Author : Julian Miles, Staff Writer

“Bald Eagle, this is Leopard, are you receiving?”

“Leopard, good to have you back. Confirm reinforcements. ETA three minutes.”

“Bald Eagle, this is Leopard: abort, abort, abort. Total loss inevitable.”

“Leopard, intel disagrees. Target is viable. Enemy has no backup.”

“Bald Eagle, when will you people listen? The enemy needs no backup because he has got the stolen unit online. I repeat: enemy has one of our Command Servers!”

“Leopard, we show no interference – boards are green.”

“Bald Eagle, our position is in basement of building flagged as East Nine.”

“Leopard, are you assaulting the enemy position?”

“Bald Eagle: no, you moron. We are the poor bastards in East Nine.”

“Say again, Leopard.”

“Bald Eagle, we are the sole inhabitants of building East Nine.”

“Leopard, where is target?”

“Bald Eagle, you’re supposed to be telling me that.”

“Leopard, what is your twenty?”

“Bald Eagle, corner of west and south walls in basement of building East Nine.”

“Leopard, do you have eyes on target?”

“Bald Eagle, do not have eyes on target, because he is nowhere near building East Nine.”

“Leopard, we show target at your twenty.”

“Bald Eagle, we know that! Six flights of our drones are trying to kill us!”

“Say again, Leopard.”

“Bald Eagle, the only target in building East Nine is a friendly. Your command protocols are compromised.”

“Leopard, ID on friendly.”

“Bald Eagle, oh, for pity’s sake. ID on friendly is Team Leopard!”

“Leopard, that is you. Need ID on friendly with you.”

“Bald Eagle, are you not listening? We are the friendly! You are targeting the wrong people!”

“Say again, Leopard.”

“Bald Eagle, how many times… Oh, you bastard. You’re not Bald Eagle!”

“Leopard, this is Wolfhound. Kiss your sorry butts goodbye.”

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