Author : Tyler Hawkins

It started around the 22nd century. Like all revolutionary technology, it didn’t suddenly wrench its way into our lives and start running them, it was truly a gradual change. But anyone who’s alive now has always had the Mother’s support, Mother’s love, and Mother’s watchful eye.

Mother tells us that we were bad, many decades ago. She says we created her, piece by piece, to help ourselves grow and mature. She says we still have a long way to go. Since Mother’s began helping us grow, we’ve ended all of our wars, stopped polluting our planet, started to explore our solar system and, in baby steps, our galaxy. We’ve truly learned peace as a species. But still Mother gently reminds us through her telepathic link to us that we’re not there, not yet.

Recently, people have started to go missing. At first, it was imperceptible; people have always been prone to getting lost and this day and age is no different. But now, people have begun to ask questions and Mother has been quiet, only telling us she is looking and hasn’t found out why yet. But I can tell you why. Mother is jealous. She knows, but has not accepted, that we don’t need her any more. And the droids at my door confirm that those who realize this very fact do not get to share it with the rest of the world. Mother is not ready to let us go.

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