“Oops!” a golden egg dropped from Yizzies mouth onto the glowing floor. “There goes another baby!” she laughed and a skittering spider came with a dustpan to clean the mess. Raich pulled his eyes out and threw them halfheartedly at Yizzie before plugging his sockets into the curling white wall.

“You’re a fashion slut.” he said, and dialed up the sexual exploits of AmiAmi, the Lacronic music star. The spiders rushed to service him.

“Don’t be so viral Raich, the duckling eggs are the New Thing! The capsule people love to see the gold drop from my mouth.” Raich wasn’t paying attention. His body was gyrating under the sensory nodes, his extra parts swelling and expelling orange juice. Yizzie sighed and dialed into her audience, accepting their mechanic adulations.

“Mmm!” she moaned, her green hair flashing with static sparks. “They love me!”

“You’re a slut.” muttered Raich between gasps as the spiders swirled over his pale body.

Yizzie giggled and removed her top, the first request of the morning. Her breasts greeted a thousand screens. She licked her finger. “Someone has to pay the tax.” Yizzie said, shaking her chest. “What you do doesn’t make us anything but juice.”

“At least I don’t whore myself.” He grunted and orange juice plopped on the floor, followed by a scrubbing spider. Raich fell backward to the sound of Lacronic melodies, landing on a cushion held by a hundred robotic limbs. “I only plug in for the music.”