Author : Lauren Triola

In Universe A, you meet as children. You become high school sweethearts. You live happily ever after.

In Universe B, your family moves out of the country before he moves to town. You never go back. He marries your childhood friend, only knowing you through pictures and stories.

In Universe C, you meet at the grocery store in college. You both pick out apples at the same time. There are enough for two. You part ways, never speaking.

In Universe D, you had to use the bathroom before shopping. You get there a minute later than he did. You never meet. You always feel something missing.

In Universe E, you live on the Moon. He lives on Mars. You’re pen pals.

In Universe F, there was a run on apples. You both go for the last one. You both laugh. You chat. You get dinner. You get married. Sixty years later, you die within a week of each other and are buried together.

In Universe G, he had a bad day. He yanks the last apple free and stomps to the register. You flip him off. You never speak.

In Universe H, your friend meets him instead. She sets you up on a blind date. It doesn’t go well. You marry the waiter.

In Universe I, there are lizards. Humans do not exist.

In Universe J, your friend marries him. He’s your friend too. You don’t tell either of them about your crush.

In Universe K, they get divorced. You stand by your friend and never see him again.

In Universe L, you see an obituary in the paper. You don’t know the man, but you think it’s such a shame when people die so young.

In Universe M, you have super powers. He is your nemesis. You destroy New York.

In Universes N through T, everything is perfectly normal, but you were never born.

In Universe U, you’re allergic to apples. You meet at the cash register instead.

In Universe V, he breaks your heart. You still love him, and you hate yourself.

In Universe W, there are zombies. He does not exist. You rule Australia.

In Universe X, you work at a coffee shop. He visits frequently, but neither one of you musters the courage to do more than flirt.

In Universe Y, it’s you who has the bad day. You steal the last apple. You never speak to each other.

In Universe Z, you meet as children. You become high school sweethearts. You both plan to go into physics together in college. He dies in a car crash on graduation night. You cry for weeks after the funeral, tinkering with theories to try to distract yourself, wondering what life would be like if things had been different…

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