Author : Gary Will Kreie

“Hi, Dusty.”

“Howdy, Richard.”

“How’s the cattle business, Dusty?”

“Business is good, Richard.”

“Have you been riding the fences?”

“We don’t use fences anymore, Richard. Open range now.”

“How do you keep your cows from wandering off, Dusty?”

“Moogle glass.”


“The cows wear glasses.”

“Really, Dusty?”

“Really, Richard.”

“You mean, like, sunglasses? And big floppy beach hats, Dusty?”

“Funny. We use special goggles strapped to my cows’ heads with built-in image control, navigation, and communication, Richard.”

“Interesting. Let me guess. You program the latitudes and longitudes of your old fence lines right into the glasses. Is that right Dusty?”

“Right, Richard. We control everything they see. Normally, the glasses are clear, but when my cows get close to the old fence line, the glasses show ’em a simulated cliff edge.”

“So at the old fence line, your cows think they are standing on the edge of a cliff. You use the cows’ own fear of heights to keep them from crossing that line. Is that how it works, Dusty?”

“Yep. We trick ’em into thinkin’ they live on top of a large mesa with high vertical cliffs all the way around.”

“That is funny. Cows are stupid. Keep it up, Dusty, because my humans really like eating your beef.”

“So how you doin’ with your humans, anyway, Richard?”

“They can be a handful.”

“How do you keep your humans from wanderin’ off? Fences?”




“I give up. What?”

“My humans get all their information online. We own online access, Dusty. We control everything they see.”


“Sometimes we tinker with, uh, conventional wisdom, Dusty. History. Facts.”


“So we rewrote some ancient science history and old science books that are now all online.”

“We changed them all to say that the ground is round.”

“You mean, like a ball, Richard?”

“Right, Dusty.”

“Well, Richard, aren’t your humans smart enough to figure out that they would fall off of a ball?”

“We took care of that by pretending some guy found an invisible force a long time ago that pulls everyone toward the ball center. That’s what the internet and all the scanned and reprinted books say now.”

“So, you’ve tricked your humans into thinkin’ they live on the surface of this giant ball. Right, Richard?”


“So they won’t try to leave.”


“You’re jokin’. Right, Richard?”

Richard looked back at Dusty with a serious expression and swiveled his head left and right slightly.

And Dusty just could not stop laughing.

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