Author: Samuel Huang

“It’s time, Ms. President.”

Sarah Juanita Chen wanted to run, but a dozen secret service agents filled the Oval Office, barring every possible avenue of escape. The regal room where she had once guided the course of world events now felt like the bars of a cage.

“It wasn’t supposed to be like this,” President Chen whispered. “They were supposed to repeal the 32nd Amendment before the end of my term!”

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” the nearest of the secret service agents said. He appeared to be the agent in charge. What was his name again? Johnson? Smith? Something generic and forgettable—unworthy of her attention.

“But it’s not fair!” the most powerful woman in the world whined. “I wanted to help people. I did help people. How can you punish me for that?”

“You knew what you were signing up for when you ran for President, ma’am,” Agent Johnson or Smith said. “Besides, the American people had an opportunity to repeal the 32nd Amendment during your presidency, and they chose to uphold it by a landslide.”

“But they love me! My approval numbers are higher than they’ve ever been!”

“I’m sure you’ll go down in the history books as a great leader, Ms. President. But it’s time for your presidency to end.”

For a split second, Sarah thought about grabbing an agent’s sidearm and fighting her way out. Then she slowly slumped into her very expensive chair. The idea was absurd. She hadn’t used a firearm since… well, ever.

Had it been worth it? The power had been so addictive and intoxicating—better than any drug. Making others conform to her will, reshaping the country in her image—they had been the best four years of her life.

They had also been the last four years of her life. She had a reputation for being a devious politician, but this was one law she wouldn’t be able to bypass. There were no loopholes, no exceptions.

Agent Johnson or Smith drew his sidearm. “I’m sorry, ma’am. But the law is clear.”

“Then to hell with the law!” Sarah screamed. “And if the American people won’t vote to change the law, then to hell with them too! How dare you treat me like this! Can’t you see that the country needs me? How will you survive without me? I’m the only one who knows what needs to be done!”

The secret service agent shook his head sadly. “There it is. It always comes out, before the end. Power corrupts, you see? It cannot do otherwise. And now it has corrupted you. I am sorry, Ms. President.”

Agent *Jones* shot former President Chen in the heart, a clean kill that still allowed for an open casket funeral. “All right,” he called out to the other agents. “Let’s get this room cleaned up before President Williams arrives.”