Author : Julian Miles, Staff Writer

Do you need to have a defensive engagement but can’t afford it?

We can help.

UNITED DEFENCE is the acknowledged leader in warfare solutions throughout the Milky Way. From terrorist suppression to continent-spanning strategic hostilities, our experts are ready to help you orchestrate the active defence you want.

Drawing on over nine hundred years (Terran Standard Time) of conflict management and tactical excellence, we are justifiably proud of our mission statement: ‘No War Too Small’.

For those unfamiliar with us, we are the military logistics division of United Terra, the renowned planetary management organisation. Our founders, board and core personnel identify as ‘human’: we are a race of mammalian bipeds, holding a tradition of warfare extending back several millennia into our planet-bound history. War, they say, is in our blood. Indeed, we still hold the highest threat rating ever awarded by the Concillium of Worlds. The fact we have not destroyed ourselves is a testament to our profound abilities in all arenas of applied warfare.

So, you like our pedigree and have read the testaments from our satisfied clients, but, you care about the wellbeing of the non-combatant populations you represent. Never fear. Bankrupting your planet is the last thing a responsible warfare management plan will do. We guarantee no more than 55% planetary GDP (per Terran annum, eight annum minimum term) in payment, backed by our famous ‘No Victory, No Fee’ promise.

Of course, negotiating a peace can be tricky, but we have a whole diplomatic corps to handle all aspects of that delicate process for you. Plus, our warfare management plans come with scaled and costed fast-track access to our award-winning aftermath mitigation programmes.

Working with UNITED DEFENCE means that from invoking hostilities to accepting surrender, it is unlikely you or your populace will need to deviate from daily routines. (Except for beings located within the designated defensive engagement zones.)

Finally, a word regarding Concillium statute law 900.100.01 (Occasion for Retaliation). Our covert investigation teams excel at finding the ‘weapons of devastating mortal threat’ concealed by your opponents. Once documentary evidence is secured and presented, a Concillium Defensive Hostilities License can be obtained before dawn on the following day.

We look forward to helping you to bring your tactical or strategic situation to a favourable end.

All communications are discreet, secure and confidential.

Contact us at united.defence.corp@UT@terraofsol3

UNITED DEFENCE – Because your war is our business.

*** Declaration of Fair Warfare ***

In compliance with Concillium statute 904.221.18, UNITED DEFENCE is obliged to ensure that any holder of weapons of devastating mortal threat (WDMT) is also equipped to engage in reactive tactical engagements without recourse to WDMT. Note well that in this case we are only contracted to supply materiel and expertise. We do not provide combat-ready personnel.