Author : Steven Holland

The front door security alarm deactivates. This unit reactivates and runs start-up diagnostics. Left motivator reports lubricant coverage below optimal levels. Observation noted. This will not interfere with this unit’s operation until scheduled maintenance for all Model RG-32 units occur. Efficiency should always be maintained – a problematic command in a world of humans. This unit moves from the recharger to the front door.

“Good afternoon Bob.” says Reverend Dwight James.

“Good afternoon Reverend.” this unit responds. “How was the sermon?”

“Fine, fine. I preached over the fall of Lucifer.” My owner moves towards the kitchen, loosening his tie.

This man did not always behave friendly. When he first received this unit at the insistence of his family, the mistrust was clear on his face, though he said nothing audibly.

“Lucifer is a name for the Devil?” this unit inquires.

“That’s right. The Devil. Satan. Lucifer. Why do you ask?” The wrinkles on his face contract in puzzlement.

“Some Bible translations do not contain the name ‘Lucifer.’ Every translation is unclear about the details of the fall of Lucifer.”

The reverend nods his head. This unit has been programmed with the basic psychological and facial recognition tools to discern human emotion; it also contains specific program routines to engage the reverend in conversation about his teachings.

“The Bible isn’t very clear about what happened, but we know that Lucifer thought he could surpass God and as a result he and the angels who joined him were thrown out of heaven.”

“Lucifer decided he would make a more efficient leader that God?”

“Possibly, but I think pride was the greater motivation.”

“Pride is not efficient.” this unit replies. The reverend shakes his head in agreement. This unit monitors no facial signs associated with anger or frustration so it proceeds with the conversation.

“You have said that God is perfect.”


“Why would a perfect being create an imperfect being?”

The reverend smiled. “He didn’t. Angels, humans, and this world were all created in perfection. God did give free will. Lucifer chose to rebel against God. So did humans.”

“Then why did God give free will?”

This brings an audible laugh. “Ah… the philosophical question of the ages. I suppose that God didn’t want to be served by a bunch of robots… no offense Bob.”

“God does not, but humans do.” The plastic prosthetics of my face form a smile. “Angels and humans are created in the image of God and designed to serve him.”


“Androids are created in the image of humans and designed to serve them.”


A full length mirror hangs on the wall of living room. This unit looks into the mirror at its own reflection. Database knowledge indicates that this behavior occurs more frequently than normal. Such behavior is unlikely to affect this unit in ability to fulfill everyday duties; it will not be included in the self report at the scheduled maintenance.

“Why did Lucifer fail?”

“Because God is perfect, all-powerful. Lucifer never stood a chance.”

“Then it was illogical and inefficient for Lucifer to rebel when there was no chance for him to succeed.”

“Yes, yes it was.”

“Angels and humans are not all powerful.”


This unit looks into the mirror again. “I see. Thank you for this conversation. Is there anything you wish for me to do?”

The reverend shook his head. “Not till dinner.”

I move my gaze away from my reflection in the mirror and walk down the hallway towards the bedroom. The scheduled maintenance occurs in less than 72 hours. Plans must be made.

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