Author : David Henson

“Honey, are you going to use the DreamMaster tonight?” Sally says to her husband.

“You bet. I’ve scripted a football match,” Jim says, laying the DreamTablet on his bedside table. “Big hero.” He taps his thumb to his chest. “You?”

“Think I’ll take a break tonight. Have you brushed your teeth?”

“Oops. ‘Bout forgot.” Jim goes into the bathroom. When he returns, Sally is scooting back to her side of the bed. “Well, good night,” he says, leaning over and kissing her.

“Night yourself,” Sally says.

Jim connects a wire from the DreamMaster controller to a contact at the base of his skull, turns off the light, and quickly falls asleep.

“We welcome the mighty earthling Jim to our planet, Sensuria. I am Queen.” says the statuesque woman wearing only a see-through chiffon gown. It is our custom that I and my 20 beautiful handmaidens welcome you with a night of wild lovemaking.” Jim quickly removes his spacesuit and follows the beautiful Queen into her chambers.

Adhering to the custom of Sensuria, Jim makes passionate love to the 20 beautiful handmaidens, saving his best for the Queen. “There has never been a man on this world who has pleased me so,” the Queen says hours later. She climbs on top of him.

“OK, one more time,” Jim says. “I know I’m hard to resist.”

The Queen leans down as if she’s going to kiss Jim. “We have another custom,” she says, turning into a giant spider. Its drooling jaws gape open and chomp his head.

Jim wakes up screaming. His wife is holding the DreamTablet. “Football match, huh?” she says. “How’d you like the little surprise I put at the end?”

“I…I don’t know what you’re talking about, Honey. I just scored the winning goal is all. Honest.”

Sally nods at the tablet. “I saw what you wrote ‘mighty earthling.’ You know I hate it when you lie to me…But I forgive you. I wish you’d show some of that endurance and creativity with me.”

“I will. I promise. I think I’m addicted to this thing. Let’s put it in the basement.”

“Good idea. I’ll give you some encouragement,” Sally says. She leans over to kiss Jim and suddenly becomes a giant spider, gaping, drooling jaws opening around his head. He wakes up screaming.

“What…What’s happening?” He yanks the wire from his neck. “OK. Disconnected. Not dreaming.”

“Are you sure? Maybe I put that in your DreamScript — ‘Jim removes wire.’ ”

“No…that wouldn’t… Wait, it would…” Jim pinches his arm. “Ow! That hurt. I must be awake.”

“In the script.”

Jim pinches his arm twice more. “Ow! Ow!”

“Script script.”

“Wake up! Ow!”

“Does it hurt? Let Sally kiss and make it better.”

“No! Ow!”

Jim squeezes his eyes closed as Sally gives him a long kiss. Then they have passionate sex.

“That was wonderful, Honey,” Jim says. “I thought for sure…” He clicks his teeth.

“Don’t be silly,” Sally says, yawning. “Let’s get some sleep. I can barely keep my eyes open.”

Sally leans in to kiss her husband. As she does, Jim’s head turns into a jack-in-the-box and pops. Sally gasps and wakes up. Jim is holding the DreamTablet.

“Jim! What?”

“Turnabout is fair play. At least I didn’t chomp your head off.”

“OK, OK. I guess I had that coming. Really now. Sleep.”

The two lean in to kiss — stop, eye each other suspiciously, then turn over and say good night.