Author : Adam Mac

Wanna see a modern-day miracle, kid?


Well, just sit tight.

Sure. It’s not like I’m going anywhere.

Here, take the binoculars. See that old guy on the bridge? Orange raincoat, red baseball cap, using a cane? Over there, to the left of the first tower. Can’t miss him.


Well, that guy’s got demons.

What are you talking about?

Just pay attention. He’s possessed—probably doesn’t even know it—and I’m gonna release him.

Demons? What, like the Exorcist? That’s crazy.

Think so? Watch this. I’ll send him a wireless message. If he starts and jumps around or falls down or something bizarre like that, we’ll know for sure.

Know what?

That he’s got demons and must be—

No way.


How? He’s gotta be a half-mile away.

Easy. Remote control. I can make him hop onto the railing then fling himself off the bridge.

Why would you do that? He could be killed.

Nobody’s gonna die today. There’s a net. All I’m gonna do is send the old guy over the edge.

What if the net doesn’t—?

It will.

So what’s the miracle?

Ever hear the story of Legion … the Gadarene devils … the herd of swine run off the cliff into the sea?


Didn’t your parents send you to Sunday school?

My adopted parents are— Hey! Look! The old man’s falling. There’s another … and another. There are two together, a man and a woman, holding hands.

All possessed … obviously.

Oh God, look! They’re hitting the water. But you said—

That’s impossible! There IS a net. I saw it.

You gotta call 9-1-1! You can’t leave those people. They might still be alive.

OK, OK. Relax.

Hello. Yes, this is an emergency. I just witnessed four—no, five—people jump off the bridge. The suicide net— It’s NOT a suicide net. Painting and repairs!? Oh shit! No, I’m too far away and it happened so fast. My name? Sorry (static) losing (static)–

Why did do that?

Do what?

That static stuff.

Cause they don’t really need my name. Besides we’re leaving now.

What about—?

In the car. Now! Let’s go!

Do you really think all those people have demons?

Don’t be stupid. Demons are fictions. These people had unsecure devices in their bodies.

What do you mean ‘unsecure devices?’

Pacemakers, retinal implants, neural implants, cochlear implants—all kinds of medical implants, and all accessible wirelessly—

You can hack into them? Is that what you did? You hacked into that old man’s pacemaker?

You’re pretty quick, kid. Now just lie down in the backseat and keep— That a smartwatch … with GPS?

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