Author : Dakota Brown

His words were calm and thoughtfully processed. Though the harsh and forceful voice wasn’t as evident as it was previously, she still recognized what was at the heart of the matter.

He wanted her to finish the job.

The room sparked and stank of chemicals. The machine had begun its process, its result either finishing her job or extending the pressure.

The gears squeaked to a halt and the hissing turbines fell to silence.

Nothing fell into the machine’s tray. The process was a success.

She held the nothing up, showing it to the project leader. His breathy, monosyllabic retort signaled his content.

From where the project manager stood, his employee held a square of nothingness that showed only the space behind her. She held invisibility. She held the future.

He left her with a smile, a few words of congratulations, and (in his excitement) his clipboard.

On the clipboard she found the plans for her invisibility sheet. It would end war by making war and cease fear by causing fear.

Technology takes time to incorporate other technologies. Hers was the new one, and had nothing to combat it. It was with ease that she printed a larger sheet, destroyed the machine, and left the complex.

Discarded on either side of the Earth are two sheets of nothing, one slightly larger than the other. They were left as trash is, forgotten and useless, because “nothing” can’t stop war or fear.

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