Author : Debbie Mac Rory

“I’m gonna take it”

“I don’t think you should…”

“What? It’s just lying here, it’s not like it belongs to anyone”

“You don’t know that”

“You mean one of these boulders is suddenly going to come to life and chastise me for taking its petrified little baby rock?”

“Well, no, not that-“

“You need to grow some. It’s just a pretty stone so I’m takin’ it”

“It’s not in our mission statement”

“Excuse me?”

“We’re not supposed to bring anything back. You don’t know what might be in it”

“Tell you what, if anything does hatch out of this little stone, I’ll step right up and say ‘my bad’. How’s that?”

“You’re not even taking this seriously”

“Because there’s nothing to worry about! Alright, ok, tell you what, when we get back to base and get out of these suits, I’ll buy you a drink”

“From where?”

“From the still, naturally? Where else you gonna get anything these days?”

“The still? The same one that you conned me out of two weeks of dessert so you could fuel the damn thing?”

“Yep, that’d be the one”

“The same one you haven’t given me a drop from?”

“Until now…”

“Hmph. You owe me a lot more than just one drink”

“Agreed. So I’ll just pop….this…in…. like so. There. Now, let’s get back to base.”

“I still thin-“

“Yes, I know, you think it’s all a bad idea. But what’s done is done now. Forget about it! Let’s just get those drinks”.

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