Author : CR Briffett

Welcome to Perfect Match. Please sign in through one of your professional or social media networks.

Thank you, we will now gather all of your digital data.

When you are ready to meet a perfect match, simply come down to one of our centres, donate a saliva sample and we’ll take care of the rest.

Jay shut down the monitor of his phone. It rolled back inside the device and he locked it with his little fingerprint.

“Hey, what are you up to?”

Jay looked up to see his housemate, Marc, had wandered into his room.

“I, uh, just signed up to an enhanced matching service.”

“Wow. I didn’t even know you were looking to settle down. I guess I’ll need to find a new housemate soon. When are you going to start the process?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I wonder if I shouldn’t just try it the old-fashioned way. Meet someone I like the look of and just see how things go.”

“See how things go? Who does that when they’re looking for a long-term relationship? That approach so clearly didn’t work. If it had there wouldn’t have been such a high divorce rate for generations. These matches are as close to perfection as you’re going to find.”

Jay sighed. “Maybe.”

“Anyway, you approach a woman in a nitecafé or wherever and suggest that, and she will assume that you’re only looking for a fling. No-one gets seriously involved without running a compatibility check first these days. We’re not cavemen.”

“A few people must still chance it.”

“Who has the time to waste? These companies can access everything about you: what you do, where and how you spend your money, where and how you spend your time. They can work out all your key personality traits and then their DNA testing ensures there is chemistry between you and the lady.”

“Sometimes I find it all a bit unsettling.”

“Don’t be a parano. You sound like my grandpa. People protested about their data being used by companies and then they got over it. Or they grew old and died. Whatever. They went quiet.”

“But these programs assume that I want someone who really closely resembles me. Maybe I’d rather someone whose personality complements my own instead.”

“Come on. In the end we all just want to date versions of ourselves. It’s been scientifically proven. What you want is yourself with breasts and a higher voice.”

Jay laughed. “Nice image. But maybe you’re right. I guess I’d better head out to the centre and spit in a tube.”
“If you don’t I might head out and do it under your name. Then some hot girl will be coming over to have great conversations with you, her dream man, and will be surprised to find she is lusting after me.”
“Lusting after you would be a shock to any woman. I’m not sure if that would work but anyway they check your ID when you give the sample.”


Jay smiled and, saying goodbye, headed out to the clinic.

The metrotrain departed with its usual punctuality and smoothness, and then juddered to a halt. Cries of surprise filled the carriage. The last time public transport had been late it had made the national news.

“Unbelievable,” he said to a pretty brunette next to him.

“It’s rare,” she agreed. “But you know sometimes I like things to be unpredictable.” She smiled at him.

“Me too.”

“Do you ever enjoy just taking a chance and … seeing how things go?”

“Absolutely. My name’s Jay, by the way.”

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