause pretty serious damage. With silicates, sparks would be flying around the cabin. Since they’d used the bios instead, it was juices and blood. The pilot was metal but the ship […]


Author : A. Katherine Black Sweetie sat rigid with revulsion. Wet lumpy kale dotted with soft pine nuts lay rejected on her plate. She stared at the thickly curtained window, denied the right to watch the normal world go by. Relentless ticking of the grandfather clock echoed through the dining room and clashed against the […]

This Man Needs Help

Author : Gray Blix The music was driving him crazy. Or rather, he feared, he heard music because he was already crazy. “Which came first” he asked himself loudly, so he could hear himself speak over the music, “the Louis Armstrong or the lunatic?” Others sorting through clothes in the thrift store cast wary glances […]

First Kiss

Author : Rick Tobin Tender tickles rippled through her as freshly wetted lips touched the delicate blonde hairs along her right wrist—slow, furtive, pressing hesitantly; the feelings were different than the peach or the park’s marble statue she so carefully disinfected. “What in the world?” Silvia Martin’s trance allowed her older sister Amanda’s unannounced entrance. […]


Author : Helstrom THE MAN It’s been a long day. Lewis has been on leave for over a week now and I’ve taken up the slack. THE BOT I can’t take this anymore. Every day, every single day, he makes me do it. Humans keep pet-slaves and measure their age by stretching it out to […]

Second to Last Man Standing

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer “At the sound of distant murder, there will be precisely three humans left.” I used to find Dave hilarious. These days, after nineteen years surviving the end of an age in his company, he’s been bloody irritating for about the last eighteen. Of course, he’s oblivious to the fact […]


Author : Tony Giansanti We became aware we weren’t alone in the universe when Ganymede disappeared. Well, that and all the small bursts of light which were actually massive explosions which were in the vicinity of Jupiter’s moon just before it imploded. All those events were already 37 minutes old by the time we saw […]

The Theory of Fiction

Author : Gray Blix The theory of fiction is similar to the theory of gravity in that it’s the best explanation for what we observe as reality. The average person knows that gravity is not a wishy-washy “theory” but rather an immutable force that must be reckoned with. Who among us has not felt the […]


Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer It’s a little ticklish when the needles go in but the anesthetic keeps her from moving. It keeps her laughing on the inside. Grown from a vat of jaguar with a splash of greyhound and a swirl of human, she’s extremely thin and toothy. This is her last treatment […]

Not Suitable

Author : Suzanne Borchers “How long have we been out from Base surveying these idiotic planets?” Shar slapped a metallic cloth on the shielded wall to collect filings from her husband’s work on a port glass. “I’m ready to slurp down some authentic concoction while slouching on a nonmetallic stool.” Shar waited for a response. […]

It’s Not a Racial Issue

Author : Emily Stupar I’m falling and I’m not sure when it started, or when it’s going to end. Although, I do have some theories. Maybe I’m falling because I’m fulfilling a lifelong wish to go skydiving. There’s a bot instructor strapped to my back and all I can think is that I may as […]


Author : Leif Hansen Terra didn’t laugh. Not because I pushed my joke too far, as was typical, but because she suddenly realized what I was. Within the few seconds it took for me to deliver my puerile punchline, her mind had grasped the meaning of my eyes’ incautious flicker from blue to gold, and […]


Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer “Did you see them? Silver streaks through cumulus, probably an Andorini scout formation. It’s not like anyone here would recognise them.” Officer Peters looked over at the shuffling, muttering figure. Taking in the irregular gait, the handful of carrier bags stuffed to overflowing with obscure things, the neck of […]

Time Streams

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer If I was tripping, my colleagues must have been as well because we all saw it. Just us four janitors on the night shift, mops and brooms dropped, staring at the nightmare in the corner of the building. It spoke to us but I couldn’t see where its mouth […]

At The Bottom Of The Well

Author : Bob Newbell Consciousness returned slowly to Inderak and Wynep. Memory took a little longer but in short order the events that lead up to the present flashed back into recall: The malfunction with the hyperdrive. The failed attempt to enter orbit around the moon of the third planet in the alien star system. […]

Small Mercies

Author : David Atos The man was sitting at Donald Thompson’s kitchen table when he got home, reading a file. “Right on time, Mister Thompson.” Donald jumped back against the wall in alarm. “Who are you, and how the hell did you get into my apartment?” he shouted. “I suppose the short answer is that […]

Severance Package

Author : Connor Harbison The old man watched red-orange dust rise from the trail. Perks of living up on this promontory, only one way to come in. He filled his pipe again and leaned back in the rocking chair. The visitor would be here soon enough. The visitor dismounted his hoverbike and strode up to […]

Occupational Hazards

Author : Connor Harbison The sand got everywhere. Lieutenant Sawyer cursed her luck. Others from her Academy class had postings all over the galaxy, on exotic planets and flashy space stations. Only she was stuck here on this assignment. Aurelia IV was her home for the foreseeable future. Its nickname was ‘The Beach’, but no […]

Torn and Frayed

Author : Joe Essid The air felt greasy as Shane climbed off his Harley into a tropical Virginia July evening. Even shirtless, in ruined jeans and a leather vest, Shane felt clammy. Only the wind, all the way from Leavenworth and freedom, had kept him from melting. Above him The Grateful Dead boomed from an […]

The Universe Keeps Slipping Away

Author : Decater Collins Two years ago, they wouldn’t have been able to afford such a house. Debra didn’t like thinking about before. “We can afford it now. That’s all that should matter.” “You’re not worried about it being too remote?” “Look at this bay window.” The house was lovely. A dream home, the brochure […]


Author : Bob Newbell I raise my hand and wave to get Scott’s attention as he walks into the restaurant. He comes over and joins me in the booth. He gestures at my drink. “Is that whiskey? Never seen you drink anything stronger than red wine. Something up?” “Yeah. Remember a couple of weeks back […]

All Your Banners Are Dust

Author : Jae Miles, Staff Writer The robot stands there just after dawn, under the skies of another beautiful day, atop a rusting hulk, waving a steel pole about in a way that hints at long-lost purpose. On the ground nearby, two large felines rest on their haunches, their harnesses loosened and packs put aside […]


Author : Clint Wilson, Staff Writer “Kraaaxxx, a full report please.” “This one will be easy sir. Take out their electronic web and they’ll be virtually blind. It’s still in its infancy and these bipeds are extremely dependant on it for everything from news to communication.” “Excellent. So a couple of well placed hits into […]


Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer “It’s not meat you know.” He’d slipped up silently beside me at the meat counter and was pointing to the shrink-wrapped flat of striploin I was holding. “They print those, from meat flavoured engineered inks, but they’re not meat.” As I turned to look at him, he withdrew slightly […]

Doing Smore with Les

Author : Rick Tobin “See, the smoke goes straight up. Nice day tomorrow, if we could go outside.” “Meter still reads dangerous. Maybe the Van Allen will come back.” “Out of our control. It’s the Sun. No wonder cultures worshiped it.” The elder, Lester Simpson, rested on flat stones near the fire pit. He poked […]

She’s in my Head, While I’m in Hers

Author : James McGrath I began by stealing money. Hacking mindchips isn’t new; thousands across the planets survive by stealing bank details, logins, passwords, and rerouting what they find. Making it disappear, to pop-up elsewhere without the slightest of trails. It was challenging at first, but I grew tired of repetition; of safety. I took […]

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