Author : Aelanna Cessara

She picked up a page of the large volume that had been compiled, her keen eyes picking out each individual strand of fiber in the primitive paper. They had not originally planned on doing it this way, but she had convinced the council that using the hand-made material would have significant impact on their charges, and thus she had spent all month making the rough pages and handwriting the all-important documents.

Her partner was looking her with some amusement, and she smiled with the pride that accompanied the success of such a difficult task.

“Did you know?” she said, tugging absent-minded on a feather as she gazed down at the surface. “They have a name for us now.”


“They call us angels. Messengers in their tongue.”

“Indeed,” he answered, smiling back at her. “We definitely have a message to deliver.”

His fingers danced over the controls, and the shuttle nosed downwards, preparing to enter the atmosphere.

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