Author : Daniel Fuhr

“The concept is simple enough. We send a very powerful telescope out faster than the speed of light to a calculated area, then zoom in to the Earth at a specific location and hopefully we can watch past events.”

“What you’re talking about is time travel?”

“Nonsense, were talking about a simple process. We make calculations based on the curvature of light. We account for the alignment of planets and other bodies that could get in the way. Then we send the telescope out to the location, take some pictures and bring it back. If I were to say something to you, move faster than the speed of sound next to you and hear myself speak, did I just travel through time? No, I just went from point A to point B, however time remains a constant.”

“So you are claiming these pictures are authentic, taken from your telescope.”

“Completely valid. In a few years, we will have a telescope powerful enough to go further out into the universe and we can see as far back as the dinosaurs.”

“This is astounding to say the least. The questions we can have answered. The history we can recapture. The possibilities. Now, what’s this one here, the blank sheet?”

“That’s the flashback. As I said earlier if I were to say something at point A then travel faster than the speed of sound to point B to hear it, I would never hear myself speak due to the sonic boom from breaking the sound barrier. That blank sheet is a flash from breaking the speed of light, we call it flashback. And that brings up the problem.”

“What problem?”

“The reason I contacted you. The faculty can calculate where to place the scope and improve it to see clearer images. From those pictures I handed you, you can already see our capability to zoom in to read the cover of a book.”

“What does that have to do with flashback or with the clergy?”

“Ah, you see, that picture wasn’t flashback. Neither are any of these, or these. They look similar to flashback, but when we start to zoom out dramatically we see something else.”

“What is it?”

“The question isn’t what; it is a Papal Bull, sent directly in front of the telescope for all years before 700 A.D. For all purposes our telescope is being censored. The question I ask you is why?”

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