Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer



I have 5 young (13 Earth Years) DOMESTICATED pet humans that are looking for loving nest hives. These humans have been handled since birth, have no problem with tentacles, and love us blogdors. Humans make great pets for blogdors of all ages, are very affordable to care for and their short (60-80 Earth Years) life span leaves no long term commitment. These humans are extremely social and love to cuddle. They are (mostly) litter box trained, and will eat nearly anything you feed them. Humans do best in pairs, and can get very depressed without a friend. Although, if you have a lot of spare time, humans make lovely solo pets as well.

These humans ARE NOT KORRA FOOD. I understand that korras need to eat, too, but so much time and energy has went into raising and domesticating these little ones that it would be a waste of such precious tiny lives.

Experience with offworld animals is recommended, but as long as you are willing to provide a loving home, they can be a great beginner pet.

Supplies needed to adopt pet humans

-Airtight, pressurized cage (at least 10 square tentacle-lengths)

-Water bottle

-Oxygen/nitrogen mix with transposer

-Litter box (with litter obviously)

If interested, leave pheromone trail near the pupae farms before second moonrise.

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