Author : Ethan Noone

She looked at him in horror.

He wondered what was coursing through her mind as she stared at him. Her repulsion, evident. Her disgust un-disguised.

“Why did you show me this?!” she screamed.

“Because I love you. You needed to know. Me. For good or bad.”

She tried to avoid looking him in the eyes as she began to talk. “According to the public records, it has been three generations … eradicated … How?”

He responded quietly to protect himself and avoid an unnecessary escalation. The risk to him was dire. He knew that. “My father protected me. After he murdered my mother for what in his mind had to be infidelity, he ran. I don’t know why, but he took me with him.”

She was shaking. “But how did he do that?”

“He kept me hidden. Bottle fed me. Kept me off the grid completely. No school. No doctors. Travel after dark. Always keeping your head down. Perhaps there was guilt that maybe he was to blame.”

She looked at him, making eye contact this time. “But the lenses – where did they come from?”

“From the underground market. My kind are not gone completely, despite the official records. Bolivia, New Zealand mostly. Two recessive genes can hide for generations. When they do, solutions are necessary.”

“But now I know. We can’t go on” she said.

“I feared that. But I need you to know that I love you. I couldn’t live a lie if I was going to expect you to live your life with me. Not in good conscience.”

He paused, hoping she may back down from her firm position.

She was still shaking, and now she avoided eye contact when she spoke further.

“Only because I love you, the person I thought I knew. I will not call the authorities. But please don’t risk this curse on anyone else.”

“I never planned on having children” he said, knowing the discourse had taken its final turn. “I know it wouldn’t be fair, in case this continued.”

She was still looking at him, but still without eye contact. “Please… put the lenses back.”

He did as she asked.

She looked at him again. Solemnly, she said “You have to go now. I will never be able to see you the same again. Not after you have shown me this.”

He stood, knowing she had reacted as generously as anyone could. He walked to the door and looked back to say good bye for the final time.

Her eyes were tearing as she whispered “you were so wonderful….how could your eyes have been blue?”

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