Author : Andrew Hawkins

34. Spray yourself with the scent neutraliser.

35. Move west through the woods towards the royal enclosure, being aware of your surroundings.

36. Remove knife from sheath, remember to dust thoroughly with charcoal powder in your belt pouch to prevent gleam.

37. Insert blade knife first into canvas fabric at head height and in one quick fluid motion draw it down to the ground, keeping a firm grip on the handle.

38. Wait 30 seconds and listen for movement or sounds of disturbed breathing.

39. Right foot first, enter the interior keeping your movement minimal and silent.

40. Check for possible disturbances with ABCD: Animals, Babies, Children, Domestic spouse and eliminate if appropriate.

41. Move through into the sleeping partition and evaluate target.

42. Place knife to the throat and in one swift action press it firmly in, leading with the tip and slicing with the edge, over the voice box to ensure silence.

43. Wait 30 seconds for resistance to totally subside and then targeting a vital organ of your choice deliver a piercing thrust to ensure mortality of the wound.

44. Clean blood from the knife using the deceased individuals clothing and replace it in the sheath.

45. Check to ensure death and cover the body, ensure no needless signs of disturbance betray your presence and retrace your steps.

46. Exit via the cut in the tent then move 1000 paces North to the drop point below the large boulder identified on the aerial photograph.

47. Strip naked and using the cloth, soaps and water wash yourself thoroughly and dry yourself with the towel.

48. Taking the clothes from the bag, dress yourself and place all items of clothing, towel and the cloths in a bundle.

49. Apply the petroleum gel to the bundle and pack away all items not in the bundle into the bag.

50. Set the ignition fuse to exactly 10 minutes and begin walking in an Easterly direction.

51. Proceed until you reach a river, wade down stream until you can see a road in the distance.

52. Exit the river and proceed towards Fasha Street.

53. Continue for 0.1 miles and proceed East along Fasha Street.

54. Proceed along Fasha street for 2.1 miles until reaching Sharanish Market.

54. Catch the number 34 Bus at the Sharanish Market transport interchange to Dubai international airport and proceed for 13.0 miles.

55. You have now reached your destination thank you for using googol skills.

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